June 20, 2011

Jonas Kaerup wins 2wd 1/10 Danish off-road national race


Another round of the Danish 1/10 off-road national race series was held in Viborg on the 18th on June on a very bumpy track near Jutland. Most of the Danish drivers had spent Friday practising on the new venue, and the beautiful prepared outdoor carpet track proved a good challenge with its cool layout and challenging jumps and tables. Q1 went to Nicolai Sørensen driving his Losi 22 in mid-motor configuration while Jonas Kaerup, driving an AE/CML C4.1 mid-motor buggy ended up 13th in the round doing many mistakes.

In Q2 rain interrupted the proceedings, but in Denmark we still count a round, even if it rains halfway through and this time it was Lasse Nielsen, also driving a mid-motor Losi 22 who won the round. Q3 again was a wet/dry affair and it was very hard to predict which tires to run. Nicolai Sørensen again dominated the round with a strong Jonas Kaerup in third with the C4.1 meaning he could snatch the last spot in the A main taking 8th on the grid.

Qualifying results:
1. Nicolai Sørensen – Losi22/Speed Passion
2. Lasse Nielsen – Losi 22/Tekin
3. Christer Rasmussen – AE B4.1/GM
4. Mads Emil – AE B4.1/Speed Passion
5. Thomas Mikkelsen Losi22 / GM
6. Bo Dissing – Losi 22/GM
7. Rene Jespersen – AE B4.1/GM
8. Jonas Kaerup – AE/CML C4.1/GM

A1 was a tight affair, with many good battles. Up front Nicolai and Lasse put on a good show, ending up in 1-2 order. Third went to Rene with his AE B4.1, while I made a few mistakes and ended up 5th. A2 was probably one of my best ever heats. Driving like a mad man, the car still had a near perfect balance, and in the end I caught Nicolai’s Losi 22 and out-braked him on the last lap to win the main. 3rd went to Lasse and his Losi 22. A3 looked good for Nicolai, who was sitting well out front with a 1st and 2nd from the two first mains. I was slowly working my way up the field though. The C4.1 was awesome coming off the jumps and tabletops and I gained many positions on those. At the three minutes mark Nicolai slid his Losi of the track and Lasse and I went by. With the four minutes mark I made a pass on Lasse to gain the lead, and although he pushed hard and both our tires were going off, I managed to steal the win all the way back from 8th on the grid.

Final Result:
1. Jonas Kaerup – AE/CML C4.1/GM
2. Nicolai Sørensen – Losi 22/Speed Passion
3. Lasse Nielsen – Losi 22/Tekin
4. Mads Emil Bisgaard – AE B4.1/Speed Passion
5. Rene Jespersen – AE B4.1/GM
6. Thomas Mikkelsen – Losi 22/GM
7. Christer Rasmussen – AE B4.1/GM
8. Bo Dissing – Losi 22/GM





As can be seen from the photos, the C4.1 conversion kit I used sports an aluminium chassis and arm mounts. My kit is a preproduction one, so you can expect an even finer finish on the production kit. Keep and eye out on the CML site for a release date.

Thanks to Jonas Kaerup for the report


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