March 29, 2019

Xray NT1 1/10th 200mm nitro touring car kit

Xray have introduced the new NT1, the latest incarnation of the company’s IFMAR World Championship winning 1/10th 200mm nitro touring car platform. The new NT1 received some subtle updates to further increase overall performance, make it even more versatile when adapting the car to various track conditions and ensure easier setup and maintenance. First up is the all-new chassis that integrates with the new rear bulkheads, rear arms mounts, and front brace for a wider range of flex adjustments to tune for any traction level.

The new, slightly smaller front chassis opening now accepts a detachable front brace while the rear opening was enlarged for increased traction and greater stability of the car. New mounting positions for the servo saver, rear bulkheads and RF arm mount add to the updated part.

The updated front brace now mounts directly to the chassis plate, separated from the servo saver, for easier installation. Using the aluminium brace increases steering response and cornering speed while without the aluminium brace, the car is easier to drive and has more forward traction.

The NT1 features a new rear flex adjustment. The chassis and rear bulkheads were redesigned in the way that allows two different flex settings that help to adapt the car to different tracks and traction conditions.

There are two options to choose from: soft, without steel spacers and hard, with attached steel spacers that connect the chassis and the bulkhead extensions.

The all-new rear suspension design features Xray’s Multi-Flex quick adjustment to easily adapt the handling of the car to track conditions and tyre options. There are three different flex characteristic choices. A soft setting with all steel spacers and bracket bushings removed, a medium setting using steel spacers and a stiff setting using steel spacers and bracket bushings. The latter connects the entire rear suspension together, making for a stiff framework that creates more rotation and improves corner exit steering.

The all-new aluminium rear bulkheads have been completely redesigned to integrate with the new flex adjustment system. The bulkheads extend forward under the 2-speed layshaft with a 0.5mm space between the chassis and bulkheads.

Both front and rear bulkheads were redesigned to fit the new anti roll bar composite bushing which extends the life of the bulkheads. The clamps hold the rear shock tower as well as the graphite roll-centre bridge. For an extra roll-centre adjustment, the graphite roll-centre bridge can be removed and the rear linkage mounted directly to the upper clamps to improve cornering speed and steering in very high-traction conditions. The super-lightweight clamps have a very clean and lightweight design to create the lowest weight and CG, and still allow for easy access to the driveline for maintenance.

Next in the line of new parts come the rear arm mounts. They now use the same composite inserts as the T4 and XB4 cars, with the square eccentric bushings retain the vertical adjustment of the inner hinge pins from the previous NT1’s, but add the ability to adjust the pin width to expand the roll centre and geometry adjustments available for the rear suspension.

Also new in the suspension department is the are front wire anti-roll bar that redesigned for easier installation, smoother operation and minimal play. The composite bushing for the ball bearings eliminate vibration and slop between the parts, eliminating bulkhead wear and improving bar operation.

Like the front wire bar, the new rear wire anti-roll bar was redesigned with to work with the new bar collars and composite bearing inserts to reduce slop and improve operation. The kit will hit stores very soon.

New features:
– All-new chassis integrates with the new rear bulkheads, rear arms mounts, and front brace for a wide range of flex adjustments to tune for any traction level
– All-new rear bulkheads with flex adjustment for quick set up changes for various traction conditions
– All-new steel spacers connect the chassis to the rear bulkheads for high traction to increase steering and rotation
– Rear suspension now includes arm mounts with square adjustment bushings for the lower hinge pins that expand the range of adjustment for rear arm geometry
– Front and rear bulkheads redesigned to work with new composite anti-roll bar bushings to extend the life of the bulkheads and eliminate unwanted play
– All-new anti-roll bar adaptors with less play
– All-new front anti-roll bar system redesigned for easier adjustment
– All-new front and rear anti-roll bar wires
– All-new front brace mounts directly to the chassis plate

Find the full presentation here.

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