June 28, 2019

Xray RX8E 1/8th electric on-road kit

Xray have unveiled their new RX8E 1/8th scale electric on-road kit. The vehicle is based on the successful RX8 nitro platform with the latest incarnation featuring a new chassis with a narrower rear suspension configuration. The rear bulkheads are mounted 8.4mm closer together and the rear arm mounts move the inner pivot pins 2.5mm closer together, which combined with the bulkhead placement generates more rear traction and improves the stability of the car. The chassis also features a unique, innovative front flex adjustment using a removable aluminium brace.

The chassis is narrower to increase chassis flex and generate more traction and steering. The narrower chassis also prevents chassis rub during cornering to help eliminate the feel of the car “stopping” in mid-corner. Adjustable weight positions on both sides of the chassis offer quick and easy weight balance adjustment.

The aluminium bulkheads provide optimal stiffness and flex for better steering characteristics, even with hard spec tyres. The super-lightweight Swiss 7075 T6 aluminium bulkheads have a very clean and lightweight design to give the lowest weight and CG, and still allow quick access to the driveline components for reduced maintenance downtime. The bulkheads have been redesigned to fit the new composite bushings for the anti-roll bar bearings that eliminate the wear of the bulkhead with the rear bulkheads being an integral part of the rear suspension’s Multi-Flex system that offers the choice of different flex adjustments.

The all-new rear lower suspension mounts allows the rear lower arms to be moved closer together by 2.5mm for improved traction as well as stability of the car. The front and rear suspension holders are fully independent from the bulkheads, mounted directly to the chassis to increase traction and make the car easier to drive. The suspension mounts are CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075-T6 aluminium to provide the lightest and strongest framework for the car.

All-new rear suspension extensions update the shock mounting positions to match the new rear suspension pivot pin and arm locations. Both front and rear extensions are made from laser-cut steel and additionally black coated for improved durability.

All-new graphite upper arm holders feature new positions for the eccentric bushings that position the upper pins 2.5mm narrower to work with the new rear lower arm mount position. The rear upper arm holders are machined from strong 3.5mm graphite material for optimal flex of the rear suspension. Both front and rear mounts are attached to the rear upper bulkhead clamps.

The rear shock tower was redesigned to mount to the new rear narrower bulkheads and to compliment the updated suspension geometry. Both front and rear shock towers have updated shock mounting positions. The towers are made from thick 3mm graphite material for maximum durability.

The all-new front and wire anti-roll bars were redesigned to work with the new adjustable system that allows easier adjustment of the bar as well as remove any excess play from the system. The RX8E includes both wire and blade-style front anti-roll bars for freedom of choice based on track conditions. The wire anti-roll bar is used to increase steering response on small, technical tracks. The wire bar is mounted to the bulkheads from the outside to allow quick and easy changes and adjustment. The wire bar runs in ball-bearings for maximum precision and freedom of movement. Anti-roll bar height can be adjusted quickly and easily. The rear 2.8mm anti-roll bar helps to reduce rear chassis roll. The roll bar runs in ball bearings for maximum precision and freedom of movement. For fine tuning, optional wires of different thickness are available. Anti-roll bar height is adjustable via a screw.

The all-new rear solid axle shaft and lightweight composite pulley were redesigned to fit the new narrow positions of the rear bulkheads. All outdrives are manufactured from Hudy Spring Steel and are specially ground for maximum precision. All pulleys have self-cleaning holes to reduce buildup. The front 1-way and rear solid axle are small and light, ensuring super-low rotating mass and lowest CG. The super-lightweight front 1-way bearing is inserted directly in the axle, and the axle body is machined from Swiss 7075 T6 aluminium.

The all-new rear pivot balls were lengthened to work with the new lower rear arm mounts to still achieve the desired vehicle width. The RX8E pivot ball suspension utilises precision pivot balls that are specially hardened to better withstand harsh crashes and extend their lifespan. A total of eight pivot balls are included and are captured by strong M10 composite nuts to minimise weight and give smooth suspension movement. Standard pivot balls are made from steel for maximum durability and lifespan. For those who are focused on minimising unsprung weight, optional lightweight aluminium and titanium pivot balls are available.

2019 All-new Features.
– All-new narrower chassis with new rear end geometry improves traction
– All-new lower rear suspension holders shift the rear arms 2.5mm inward for improved geometry
– All-new steel extension plates for the rear suspension arms update the shock mounting geometry to work with the new narrow inner pivot location
– All-new rear shock tower and upper arm holders to work with narrower rear bulkhead positions
– New extended rear steel turnbuckles and upper ball joints to work with new narrow rear end
– New longer rear pivot balls combined with the narrower inner pivot location update the rear suspension geometry for improved traction
– All-new rear solid axle shaft and composite pulley for the new narrow rear end configuration
– All-new front and rear bulkheads redesigned to work with new composite anti-roll bar bushings to extend the life of the bulkheads and eliminate unwanted play
– All-new anti-roll bar adapters with less play
– All-new front and rear wire anti-roll bars

Find the full presentation here.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]


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