May 21, 2015

Ride Cup Championship Series Malaysia Rd1 – Report

Ride Cup Championship Series Malaysia Rd1 – Report

The opening round of the Malaysia Edition Ride Cup Championship Series was held at the RC Park in Shah Alam, 30 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur. Organised by Ride Malaysia the event attracted nearly 100 drivers for the four classes of Touring 13.5T Boosted, Touring 13.5T Blinky, M-Chassis 13.5T Blinky and Formula 17.5T Blinky. With 112 entries this was one of the biggest EP events on Malaysian soil this year. The fastest class of the event, Touring 13.5T Boosted, attracted many drivers normally found driving Modified classes and right from the start the fight was on between Norazam and Wong KokWai who would be fighting for the TQ position with Asmad and Raphael from East Malaysia being in the mix too. Ultimately Norazam would grab the TQ from Wong KokWai with the only 22 laps run, although Wong KokWai was less than 1 second away from achieving the same number of laps. The remainder of the field was also a tight battle, with the top 15 positions all managing 21 lap runs, with 3rd to 10th place finishing within 6 seconds.

Touring 13.5T Boosted qualifying result:
1. Norazam – ARC
2. Wong KokWai – Awesomatix
3. Asmad – Yokomo
4. Raphael Chew – Xray
5. Kew SauGie – TRF
6. Naz Nizal – Yokomo
7. Bany – ARC
8. Zainy – Yokomo
9. Amir KR – Xray
10.Lim EuKeong – Awesomatix

From the get go it was Norazam who managed to keep a very fast Wong KokWai at bay by utilising his superb car placement. Wong tried everything to get past but could not manage a clean pass with Asmad keeping in contention for the first minute or two. Finally Wong made a pass on Norazam on lap lap 12 to take the lead. Norazam would not give up and found another gear in his car to keep pace with Wong and making a few failed attempts while Asmad was getting closer and closer to the duo. In a racing incident on lap 15 between Norazam and Wong, Wong was forced to retire with Norazam showing great sportsmanship as we waited on Norazam but this allowed Asmad to take the lead and later the win in the main final.

Touring 13.5T Boosted final result:
1. Asmad – Yokomo
2. Norazam – ARC
3. Zainy – Yokomo
4. Raphael Chew – Xray
5. Amir KR – Xray
6. Naz Nizal – Yokomo
7. Lim EuKeong – Awesomatix
8. Kew SauGie – TRF
9. Wong KokWai – Awesomatix
10.Bany – ARC

13.5T Blinky would have a veteran driver joining this fun class and this made for a great fight between the old and new and also a few of the very fast regular Blinky drivers were joining the fun. In the end it was Michael Lo, the veteran driver who secured TQ with the only 21 lap qualifier, although young gun Kris Slawinski was always very close, just less than half a second away from doing a 21 lapper himself while Dino Sidhu, driving his brand new Awesomatix, coming close to scoring a 21 lapper as well.

Touring 13.5T Blinky qualifying result:
1. Michael Lo – Awesomatix
2. Kris Slawinski – ARC
3. Dino Sidhu – Awesomatix
4. Amirul Izhwan – Xray
5. KC Yap – ARC
6. Adley Tuang – ARC
7. Nicholas Lim – Awesomatix
8. Marcus Tan – RGT
9. Foong Alamak – Yokomo
10.BH Lim – ARC

The final was not a walk in the park for Michael as right from the start, Dino went straight into attack mode and went past 2nd placed Kris to be hot on the heels of Michael, chasing him down for the next 2 minutes before Michael managed to keep a constant 2 seconds gap which he would maintain to win the final. Kris was later passed by Adley Tuang, who came from 6th position, to snatch the 3rd place from Kris. It was an amazing pace that all top runners were running at as they were able to be less than 1 second off the Boosted boys while Michael and Dino could manage to be only 0.6 seconds away of the Boosted class. This proves that Blinky is not really that slow after all.

Ride Cup Championship Series Malaysia Rd1 – Report

Touring 13.5T Blinky final result:
1. Michael Lo – Awesomatix
2. Dino Sidhu – Awesomatix
3. Adley Tuang – ARC
4. Kris Slawinski – ARC
5. Amirul Izhwan – Xray
6. Nicholas Lim – Awesomatix
7. KC Yap – ARC
8. BH Lim – ARC
9. Foong Alamak – Yokomo
10.Marcus Tan – RGT

The Formula 17.5T Blinky class would see a single 10 minute qualifying race with the fastest three consecutive laps being counted for the qualifying result. Wong Kokwai would claim the TQ from Azri Amri and Max Teo. It was unfortunate for the Formula racers as the heaven opened up before the final could be ran and so the qualifying result would be the final result as well.

Ride Cup Championship Series Malaysia Rd1 – Report

Formula 17.5T Blinky result:
1. Wong KokWai – Xray
2. Azri Amri – Speed Passion
3. Max Teo – Xray
4. Lim EuKeong – Xray
5. Michael Lo – Xray
6. Louis Tan – Xray
7. James Chong – Serpent
8. BH Lim – Xray
9. Calvin Cheong – Yokomo
10. Eric Ang – TRF

The M-Chassis class would be a stage for a very exciting race between the few top racers. In the end it was Adam KR who would claim the TQ position from Illyas Rabani and Wak Rose. Knowing the top few qualifiers are all very fast M-Chassis drivers, it is going to be a good show down between the few.

M-Chassis qualifying result:
1. Aam KR – ABC
2. Illyas Rabani – ABC
3. Wak Rose – Tamiya
4. Waffie Waffle – Tamiya
5. Roslan KR – ABC
6. Lah PPRCC – Tamiya
7. Rostam – Tamiya
8. KK Lau –  ABC
9. Faizal – ABC
10.Sham Sakura – Tamiya

The weather did not hold up for the finals and so only one leg could be completed that saw Illyas Rabani taking the win with TQ Adam KR would only finish on the runner-up spot. Wak Rose maintaining his qualifying position to finish 3rd.

Ride Cup Championship Series Malaysia Rd1 – Report

M-Chassis qualifying result:
1. Illyas Babani – ABC
2. Adam KR – ABC
3. Wak Rose – Tamiya
4. Waffie Waffle – Tamiya
5. Roslan KR – ABC
6. Lah PPRCC – Tamiya
7. Faizal  – ABC
8. KK Lau –  ABC
9. Sham Sakura
10.Rostam – Tamiya

Thanks to Michael Suriawinata for sending the report.


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