September 16, 2015

Dutch 1/8th Nitro On-road Championship Rd5 – Report

Dutch 1/8th Nitro On-road Championship Rd5 – Report

The AMCA track in Apeldoorn played host to last weekend’s round 5 of the Dutch National 1/8th Nitro On-road Championships. Saturday’s practice started off dry, while on Sunday morning the qualifying rounds were run on a wet but drying track. Thankfully the last qualifying rounds were run in dry conditions and in the premier NK class it was Frank Baggen (ARC/Reds Racing) who was fastest after the qualifiers, followed by Joey Sorber (Shepherd/Maxima), Gunther van Steay (Serpent/Picco) and Martin Zevenhoven (Serpent/Picco).

In the Nomac class, Robbin Hertong came out fastest, followed by Andy Muijres, Jesse Keller and Stephan van Rooijen. The Promo class had Peter de Jongh coming out fastest followed by Mark Hellenbrand, Dick Jansen and Mark Zonne. After all drivers went through the semis to try and qualify for the main finals in their respective classes, the Promo finale was run under dry conditions, but during the Nomac finale rain started falling down, which also made sure the NK final would run under complete wet conditions. The NK class then saw the win of Ad Vissenberg (ARC) from Martin Zevenhoven (Serpent) and Marcel Schouten (Mugen).

NK class final result:
1. Ad Vissenberg – ARC – 79L 30:03.917
2. Martin Zevenhoven – Serpent – 77L 30:16.994
3. Marcel Schouten – Mugen – 76L 30:18.223
4. Frank Baggen – ARC – 74L 30:29.673
5. Koen Geurds – WRC – 69L 30:13.030
6. Roelof Tooms – Mugen – 55L 30:22.806
7. Peter Ende – Shepherd – 52L 30:15.524
8. Gunther van Steay – Serpent – 0L 0:00.000
9. Marc Meijer – Serpent – 0L 0:00.000
10.Tjibbe Keller – Mugen – 0L 0:00.000

The Nomac class had Robbin Hertong (ARC) coming out successful some five laps in front of Addie van de Ven (Serpent) while Stanley Bauer (Serpent) ended the race another two laps down.

Dutch 1/8th Nitro On-road Championship Rd5 – Report

Nomac class final result:
1. Robbin Hertong – ARC – 95L 30:15.700
2. Addie van de Ven – Serpent – 90L 30:06.062
3. Stanley Bauer – Serpent – 88L 30:11.578
4. Peter Berkhout – Serpent – 86L 30:02.034
5. Jesse Keller – ARC – 78L 30:29.101
6. Stephan van Rooijen – ARC – 77L 25:58.649
7. Peter van Marion – Sheperd – 73L 29:22.902
8. Janwillem Gons – Serpent – 60L 19:19.094
9. Ad Arents – Serpent – 30L 18:13.059
10.Andy Muijres – Mugen – 6L 1:46.640

Finally in the Promo class Jarno Eikendal ended the 20 minute final in front of Mark Hellenbrand and Dennis Verhoeven in second and third respectively.

Dutch 1/8th Nitro On-road Championship Rd5 – Report

Promo class final result:
1. Jarno Eikendal – 74L 20:12.123
2. Mark Hellenbrand – 72L 20:05.998
3. Dennis Verhoeven – 70L 20:11.302
4. Edwin Busschers – 47L 20:13.128
5. Marvin Theeuwen – 30L 9:46.449
6. John Roelse – 16L 5:26.255
7. Peter de Jongh – 12L 3:19.355
8. Dick Jansen – 7L 14:10.994
9. Kristof Smets – 4L 1:15.765
10.Mark Zonne – 3L 1:00.623

With one round to go, the championship for both NK and Nomac class is still open, while in the Promo class Dennis Verhoeven already claimed the title.

Thanks to Martin for sending the report.


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