July 4, 2012

Søren Boy Holst wins Rd3 in Denmark

This past weekend the 3rd round of the Danish National Championships were arranged by the BRCC club, just outside Copenhagen. The weather had been tricky with a lot of rain Friday, lots of sun Saturday, and mixed conditions on raceday, but were lucky and didnt get any rain. After the first round of the championship, the qualifying system had changed from FTQ to the round by round system, making it more equal and forcing drivers to hit the track, instead of saving tires for the finals.

In the first round of qualifying, it was a very close battle between the two T.O.P. Photon drivers Christian Lehm and Søren Boy Holst. Christan really found the setup this time and was ballistic from the start. Getting closer to the 7 minutes Søren caught up, but not enough, so Christian took the win of the first round with 0,3 second. Three other drivers were close behind only 3-4 seconds slower.

For the second round with used tires, Søren made some changes to the anti-dive of the car and some speedo settings as well. The car had more power, but was slower around the corners, so this time Christian could take the win with 1 sec ahead of Troels Troelsen and Søren on third place 3 seconds behind, so not a good setup change.

Christian secured the Pole position and decided to save tires for the third round. Søren changed the car back to where it was in the first round and prepared for the battle with Troels to decide who was going to start on the 2nd place for the finals. Both drivers knew that the one in front of Q3, would take the position. Troels started and after a couple of minutes, Søren was right behind and stayed there making it easy for the tires. Troels decided to stop and save the tires for the finals and so did Søren. The Top 3 for the finals where then Christian Lehm, Søren Boy Holst and Troels Troelsen.

All 8 A final drivers where focused and ready when the beep for the first final sounded. A clean start where the top 3 drivers followed each other closely and made a small gap to the rest of the field. At the 2nd lap Søren dived on the inside of Christian after the short main straight and made a clean pass to take the lead. Christian tried to catch up but missed that last 5 meters to get really dangerous. At the same time Troels was getting closer from 3rd place so suddenly Christian also had to look back. Søren didn’t make any mistakes and won the first final with 2 seconds down to Christian, who had 1 second to Troels on 3rd.

The 2nd A final was again clean and the drivers were following each other like a freight train. On the 2nd lap Christian made a mistake and hit a curb, allowing Søren and the rest to pass clean, while Christian took a quick picnic in the grass. This time Søren’s car was slow on power, so the battle was up with Troels and Steven Olsen. It was a close battle between the 3 all the way through the final, and in the last turn before the finish line, Steven could pass Troels and take the 2nd place by 0,06 second.

Since Søren won two out of three finals, he could relax and try some speedo settings for the third final. When the beep sounded, he was actually on side of Christian, but decided not to push it for a pass and stayed on the outside, This allowed Troels to dive on the inside and take the 2nd place. But in the third turn after the start, both Christian and Troels made a small mistake, and Søren reacted very fasted and found the pass in between them, to grab the lead. Troels had to retire so this time it was Nicolai Nielsen who could drive for the 2nd place. Nicolai finished two seconds behind Søren, with Christian on third.

Top 3 SuperStock A final:
1. Søren Boy Holst – T.O.P. Photon EX
2. Christian Lehm – T.O.P. Photon
3. Steven Olsen – Serpent

In the modified class it was a battle between Morten Iversen, Christian Holmström from Sweden, and Rasmus Callesen. Morten took TQ and won all three finals, while Rasmus and Christian had a close battle all day.

Top 3 Modified A final:
1. Morten Iversen – Awesomatix
2. Rasmus Callesen – Serpent
3. Christian Holmström – Corally

Complete results can be found here.

Thanks to Søren Boy Holst for the report.


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