May 16, 2011

Mattia Pesenti wins Swiss Rd2 in Lostallo

Mattia Pesenti wins Swiss Rd2 in Lostallo

During last weekend about 22 drivers in V10-200mm, 31 Amateurs and 20 Experts in V8 took part in the 2nd round of the Swiss Nationals in Lostallo. The weather forecast was not so good but it turned out to be nice, with the sun strong enough to give drivers mostly dry conditions. The team from MRCU once again made a good job and organized the race very well. Thanks to the team.

After raining the whole night the track lost a little bit the grip but during the day it increased so that every driver had good conditions. The favorite drivers Mattia Pesenti (Mugen, Novarossi), Marco Müller (Velox, Max) and Simon Kurzbuch (Velox, Chief Engine Max) made good qualification heats. Mattia had some difficulties with his Mugen trying to find the best setup but was always slower than other Mugen Drivers like Silvio Hächler and Luca Martinelli. So he ended on 7th position after qualification. It was always nice to see the older drivers like Jürg Nydegger (Velox, Chief Engine Max) and Luca are fast enough to compete for going on the podium.

Qualifying Ranking:
1. Marco Müller (Velox, Max)
2. Simon Kurzbuch (Velox, Chief Engine Max, Contact)
3. Silvio Hächler (Mugen, Novarossi)
4. Luca Martinelli (Mugen, Max)
5. Jürg Nydegger (Velox, Chief Engine Max)
6. Mattia Pesenti (Mugen, Novarossi)
7. Daneil Born (Mugen, Max)
8. Remy Hasler (Mugen, Max)
9. Michael Henzi (Capricorn, Chief Engine Max)
10.Renato Ali (Mugen)

Mattia worked on his car on Sunday morning and the performance started to increase. In the semifinal he started with very big tires and the car was quite strange to drive and also very difficult. But at the end he finished on 1st position. Mattia started behind on 6th position and crashed with Remy Hasler in the first corner. Also Simon Kurzbuch was involved in that crash and his car had problems after and he couldn’t compete for the win.

Jürg Nydegger had some problems with the receiver batteries and couldn’t finish the A-Main. Mattia Pesenti lost in the beginning of the run a lot of positions but after 10min he was again on 3rd position while Marco Müller was on the top position about 5 turns ahead. His car went really fast and the Max engine very well. He had the fastest lap with 20.177. Unfortunately he had some difficulties so Mattia Pesenti could take the lead and finished as the winner of the 2nd Swiss Nats in Lostallo.

Main Final Expert V8 results
1. Pesenti Mattia – 119L 45:16.971  (Mugen, Novarossi)
2. Pethoud Christophe – 114L 45:17.286 (Motonica, Sirio)
3. Hasler Remy – 111L 45:21.180  (Mugen, Max-Power)
4. Babst Daniel – 111L 45:04.572  (Serpent)
5. Müller Marco – 109L 45:14.446  (Velox, Max, UFRA)
6. Spreng Helli – 105L 45:01.040  (Velox)
7. Martinelli Luca – 100L 45:18.403 (Mugen, Max, UFRA)
8. Kurzbuch Simon – 99L 45:02.570 (Velox, Chief Engine Max, Contact)
9. Sehirtoy Erol – 93L 45:20.811 (Mugen)
10.Nydegger Jürg – 47L 24:07.724 (Velox, Chief Engine Max, Contact)

Main Final V10-200mm results
1. Heim Marc – 74L 30.12:599  (XRAY NT1, Picco, GRP)
2. Lackner Shasa – 74L 30.16:696 (KM H-K1, Murnan RBM, HotRace)
3. Fischer Stephan – 73L 30.20:786 (XRAY NT1)
4. Reiser Marco – 72L 30.01:332 (XRAY NT1, Picco, UFRA)
5. Ackermann Monika – 69L 30.06:793 (XRAY NT1, Picco, GRP)
6. Schär Traugott – 40L 15.39:009 (XRAY NT1, Picco, GRP)
7. Bonetti Giovanni – 39L 30.08:463 (CAPRICORN LAB C01, Picco)
8. Born Daniel – 36L 30.07:212 (XRAY NT1)
9. Noirat Jeremy – 16L 6.45:961 (Serpent, Max, Blackstar)
10.Christian Lehnherr – 8L 3.38:224  (XRAY NT1, Picco, GRP)

Main Final Amateur V8 results
1. Schär Traugott – 80L 30.00:616 (XRAY RX8, Picco, GRP)
2. Hulliger Hans Peter – 79L 30:15.946 (Velox, Max, Contact)
3. Giannakos Theo – 77L 30:15.566
4. Sengstag Marc – 76L 30:13.244 (Serpent, Max, Matrix)
5. Knorn Tom – 76L 30.20:829
6. Schwendimann Daniel – 75L 29.18:909
7.Huonder Iso – 70L 28.05:941
8.Kurzbuch Pascal – 69L 30.11:334 (Capricorn, Novarossi, Contact)
9.Biernat Christopher – 64L 27:52.075
10.Moretti Giocomo – 38L 14.59.390 (XRAY RX8, Novarossi, Cosmic)

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