February 15, 2022

Coelho leads X4 dominance of TC classes at Snowbirds

The world famous Snowbird Nationals was held for the 28th time in Kissimmee, near Orlando, Florida, in the USA recently and Xray driver Alexander Hagberg sent this report. This unique on-road and oval race saw a total of over 600 entries combined between these two disciplines. The Xray team was in full attendance, not only with the US team drivers, but also with a big European team once again. The prestigious TC Modified class was dominated by Xray X4 cars. Reigning world champion Bruno Coelho converted his TQ into a win in the final, at this first ever appearance at the Snowbird Nationals. Bruno TQ’ed 3 out of 4 rounds of qualifying, and Alexander Hagberg took the TQ in the very first round. Alex was demoted to 3rd overall in the standings in the final after a few mistakes which allowed Sam Isaacs to take the runner up spot.

TC Modified results:
1. Bruno Coelho – Xray X4
2. Sam Isaacs – Awesomatix
3. Alexander Hagberg – Xray X4
4. Keven Hebert – Xray X4
5. Sean Guthrie – Mugen
6. Kemp Anderson – Awesomatix
7. Drew Ellis – Xray X4
8. Brandon Clements
9. Ollie Payne – Awesomatix
10. Max Kuenning – Xray X4

In the popular TC Stock class, Robbie Dodge took TQ with the smallest of margins in front of Alexandre Duchet, both running X4 cars. Robbie went on to win the class, not looking back from his TQ spot. Duchet ran into issues in the final, and was demoted to 6th overall. Eric Anderson would claim 2nd while Jan Ratheisky held on to 3rd, even with a tucked body, showing great skills of defence and race craft.

TC Stock results:
1. Robbie Dodge – Xray X4
2. Eric Anderson – Awesomatix
3. Jan Ratheisky – Xray X4
4. Sean Guthrie – Mugen
5. Craig Xavier – Awesomatix
6. Alexandre Duchet – Xray X4
7. Lex Tyler – Awesomatix
8. Clayton Young – Awesomatix
9. Stefan Schulz – Xray X4
10.Brian Card – Awesomatix

The TC Super Stock class saw Jan Ratheisky taking the TQ spot after a flawless drive in Q4. Robbie Dodge lined up 2nd on the grid, with Drew Ellis in 3rd and Alexandre Duchet 4th. Jan would go on to win the main final in front of Robbie, but Drew was demoted to 4th overall since Alexandre Duchet jumped onto the 3rd and final podium spot, still holding on to that all X4 top 4 final result.

TC Super Stock results:
1. Jan Ratheisky – Xray X4
2. Robbie Dodge – Xray X4
3. Alexandre Duchet – Xray X4
4. Drew Ellis – Xray X4
5. Sean Guthrie Mugen
6. Eric Anderson – Awesomatix
7. Craig Xavier – Awesomatix
8. John Dickson – Awesomatix
9. Clayton Young – Awesomatix
10.Furman Walker – Awesomatix

The growing USGT class saw a dominant TQ from Xray team driver Cory Craig. Cory has been a front runner in this class for a few years, and he showed a strong pace all through qualifying. Unfortunately, Cory made an early mistake in the final which cost him a few positions. He would eventually recover to 4th overall, but this meant that Stefan Schulz from Germany went on to take the win with X4 car. Arvin Nano would claim 2nd while Andrew Mowery would round out the podium in 3rd, also running an X4 chassis.

USGT results:
1. Stefan Schulz – Xray X4
2. Arvin Nano – Awesomatix
3. Andrew Mowery – Xray X4
4. Cory Craig – Xray X4
5. Jose Moreno – Xray X4
6. Michael Bruce – Awesomatix
7. Blake Ryan Infinity
8. David Panter Mugen
9. Zachary Fuge – Xray X4
10. Scott Jakes – Destiny

In the USVTA class, there was another all-Xray X4 podium, with Jeremy Massalou converting his TQ into a win. It was a Massalou family affair with his father Jimbo taking the 2nd spot overall. Robert Dirla rounded out the podium for Xray with 9 out of 10 cars in the A-main were Xray cars.

USVTA results:
1. Jeremy Massalou – Xray X4
2. James Massalou – Xray X4
3. Robert Dirla – Xray X4
4. John Cravotta Awesomatix
5. Eddie Beachamp – Xray X4
6. Rich Boehmler – Xray X4
7. Dylan Johnson – Xray X4
8. Jamison Reichard – Xray X4
9. Jeff Cisney – Xray X4
10. Alonzo Hess – Xray X4

12th scale modified was super competitive as always. Same Isaacs would claim victory in front of Xray driver Keven Hebert. Alexander Hagberg would qualify in 3rd but his race unfortunately ended early with a a stripped spur gear meaning Ollie Payne took the final podium spot.

1/12 Modified results:
1. Sam Isaacs – Awesomatix
2. Keven Hebert – Xray X12’22
3. Ollie Payne – Roche
4. Donny Lia – Awesomatix
5. Max Kuenning – Xray X12’22
6. Andrew Knapp – Crc
7. Ray Darroch – Awesomatix
8. Alexander Hagberg – Xray X12’22
9. Kemp Anderson – Awesomatix
10. Michael Hanulec – Awesomatix

In the Formula category, Andrew Knapp would lead a CRC 1-2 with Jef Dayger taking the 2nd spot while Jan Ratheisky, showing a great effort fighting for the top spot, eventually finishing 3rd overall behind some very strong names.

Formula 1 results:
1. Andrew Knapp – CRC
2. Jeff Dayger – CRC
3. Jan Ratheisky – Xray X1’21
4. Brian Davis – Xray X1
5. Keith Keller Team Saxo
6. Sean Wager – Xray X1
7. Jesus Diaz – Serpent
8. Eddie Beachamp – Xray X1
9. Richard Carpenter – Schumacher
10. Cody Wood – AE

The Amateur TC class saw a great TQ & win by Eddie Beachamp in front of Trent Walker and Bobby Woods.

TC Amateur results:
1. Eddie Beachamp – Xray X4
2. Trent Walker – Xpress
3. Bobby Woods – Mugen
4. Glen Shreve Xray T421
5. Jose Moreno Xray X4
6. Dan Dorsey – Mugen
7. Shane Williams Xray X4
8. Kevin Lehmer – Awesomatix
9. Cameron Courtright – Xray
10. Alonzo Hess – Xray X4

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]


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