September 3, 2018

Daniel Kobbevik wraps up Norwegian National titles

The final race of the Norwegian EP Buggy nationals was held at Hverven Raceway in Oslo on astro turf. The track was rebuilt for this race, so everybody came to a new track and so nobody had home track advantage. This part of the year is naturally slippery in the morning with more grip during the day, and a little less grip in afternoon. There was only a little free practice in morning, and then right into reseeding, to get it as fair as it could be for this championship. Daniel Kobbevik was much faster than the competition with his Xray XB2. This weekend it was especially one driver that stood out from the rest and it was Yokomo driver Eirik Andreassen. He had really good pace and was second fastest on lap times, so it was more about who was going to start from third to 10 in A-main. After reseeding it was Daniel that topped all those rounds, and it looked the same after quails was done. 4 rounds with TQ.

So after quals was done top 3 was:
1. Daniel Kobbevik – Team Xray
2. Eirik Andreassen – Team Yokomo
3. Mathias Fink – Team Associated

Then ready for finals, and Daniel just took off and left the rest off the field, drove his own race and made sure nobody could get close, and after lapping the field it was just to get the car to the finish line, and secure the win. It was pretty much same in all three finals. Daniel took the win in all finals and the fight was really about second and third. First final Yokomo driver Eirik had good control and took easy second place. Second main, Eirik and Mathias Fink was fighting close from the start to the end, and Mathias was in second for a while, but Eirik overtook the place, but then again got stuck in another car, and then Mathias could pass on inside, and then it was difficult for Eirik to get back in second, but was close. In third main it was fight about second and third between Eirik and Mathias again, and Mathias was trying to get by several times, but Eirik did no mistakes and kept the second place to finish line.

So result list after all finals done 2wd
1. Daniel Kobbevik – Team Xray/Hobbywing/EZpower
2. Eirik Andreassen – Team Yokomo/Racing Performance/RP
3. Mathias Fink – Team Associated/Hobbywing/LRP
4. Nikolay Håheim – Schumacher/Muchmore/LRP
5. Øystein Døler – Team Associated/Hobbywing/LRP
6. Roy Gemble – Schumacher
7. Vincent Ruger – Team Associated/Muchmore
8. Thorbjørn Døler – Team Xray/LRP/LRP
9. Arne Peder Flesvik – Team Yokomo/Racing Performance/RP
10.Jostein Helland – Team Associated/Absima/Orion

Winner of B-main was Team Associated Driver Andreas Sandgrind
Winner of C-main was Serpent Driver Dan Terje Bjørnflaten

Since this was the last race off the year, it was also time to give out prizes for top 3 in the Norwegian Nats Championship for 2018. Top 3 this season was the strong trio that have been dominating the races this summer.

1. Daniel Kobbevik – Team Xray/Hobbywing/EZpower
2. Øystein Døler – Team Associated/Hobbywing/LRP
3. Thorbjørn Døler – Team Xray/LRP/LRP

Then over to 4wd, and now Daniel really showed his pace and after Reseeding he was close to 6 seconds faster than nr.2 on three consecutive laps… And it looked like it was just mechanic problems that could stop him from taking the second title this weekend. Daniel took TQ in all 4 rounds of quals, and top 3 was: Daniel Kobbevik, second it was again Erik Andreassen, third was Mathias Fink, but on the same points as Nikolay Håheim and Dan Terje Bjørnflaten, he had really taken up the speed and from driving C-main in 2wd he was now showing speed to get into A-main in 4wd!

After quals was done top 3 was again the same list as in 2wd: Daniel Kobbevik starting from pole, Erik Andreassen starting second and Mathias Fink from third.

First final Daniel won easy, second place was Mathias and third Øystein. Second final Daniel won with almost same margin again, but this time Roy Gemble took second place and Eirik Andreassen took third. Last A-main, Daniel taking the victory again and this time Eirik got second and Dan Terje took third. So it was so many drivers on different points, but it ended with Daniel winning, Eirik second with a 2 and, Mathias third, with scoring 2 and fifth place. Øystein Døler on same points but with a 3 and 4 as counting…

Top Ten 4wd
1. Daniel Kobbevik – Team Xray/Hobbywing/EZpower
2. Eirik Andreassen – Team Yokomo/Racing Performance/RP
3. Mathias Fink – Team Associated/Hobbywing/LRP
4. Øystein Døler – Team Associated/Hobbywing/LRP
5. Roy Gemble – Schumacher
6. Dan Terje Bjørnflåten – Serpent/Hobbywing/EZpower
7. Torbjørn Døler – Team Xray/Hobbywing/LRP
8. Vincent Rüger – Team Xray/Hobbywing/EZpower
9. Arne Peder flesvik – Team Yokomo/Racing Performance/RP
10.Nikolay Håheim – Schumacher/Muchmore/LRP

Winner of B-main was Xray Driver Adrian Søgnestad
Winner of C-main was Xray Driver Sveinung Nå

Then again it was time for top3 in 4wd in National Nats Cup and again it was the trio that has been the fastest this season.

1. Daniel Kobbevik – Xray/Hobbywing/EZpower
2. Øystein Døler – Team Associated/Hobbywing/LRP
3. Torbjørn Døler – Xray/LRP/LRP

Thanks to Magne Kobbevik for the report.


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