June 13, 2019

RC Race Prep ZooRacing anti-tuck arms & wing mounts

UK based brand RC Race Prep have announced the release of their new anti-tuck arms and adjustable wing mounts for the ZooRacing range of touring car body shells. Starting with the anti-tuck arms, the aim of this design is to decrease the chance of a body tuck within a run. A body tuck just at the wrong moment has the potential to ruin the entire event for the driver and team. The way the arm has been designed is to disperse the energy from the impact and not damage the shell. The parts weigh in at just 2.2g each and when designing the arm, RC Race Prep chose to use the production methods weakness to the designs advantage. The screw hole at the base of the flex arm can be fixed to the bodyshell to further support the rear of the shell. Upon impact, the layers around the hole will delaminate dispersing some of the energy from the impact. This means that on impact the contact patch on the wheel is effected as little as possible. This is a critical performance aid when running with a lightweight shell as the vertical load is applied down the arm to the fixed location point on the arm. The resistance given by the arm is also a key part of the design process. To change the flex characteristics, the designers produced a variety of arms with different arks and thicknesses. The result is an anti-tuck arm whose resistance is great enough to push the body back to its resting vacuum formed position, yet not so great to unload the wheel during impact causing the car to loose traction.

Also new are adjustable wing mounts that add to the overall stiffness of the rear section of the body while offering accurate overhang adjustment. This is achieved by providing support to the rear wing using clamping and surface friction. The upper tear drop washer clamps down on the wing, reducing the vibration amplitude on the leading edge of the wing allowing for more efficient flow. This is crucial when the wing is run further over the back of the car as the load torque is increased. Deformation will therefore occur sooner potentially ruining the efficiency of the shells aerodynamics. When the wing deforms, the load acting on the rear wheels will instantly reduce causing entry/mid corner wash due to the smaller contact patch. If this continues throughout a run, the tire could drop out of the operating window causing the oversteer issue to exponentially increase dramatically effecting the run time. The design also incorporate some easy to use markers which allow precise marking of the hole locations every time – even on pre painted bodies and wings. The wing mounts weigh in at just 1.4g each, they work separately or in combination with the above anti-tuck arms, and they are available now.

Source: RC Race Prep [facebook.com]


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