February 7, 2022

Völker wins ETS Rd5 in Daun and is overall champion

ETS Rd5 took place at the Sporthotel Grafenwald in Daun/GER last weekend. The race saw 285 racers in the six ETS classes, and the event started with a free practice day on Thursday, followed by 4 rounds of qualifying and triple finals for everybody. The track layout was technical, challenging, and perfect for some intense ETS racing. In the Matrix Modified class it was a two-horse race for the win between Marc Rheinard and Ronald Völker. After a hard fight in qualifying, with both drivers taking two out of four rounds, Völker was able to secure the pole position with the faster overall runtime compared to Rheinard. Christopher Krapp was in striking distance to the leaders all time and lined up third on the grid.

In the first two legs of A-Main finals, Ronald Völker was able to stand his ground and was a well-deserved winner in Daun. Marc Rheinard was on a similar pace, but the pole position was a huge benefit for Völker as overtaking was almost impossible at ETS RD5. After taking the win, Ronald Völker became the official new overall champion in the ETS Matrix Modified class. Marc Rheinard and Christopher Krapp joined him on the podium after some thrilling finals with great modified racing.

Overall results of the Matrix Modified class (Car/Electronics)
1. Ronald Völker (DE) – Mugen Seiki/LRP
2. Marc Rheinard (DE) – Awesomatix/Orca
3. Christopher Krapp (DE) – Yokomo/Racing Performer
4. Lucas Urbain (FR) – Awesomatix/Orca
5. Yannic Prümper (DE) – Yokomo/Dash
6. Michal Orlowski (PL) – Schumacher/Hobbywing
7. Dominic Vogl (AT) – Awesomatix/Hobbywing
8. Karri Salmela (FI) – Awesomatix/Reedy
9. Antoine Brunet (FR) – Xray/Hobbywing
10. Marco Kaufmann (DE) – Xray
11. Pekko Iivonen (FI) – Schumacher/LRP
Winner B-Main: Cyril N`Diaye (FR) – Xray
Winner C-Main: Dominik Schmid (DE) – Awesomatix

In the Xray Pro Stock class, Simon Lauter was able to win his third consecutive ETS after being on top of the podium in Apeldoorn (RD3) and Neumünster (RD4). Simon was the fastest in qualifying and started on pole position into the triple A-Mains. His performance in Daun was outstanding and his car looked amazing on track all the time. His teammate Alex Kunkler was able to TQ at least one round of qualifying to line up directly behind Lauter in second. Bernal Kilic and Louis Kretschmer completed the second row on the grid of the Xray Pro Stock class.

The A-Mains went to Simon Lauter’s favour in the same was as qualifying did. Simon drove brilliant in A1 and A2 and celebrated his overall victory. Alex Kunkler finished second overall and Louis Kretschmer completed the podium after winning the third A-Main.

Overall results of the Xray ProStock class (Car/Battery)
1. Simon Lauter (DE) – Awesomatix, LRP
2. Alex Kunkler (DE) – Awesomatix/Rudddog
3. Louis Kretschmer (DE) – Awesomatix/Sunpadow
4. Frederik Mikkelsen (DK) – Awesomatix, LRP
5. Max Mächler (DE) – Awesomatix, Sunpadow
6. Lukas Ellerbrock (DE) – Xray/LRP
7. Meik Niemann (DE) – Awesomatix/LRP
8. Markus Wegmann (DE) – Awesomatix
9. Jill Bartsch (DE) – Awesomatix
10. Berkan Kilic (DE) – Mugen Seiki/LRP
11. Rob Janssen (NL) – Awesomatix/Sunpadow
Winner B-Main: Adam Izsay (HU) – Xray
Winner C-Main: Sebastian Meibörg (DE) – Mugen Seiki
Winner D-Main: Tobias Waider (DE) – Awesomatix
Winner E-Main: Patrick Moser (CH) – Awesomatix

Meik Niemann took the win in the Hobbywing Frontwheel class at ETS RD5. He was the man to beat after he won all four rounds of qualifying. The FWD class daw the highest number of entries in Daun and was very competitive. Steven Olsen started from the second position and Sören Sparbier showed a strong pace to line up third on the grid.

In the finals nothing special happened in the front as Niemann was just too quick for the rest of the field. He took A1 and A2 tone to tone and could watch A3 relaxed from the side-line. Steven Olsen was the best of the rest and finished second overall with Sebastian Meibörg taking third place from sixth on the grid.

Overall results of the Hobbywing FWD class
1. Meik Niemann (DE) – Awesomatix
2. Steven Olsen (DK) – Awesomatix
3. Sebastian Meibörg (DE) – Mugen Seiki
4. Sören Sparbier (DE) – Serpent
5. Alexander Stocker (DE) – Awesomatix
6. Mischa Kroos (CH) – Awesomatix
7. Jonas Völker (DE) – Mugen Seiki
8. Jill Bartsch (DE) – Awesomatix
9. Frederik Hovgaard (DK) – Yokomo
10. Henrik Heitsch (DE) – ARC
11. Max Körner (DE) – Awesomatix
Winner B-Main: David Kuschnarew (DE) – Yokomo
Winner C-Main: Oliver Kaufmann (DE) – Awesomatix
Winner D-Main: Dirk Drechsler (DE) – Mugen Seiki
Winner E-Main: Yavuz Kura (DE) – Yokomo
Winner F-Main: Ben Looijen (NL) – Mugen Seiki
Winner G-Main: Sven Schrader (DE) – Yokomo
Winner H-Main: Raymond Libar (LU) – Xray
Winner I-Main: Bernd Ellerbrock (DE) – Xray
Winner J-Main: David Foxwell (GB) – Awesomatix

The Orca 17.5 Stock class saw Dominik Reile taking his second win of the season. He was the fastest in qualifying and looked strong in the finals as well. Daniel Pöhlmann, Thomas Bemmerl, Dominik Ruf and Alexander Müller tried everything to beat Reile but, in the end, nobody could cause Reile to make a driving error in the front. After the decision for the overall win was made, Dominik Ruf showed his potential and won the third and last A-Main which helped him to improve his overall result to P4. Outgoing champion Daniel Pöhlmann took second place, and Thomas Bemmerl finished third on the podium of the Orca 17.5 Stock class.

Overall Top 10 of the Orca 17.5 Stock class
1. Dominik Reile (DE) – Awesomatix
2. Daniel Pöhlmann (DE) – Awesomatix
3. Thomas Bemmerl (DE) – Awesomatix
4. Dominik Ruf (DE) – Tamiya
5. Alexander Müller (DE) – Awesomatix
6. Roman Borschel (DE) – Awesomatix
7. Henrik Heitsch (DE) – ARC
8. Felix Schneider (DE) – Awesomatix
9. Max Körner (DE) – Awesomatix
10.Wolfgang Swoboda (DE) – Awesomatix
11. Niclas Storm (DE) – Awesomatix
Winner B-Main: David Kuschnarew (DE)
Winner C-Main: Janne Koivisto (FI)
Winner D-Main: Sven Miether (DE)

The ToniSport 40+ Masters class saw Toni Mateo taking the win after he was able to convert his pole position into A1 and A2 wins. Ulrich Dinger and Caspar Morgen joined Toni Mateo on the podium of the ToniSport 40+ Masters class after they gave everything, they had to challenge Mateo. Caspar Morgen won A3 to take second overall ahead of Ulrich Dinger in third place. Toni Mateo was the first driver able to win two races during the actual ETS Season.

Overall result of the ToniSport 40+ Masters class
1. Toni Mateo (ES) – Awesomatix
2. Caspar Morgen (DK) – Xray
3. Ulrich Dinger (DE) – Awesomatix
4. Thomas Oehler (DE) – Mugen Seiki
5. Mirco Thalheimer (DE) – Xray
6. Ronald Arts (NL) – Awesomatix
7. Karsten Bartsch (DE) – Awesomatix
8. Werner Schmitzer (AT) – Awesomatix
9. Torsten Baggendorf (DE) – Awesomatix
10. Manuel Stankowitz (DE) – Awesomatix
11. Markku Seppälä (FI) – Awesomatix
Winner B-Main: Lutz Jentsch (DE)
Winner C-Main: Marc de Witt (DE)
Winner D-Main: Martin Bollenbacher (DE)
Winner E-Main: Michael Stiegler (DE)

In the Scorpion Formula class, British racer Luke Lee took the win from pole position. Renè Kölbel was his greatest competitor and finished second on the podium with Sören Sparbier coming home third. It was the second race for the Scorpion Formula class on foam tires and they seem to work well with the right car setup.

Overall Top 10 of the Scorpion Formula class
1. Luke Lee (GB) – Xray
2. Renè Kölbel (AT) – Xray
3. Sören Sparbier (DE) – Serpent
4. Herbert Weber (AT) – Xray
5. Tomas Sova (CZ) – Xray
6. Mathias Domig (DE)
7. Michael Friebel (GB)
8. Michael Lipperheide (DE) – EF1
9. Chris Grenz (DE) – EF1
10. Luka Jovicic (LU) – Xray
11. Patrik Sadrinna (DE) – RCT F1 Evo
Winner B-Main: Nobuhiro Kanabe (DE)
Winner C-Main: Torsten Heiße (DE)

Source: ETS [eurorcseries.com]


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