September 15, 2017

Xray T4 2018 electric touring car kit

Xray have introduced the 2018 version of their highly popular T4 1/10th scale 4WD electric touring car. Like in recent years Xray have carried out some subtle updates and revisions to the platform with the most noticeable change to the 2018 variant being the all-new Ultra Low Profile ULP shock – probably the shortest coil-over dampers to find on a 1/10th touring car. 4mm shorter than the SLP the ULP were developed to lower the CG of the car even more to further improve handling. With the ultra short shocks the T4 is meant to stay flatter, making it easier to drive through chicanes in high-grip conditions and making the car more resistant to traction rolling, letting the driver carry more speed through high-traction sweepers while the steering response and cornering speed are significantly improved as well.

To achieve the new ultra low profile design the shocks utilise redesigned composite upper mounts, new shorter alloy shock bodies as well as low-profile pre-load nuts but the existing SLP shock springs remain fully compatible with the new damper.

To maximise the effect of the ULP shocks new, lower carbon fibre shock towers are part of the 2018 package with the front and rear shock stays being made of 3.0mm high-quality carbon fibre.

The 2018 kit is based on a new carbon fibre main chassis that has the motor located 1mm closer to the centre line with updated motor pockets, and flex points as well as new mounting positions for the updated motor mount being the most visible updates. The 2.2mm carbon fibre chassis comes as standard with alloy flex and full-face chassis being available separately at a later date.

Working in conjunction with the updated chassis is a new carbon fibre top deck. The shape of the rear portion of the upper deck has been specifically designed to achieve maximum traction and in-corner steering, and the shape allows for easy access to the pinion. The part is machined from premium-grade 2.0mm graphite and an optional belt tensioner can be mounted to the top.

New for 2018 is also a redesigned motor mount plate with new extra rearmost holes for improved traction. The motor mount plate is connected to the chassis via an M3 nut and an extra countersunk screw which can be placed ahead of the nut if more reinforcement is needed. Additionally, the nut can be removed and one or more of the four holes behind the nut can be used as extra flex adjustment options.

Another new feature is the updated motor mount and layshaft bulkhead that locates the motor 1mm closer to the centre of the car for improved roll characteristics while also allowing for a soft-medium or medium-stiff chassis flex setting courtesy of the amount of screws and shims used to connect the bulkhead and top deck.

New to the 2018 kit the in-line chassis flex setting with the connecting carbon fibre brace, that spans from the servo to the motor mount plate, being already included in the kit. An optional brass plate or a turnbuckle link are available separately to adjust the car’s overall weight or flex setting. With the help of additional screws different flex settings are accessible to adjust the chassis flex to suit the track conditions.

The kit is rounded out by new 51mm ECS front driveshafts that offer optimised steering and stability with shorter 50mm or longer 52mm being available separately to fine-tune the drivetrain to low or high-bite conditions respectively.

2018 features:
– All-new ULP Ultra Low Profile shocks with 4mm lower design for improved stability
– All-new ultra-low profile ULP shock towers to accommodate new ULP shocks
– All-new chassis design with new motor mount plate position for further flex adjustment and motor moved more to centre
– All-new top redesigned top deck works with the new layshaft bulkheads and motor mount which moves motor more to centre
– All-new motor mount plate features new extra rearmost holes for improved traction and further flex adjustment
– All-new motor mount decreases the chassis roll with motor position more to centre
– All-new in-line chassis flex set-up options
– All-new ECS drive shafts are 51mm long for optimised steering and stability

The full presentation can be found here.

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