January 31, 2013

EFRA seeking handout tire supplier

EFRA releases 2012 race calendar

EFRA have been in contact to help them in their search for a handout tire supplier for this year’s 1/8th onroad European A & B Championships. A new rule that has been introduced to combat the use of additive, EFRA have outlined all the details in relation to the supply of tires below. If you run a tire company and are interested you can contact EFRA directly.

Tyre supplier for 2013 ECs 1/8th

Dear sport friends,

we would like to give all interested, potential tyre supplier/s (in and outside Europe) the chance to sent quotes for the 1/8th IC class to the EFRA board.

Here is the exact wording of the new 1/8th tyre rule:
5.4 TYRES.
Tyres must be black, except for writing on the side wall (exceptions only after EFRA agreement). Foam and/or rubber tyres can be used. Treatment of tyres with any type of additive is strictly not allowed.
A controlled tyre is mandatory for:
controlled practices (which are used for seeding), qualifying, and sub/finals (7 sets). Only organiser supplied controlled tyres can be used (Hand-Outs).
Definition of a controlled tyre: 1 brand, 1 diameter front, 1 diameter rear, 1 shore for front and 1 shore for rear.
Shore hardness for 1/8th:- “32 front and 35 rear” (final number of shore after consultation with the organiser).
If the Hand-Out tyres have any visible defects (bad glueing, visible damage to tyre or rim) the effected tyre(s) can be exchanged before the race start by race control. Production tolerances (including shore hardness) will not be considered as a defect.
Tyres must be used as they are supplied (no modification to the rims, except the axle hole and no shore meters can be used to select tyres) and will be given out and fitted in the controlled area.
Drivers must use new tyres every controlled practice, qualifying heat and sub/final.

Tyre dimensions for 1/8th. :
Maximum width of rear tyre – 64.0mm.
Diameters = 69.0mm front, 76.0mm rear.

Information about the tyre brand and shore must be available 8 weeks before the event.
The drivers must pay a deposit for the mandatory 7 sets of the controlled tyre in advance to EFRA, at the latest 10 weeks before the event.
Additional tyres for drivers that ‘move-up’ (in sub-finals) and for the Final, must be purchased with cash at the trackside. Tyres for free practice can be purchased on site from Monday onwards.
For free practice, drivers have free choice of tyres used, but no treatment is allowed. From the start of controlled practice (used for seeding), drivers have to use the Hand-Out tyres.
Rain: In case of rain (decided by the Race director after consultation with the Section Chairman), any alternative tyre can be used which has not been treated in any way, with the aim to get more or less traction.
EFRA will provide information about track preparation which will be mandatory for the event.

Further comments/explanations:
> It is important to have a tyre with rim that is reliable. So we are not looking for light weight rims or other special ”proto-types” of a rim. We need a combination rim + tyre that works and is reliable. Because the controlled tyre will only be available when drivers enter the staging area it must fit easy on all cars without any extra cutting or tuning.

> The controlled tyre is mandatory for timed practice, qualifying and the finals. So for an event with 4 rounds each driver will get (have to pay) a set of at least 7 x 4 tyres. For the final and for the drivers that move up to a next final additional tyres will be needed. These needed tyres can be trued from the supplier directly at the track and handed over to the race control.

> There is no need for the complete mass of the mandatory sets to have the tyres packed in single boxes by pair. Bulk packing is more comfortable. One (or as much as needed) big box for the front tyres and the same for the rear tyres.

EFRA Terms and conditions:
The tyres must be delivered to the hosting club. The invoice has to be adressed to the hosting club. The Efra will take the responsibility to collect the money from the EC attendees and will pay the complete invoice for the hosting club to the supplier.
The Efra will pay 50% of the invoice when placing the ordering and the last 50% 7 days after receiving the shipment at the hosting club.

The tyre set prize must be including the local VAT of the hosting country (England & Austria=20%), transport, trued on diameter etc.
Final numbers, dimensions and shoreness will be communicated after we have made our choice for the manufacturer. Different manufacturers might be chosen for the various events. Tyres need to be delivered 1 week before the start of the event. To avoid interpretations with 1 set of tyres we mean 2 x front and 2 x rear.

We need your offer before February the 5th, including your additional Terms and Conditions as regards payments and delivery.
More details on the EFRA webpage WWW.EFRA.WS

A controlled tyre is new for IC car racing and new for all of us (except for a few countries that have run a specific race or championship). The experience of this season will be used to evaluate the rule.
We hope you all will contribute and expect to have your offer in time.

Josef Dragani
EFRA 1:10 Track Section Chairman.


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