August 28, 2014

Finnish nitro on-road nationals Rd4 – Report

Finish nitro on-road nationals Rd4 – Report

The KYPAK club in Kouvola hosted the 4th round of the Finnish nitro on-road championships. Unlike in the previous races the weather was cold and drivers were expecting rain showers, but at the end only a few minutes of light rain during the day caused slippery conditions in 2nd round of qualifying, with the remainder of the day being dry. In the 3 rounds of qualifying Panu, Matias and Teemu were fighting of the TQ, but it was Matias who managed to take the overall TQ spot in 3 round in front of Teemu, Panu and Alexander.

Top4 qualifying result:
1. Matias Kuusinen – Capricorn/Novarossi – 16L 5:09.892
2. Teemu Saarinen – Capricorn/Max – 16L 5:09.928
3. Panu Vehniäinen – Capricorn/Novarossi – 16L 5:10.679
4. Alexander Naumov – Xray/Novarossi – 16L 5:14.943

In the final Teemu took the early lead with Matias following very closely with less then a second behind until after 10 minutes Matias run out of fuel in his pit in lap. Some 20 minutes into the race Teemu experienced engine problems and this allowed Panu to take over the lead with Joonas, Alexander and Tony following closely. Meanwhile Matias was pushing hard to catch the leaders and he ultimately took over the lead after 33 minutes of racing. Around the 39 minute mark Teemu had closed the gap to Matias to 2.5 seconds, but just before the final round of pit stops he had to retire due to a broken servo. This allowed Matias to control the lead and to save tyres. The final stages were run at a very fast pace and the top drivers were running out of tyres after 37 minutes. After 45 minutes Matias crossed the finish line in 1st place followed by Tony and Alexander.

Final result:
1. Matias Kuusinen – Capricorn/Novarossi – 133L 45:09.366
2. Tony Raikas – Mugen/Novarossi – 133L 45:15.789
3. Alexander Naumov – Xray/Novarossi – 133L 45:16.823
4. Joonas Hyvärinen – Capricorn/Novarossi – 132L 45:12.326
5. Panu Vehniäinen – Capricorn/Novarossi – 126L 45:10.834
6. Teemu Saarinen – Capricorn/Max – 117L 39:46.317
7. Tino Eriksson – Capricorn/Novarossi – 112L 45:08.084
8. Jari Valkola – Xray/Novarossi – 108L 37:08.919
9. Antti Silvennoinen – Xray/Max – 33L 22:09.861
10.Janne Westerlund – Mugen/Novarossi – 19L 14:17.383

In the final standings the top 2 were separated only by 3 points with the overall championship being taken by to Teemu Saarinen. Matias Kuusinen came in 2nd and Tony Raikas completed the championship in 3rd place.

Finish nitro on-road nationals Rd4 – Report

2014 championship results:
1. Teemu Saarinen – Capricorn/Novarossi/Max
2. Matias Kuusinen – Capricorn/Novarossi
3. Tony Raikas – Mugen/Novarossi
4. Alexander Naumov – Xray/Novarossi
5. Sami Munck – Capricorn Novarossi
6. Panu Vehniäinen – Capricorn/Novarossi
7. Jari Valkola – Xray/Novarossi
8. Joonas Hyvärinen – Capricorn/Novarossi
9. Niko Putkonen – Serpent/Picco
10.Janne Westerlund – Mugen/Novarossi

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