March 27, 2014

Mibosport Cup 2013/14 – Season review

Mibosport Cup 2013/14 - Season review

The Yokomo-backed Mibosport Cup 2013/14, which was sponsored by Pelikan Daniel, Trivox Patrik Dworschak and Yokomo, finished last weekend. The series saw six 1-day events with a total of 299 drivers from 6 European countries competing in two off-road and four on-road classes. The 2WD Buggy and 4WD Buggy classes had 62 entries each which makes overall 124 drivers attending in the off-road category. A total of 175 different drivers attended the on-road class with 51 drivers in Touring Car Modified, 79 in Stock LRP, 29 in Formula and 16 in the Yokomo GT class. The four best results counted towards the championship. The maximum number of points from a weekend would be 102 points including 100 points for a win, a point for TQ and a point for the fastest lap which makes 408 points overall. David Nemček (Stock LRP) and Ladislav Mlčák (Yokomo GT) both took the overall victory for scoring the most points in the season making it 407 points for David as well as for Ladislav.

A total of 51 drivers attended in the Touring Car modified class with 12 drivers participating in 4 or more events. Consistent results during the series and a race win helped Kuba Šimurda for the overall victory. Only 4 points behind him ended up Zdenko Kunák, who also scored a race victory. The third place went to David Nemček, who scored 385 points overall. Young Polish driver Michal Orlowski, who also won a round and scored a second and a third place, could have a good result in the final standings but was participating only in 3 events and ended up in 13th place.

Touring Car Modified top 3
1. Kuba Šimurda 395 points
2. Zdenko Kunák 391 points
3. David Nemček 385 points

79 drivers attended in the Stock LRP class with 22 drivers participating in 4 or more events. David Nemček had dominated this class since the second race. He scored 407 points overall including 4 consecutive wins, 4 TQs and three fastest laps. The second place went to the Czech driver Michal Vítámvás, who earned 387 points and beat Pavel Martinec by 5 points. The overall winner, David Nemček, will now not be able to start in this class the next season.

Mibosport Cup 2013/14 - Season review

Stock LRP top 3
1. David Nemček 407 points
2. Michal Vítámvás 387 points
3. Pavel Martinec 382 points

29 drivers attended in the Formula class with only 4 drivers participating in 4 or more events. Austrian Herbert Weber dominated this class and with overall 403 points had been the clear winner before the last race. The second place went to Thomas Bauer, who scored 378 points, with Miloš Saturka, who scored 370 points, completing the top 3.

Mibosport Cup 2013/14 - Season review

Formula class top 3
1. Herbert Weber 403 points
2. Thomas Bauer 378 points
3. Miloš Saturka 370 points

A total of 16 drivers attended in the Yokomo GT class with 6 drivers participating in 4 or more events. Immediately in the opening race, Ladislav Mlčák beat the defending champion Igor Vlahovič. Both did not attend the second event but then Ladislav Mlčák earned three victories in a row to grab the championship. Even Markéta Vítámvásová would have been in the position for good overall placement but after three races she decided to race in the Stock LRP class. The second place went to Jirka Toman who beat Oldřich Groch by 5 points.

Mibosport Cup 2013/14 - Season review

Yokomo GT top 3
1. Ladislav Mlčák 407 points
2. Jirka Toman 388 points
3. Oldřich Groch 383 points

62 drivers attended in the 2WD Buggy class with 19 drivers participating in 4 or more events. A lot of candidates where in the mix for the overall win, that’s how the entry list looked like before the first race, but then the Bayer brothers joined. Martin participated only in 2 events and could not make any difference in the overall standings. On the other hand, Aleš started the season well and soon was leading the class ahead of Roman Pudich. Before the very last race, there was only one point difference between Aleš and Roman. Though Aleš finished the last race on the 4th place, he had enough points to keep the overall win. The second place went to Roman Pudich who finished ahead of Andreas Janda.

Mibosport Cup 2013/14 - Season review

2WD Buggy top 3
1. Aleš Bayer 393 points
2. Roman Pudich 389 points
3. Andreas Janda 382 points

A total of 62 drivers attended in the 4WD Buggy class with 20 drivers participating in 4 or more events. Just in the 5th race, Aleš Bayer comfortably took the overall win with 3 race wins and 401 points. In the end, Zdenko Kunák came in second and beat Kuba Šimurda by only 2 points.

Mibosport Cup 2013/14 - Season review

4WD Buggy top 3
1. Aleš Bayer 401 points
2. Zdenko Kunák 385 points
3. Kuba Šimurda 383 points

Click here to view the overall standing of all six classes.

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