May 6, 2021

FSEARA Rd7 Fort Myers – Report

Home of the world-famous Nitro event Winter National, this iconic layout at Fort Myers has been the same for over 30+ years. In the past, there were not many ‘Electric’ only events. For this weekend, The FSEARA brought in a record 74 entries for this track, one of the largest Electric events at this track. The Weather and traction were amazing all weekend. Without the noise from the Nitro for a long time, the crashes were still pretty intense. One of the world’s most challenging tracks for nitro for sure did some damage as well to the Electric group of racers as well.

The highlight of the battle for the weekend was for sure in 17.5 TC. It was a battle between the series top contenders. Corey Record set the early pace with his Trinity power Xray T4. The Only driver able to make the 25-lap pace. With his first-round qualifier taking care of business, the rest of the field would need to play catch up while the rest of the day seems to get slower as the temperature gets hotter throughout the day. Even with the temperature slowing down the track, Infinity Dave Vera was having trouble putting a clean run together and was able to take care of business to climb back to 2nd from all of the unfortunate accidents. Cory Parson, our last event winner, struggled to put a good run together and settle for 3rd in the qualifier.

In the A main event, Dave Vera was able to quickly put an inside move on Corey Record to take first while Cory Parson followed. The battle was intense as Cory Parson’s car seemed to regain pace from the struggle qualifying run. He was able to put a pass to Dave Vera to take over the lead. Pressure from the back, Corey Record was intense and Dave Vera had to play defence while Cory Parson started to pull away and took home the win. The pack of cars started to pile up while Troy Schafer was able to join in for battle, but In the end, it was Corey Record who came out on top for 2nd place while Dave Vera finished 3rd.

1. Cory Parsons (Xray T4 2021)
2. Corey Record (Xray T4 2021)
3. Dave Vera (Infinity IF-14 2)

In Mod TC it was an intense qualifying in Mod TC, while many accidents happened during round 1, Xpress driver Felix Law was able to take round 1, But Corey Parson was able to better Felix’s time in Round 2. During Round 3, it was too hot for the track to regain the TQ pace.

In the Amain, Felix was quickly pressuring Cory for the pass, With Cory playing defence up front. The Battle was intense and Cory had to give up the spot for Felix, but then 2 laps later, Felix’s car suddenly “Shut off” and fell down to the back of the field, Cory was able take advantage and win by 7 seconds over second. Dave Vera had a huge accident during qualifying, and his car was never the same, he was just trying to finish the race and got 2nd overall, Felix fought back and took home 3rd after the big unknown ‘shut off’.

1. Cory Parsons (Xray T4 2021)
2. Dave Vera (Infinity IF-14 2)
3. Felix Law (Xpress XQ10)

In USGT the FWD vs 4WD Story continues. There were more FWD trying to take over in this round. Since Series leader Eddie Shaffer is not here, Jesus Diaz driving the Project 4x is leading the pack. With his consistent solid 22 laps pace, he was able to TQ the event. From 2nd to 4th, are all Fwd this time. Serpent CEO Joaquin Desoto was able to show up and continue where he left off from round 2 of the series. A newcomer in USGT Troy Winburn driving Felix’s Xpress chassis qualified 3rd.

In the Amain, Jesus got a clean track and could run away from the start while Joaquin and Troy battled for 2nd. Half way into the main, Joaquin was able to pick up his pace and put pressure on Jesus. In the end, Joaquin was so close catching Jesus with only 0.5 sec behind. But in the end, Jesus was able to take the win.

1. Jesus Diaz (Serpent 4x)
2. Joaquin Desoto (Serpent x20 Fwd)
3. Troy Winburn (Xpress FT1S)

As 17.5 handout TC class seems to fade out, This time down to 2 persons in this class. Brandon Diaz was able to TQ and win while Rob Haskell finish 2nd.

1. Brandon Diaz (Infinity IF14-2)
2. Rob Haskell (ARC R11)

In VTA it was RaceVTA store owner Greg Rojna who set the pace in the VTA class using his brand new Xpress XQ2s. With him setting the pace in Q1, Jake the winner of the last round was closely behind. In the A main, Greg had a huge lead pulling a gap on Jake, but the big mistake ended up costing him more than 5 spots in the race. Jake took the lead, just about we thought it was the end of the race, He suffered some mechanical problem and had to retire, from 3rd to the back, then to the front, it was Brandon Diaz who drove a clean race and came out on top in the end. Greg ends up finishing second after that big crash almost destroying his car while Steve Pendergraph finishes 3rd.

1. Brandon Diaz (infinityIF14-2)
2. Greg Rojna (Xpress XQ2)
3. Steve Pendergraph (Xray T4)

In GT12 the winner of RD 5 Jesus Diaz was pressured this time around. Richard Johnston was able step up this round Gaping the TQ with just 0.03 difference between Richard and Jesu. In the A main the distance remained the same throughout the entire run, and Richard took 1st, Jesus 2nd and Brandon Diaz finished 3rd.

1. Richard Johnston (Roche P12)
2. Jesus Diaz (Serpent S120)
3. Brandon Diaz (Serpent S120)

In F1, Sean Wager pretty much dominated the race from beginning to end. Take TQ and win. Last round winner Miami Mike was the closest to battle with Sean, but just came up short in pace this time. Did a good job keeping up in 2nd. While the battle was for 3rd, Izzy Santiago ended up taking 3rd.

1. Sean Wager (Xray X1 2021)
2. MiamiMike (Serpent SF4)
3. Izzy Santiago (Unknown)

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