May 27, 2011

Bro & Linder win Nordic Championships

Bro & Linder win Nordic Championships

This year’s Nordic Championship was held at the nice Spydeberg Raceway in Norway with drivers from Norway, Sweden and Denmark taking part, however regrettably no Finnish drivers this year. There was a total of 17 drivers in the 1:8 class and 34 drivers in the 200mm class and the event was very well organized, with excellent food and beverages all weekend. Practice Friday and qualifying Saturday were run in dry and sunny conditions and local young hotshot and rising European star Adrian Berntsen (N) showed who was the boss and TQ’ed both 1:8 TR and 200mm.

1:8 Track class top 3:
1. Adrian Berntsen (N) – Xray / Capricorn – 31 laps 7.11
2. Mikael Fransson (S) – Serpent / Novarossi – 30 laps 7.02
3. Niklas Johansson (S) – Mugen / Picco – 30 laps 7.02

200mm class top 3:
1. Adrian Berntsen (N) – Xray / Capricorn – 29 laps 7.14
2. Alexander Hagberg (S) – Xray / Max – 28 laps 7.03
3. Georg Ellingsen (N) – Xray / Novarossi – 28 laps 7.10

New rules this year meant there’s no direct qualifiers anymore, so all had to progress from semi finals. On Sunday the weather turned bad and it was more or less raining the whole day. Both semi finals for 200mm were dry, whilst one of the semi finals for 1:8 was wet. Then both A-finals were wet.

The 200mm final was very wet, and Norwegian (to be totally correct he’s a Dane living in Norway) Serpent driver Ole Bro cruized to victory with a 9 lap lead on the second placed driver.

Top 3 results:
1. Ole Bro (N) – Serpent / Novarossi – 106 laps
2. Bjørn Dahl (N) – Xray / Novarossi – 97 laps
3. Per-Ola Hård (S) – Serpent / OS – 92 laps

The 1:8 final started out very wet, it then stopped raining and the track gradually dried up, making for very difficult conditions. Marcus Lindner (S) took an early lead, controlling his whole race and finishing 7 laps clear of the runner up. There was a good battle between Svein Harald Ytternes (N) and Christofer Hedlund (S) for the second spot.

Bro & Linder win Nordic Championships

Top 3 results:
1. Marcus Linder (S) – Serpent / Novarossi – 113 laps
2. Svein Harald Ytternes (N) – Shepherd / Novarossi – 106 laps
3. Christofer Hedlund (S) – Xray / Orcan – 105 laps

Thanks to Svein Harald Ytternes for the report.


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