April 9, 2015

International Dutch F1 Masters 2015 – Report

International Dutch F1 Masters 2015 – Report

Last weekend the International Dutch F1 Masters was held for the first time at the track of the MACH in Heemstede, near Amsterdam. The organisers, Edwin Nijenhoff, Peter and Jeffrey Jongeling, had hoped for around 50 drivers to join the race but at the end nearly 70 drivers from all over Europe including the Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, France and the Netherlands made their entry. Free practise on the freshened up track started on Friday with heat practice from mid day on. After four rounds John Bruins lead the field in front of Jitse Miedema and Rik Prins.

Free practice top 15:
1. John Bruins – StreetJam
2. Jitse Miedema – Xray
3. Rik Prins – Yokomo
4. Milan Holthuis – Serpent
5. Sidney Blokker – Yokomo
6. Olivier Bultynck – VBC
7. Vasco Christiaanse – WRC
8. Roy Bakker – StreetJam
9. Stephan Beelen – CRC
10.Marco Verkade – Serpent
11.Koen Middelkoop – Team Saxo
12.Niels de Zwijger – CRC
13.Robert Schraders – Serpent
14.Iwan Biesot – Serpent
15.Giacomo Moretti – VBC

During the night rain started to fall and on Saturday morning the track was still wet. Despite the tricky track conditions two more rounds of practice were held to reseed the heats and it was Roy Bakker (Street Jam) who lead the field with a time of 1:27.565 in front of Patrick Jongenelis (Serpent) with a 1:28.846 and Rik Prins (Yokomo) with a 1:28.920.

Once the qualification heats were started the track began to dry. The schedule saw three qualifiers to be held on Saturday with a final round on Sunday morning. The weather held up fine until the 3rd heat in round 3 when the heaven opened its gates again. Therefore the organisers had to cancel the third round to have the two remaining rounds run on Sunday morning. Due to the weather also the Saturday night event and fun race had to be cancelled, meaning the dinner was served a bit earlier and the tombola was held after dinner.

Sunday morning started out freezing cold but with nice and sunny weather. Qualification round 3 and 4 were held under perfect conditions and the lap times became faster and faster. After all four rounds of qualification were completed the ranking list read like this:

Qualifying top 15 result:
1. Sidney Blokker – Yokomo YRF
2. Jitse Miedema – Xray X1
3. Rik Prins – Yokomo YRF
4. John Bruins – StreetJam
5. Patrick Jongenelis – Serpent F110 SF2
6. Olivier Bultynck – VBC
7. Marco Verkade – Serpent F110 SF2
8. Roy Bakker – StreetJam
9. Niels de Zwijger – CRC WTF
10.Iwan Biesot – Serpent F110
11.Milan Holthuis – Serpent F110 SF2
12.Martijn van der Heijden – Xray X1
13.Robert Schraders – Serpent F110 SF2
14.Ron van Bergen – Xray X1
15.Michel van der Velden – Tamiya F104W

International Dutch F1 Masters 2015 – Report

After a short break the finals were started under sunny conditions. In A-main 1 Jitse Miedema had a good start and he soon could pass Sidney Blokker and after a mistake of Sidney, Rik Prins and Olivier Bultynck could also pass. Up front Jitse would be able to finish the main in the 1st spot without any problems. At the start of the second A-main Jitse was quicker than Sidney and he had a perfect line on to the straight and a lot more speed. Unfortunately Sidney hadn’t that much speed and Jitse touched Sidney at the beginning of the straight but the incident was declared a race accident. Jitse was now leading and Sidney had to come to the pits with problems on his car. Roy Bakker had a great start coming from 8th on the grid and he was now in 2nd place while Rick Prins had a little mistake in the beginning but he recovered to 3rd at the end. A-main 3 started without Sidney and Jitse could drive to an easy win. Roy Bakker again had a good start and was sitting in 2nd while Olivier Bultynck finished in 3rd this time.

International Dutch F1 Masters 2015 – Report

Overall results:
1. Jitse Miedema – Xray X1
2. Roy Bakker – StreetJam
3. Rik Prins – Yokomo YRF
4. Olivier Bultynck – VBC
5. Marco Verkade – Serpent F110 SF2
6. Niels de Zwijger – CRC WTF
7. Patrick Jongenelis – Serpent F110 SF2
8. Sidney Blokker – Yokomo YRF
9. Iwan Biesot – Serpent F110
10.John Bruins – StreetJam

Thanks to Martijn van der Heijden for the report.


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