June 17, 2022

FSEARA Rd8 941 RC Raceway – Report

Round 8th of the FSEARA Series took place at South Regional Raceway / 941 RC Raceway recently. This is a special track especially it’s only open once a year for the existence of the FSEARA race. Owner Rich Font prepared the track early Friday to allow a usable track for the event. The bad weather forecast did scare away a lot of the racers, but in the end, the Sunday event was perfect without a single drop of rain in sight. The highlight of the battle for the weekend was for sure in 17.5 TC. The Parsons family was on fire this weekend, being the youngest brother, Jarrett Parsons was in charge of one of the most competitive classes this weekend. Driving Cory Parsons’s old T4 2021, he was able to TQ with the only 28 lap run.

In the main, Jarrett was off to a good start, but one big mistake happened after 4 laps in setting him all the way back while Joe Sumasky, Corey record and Chad Peets took over to take the battle. As the battle heats up, Joe makes a mistake, then Corey makes a mistake later and it all rolls down to Chad who continues his pace to take the win. Corey was able to hold on for the later dash by Jarret who had dropped all the way back in the beginning of the race.

1. Chad Peets
2. Corey Record
3. Jarrett Parsons

In Mod TC, Cory Parsons, the one in charge of the mod class from the Parsons family, was able to get the early TQ over Dave Vera. With his 29 laps run, he was able to start on pole In the main, Cory’s car was nearly undrivable and couldn’t keep the car on 4 wheels. Dave Vera took advantage of the problem and led the race to finish first, Corey record was able to stay close, finishing 2nd only 2 secs behind while Brian Larkin finished 3rd.

1. Dave Vera
2. Corey Record
3. Brian Larkin

In USGT, the Father of the Parsons family takes on using Jarret’s “The Ticket” USGT car. The old school rear motor xray T4 was able to show it’s pace once again in the hands of Charles Parsons. He became the 3rd driver to be able to TQ in this class using this chassis. In the Main, the costly mistake in lap 4 took Charles Parsons out of the race, While Sean Wager was able to capture this chance to lead the rest of the race. Charles was able to recover to battle his way from last to 2nd overall. The point leader in the series Eddie Shaffer also suffered a big accident at the back of the field and climbed back up to 3rd overall.

1. Sean Wager
2. Charles Parsons
3. Eddie Shaffer

In 21.5 Stock TC, your points leader Eddie Shaffer was untouchable gaping the field, in the main 3rd qualifier Daniel Bristol was able to put pressure on Eddie for the battle, but it’s still shorty from overtaking Eddie in the 6 min main. In the end, Daniel finish 1.6 secs back from eddie while Ashton Brinson finish 3rd.

1. Eddie Shaffer
2. Daniel Bristol
3. Ashton Brinson

In VTA, Jake Engstrom found some magic in his Shaft TC3. He continued to edge out His nemesis Greg Rojina in qualifying. In the main, the battle continues. Running nose to nose against each other. The main battle was eyes on these 2, with 2 laps to go, Greg made a move on Jake to overtake for 1st. Jake once again had the chance to win but luck is not on his side. David Larry finished 3rd about 10sec back rounding out the podium.

1. Greg Rojina
2. Jake Engstrom
3. David Larry

Richard Johnston continued his domination in GT12 qualifier. Gaping TQ for over 4 secs over 2nd Brandon Diaz. In the Main, Brandon Diaz made a mistake and lost out the chance to pressure Richard early, but he still found himself climbing back to give Richard a run for his money. But in the end, it’s still 1.4sec short. Steve Kamin finished 3rd about 1 lap behind the podium.

1. Richard Johnston
2. Brandon Diaz
3. Steve Kamin

In F1, Sean Wager pretty much dominated the race in the qualifier. In the Main, he turned his speed a notch up and became untouchable and finished 2 laps ahead of 2nd place. The battle of this main was between 2nd and 3rd place Izzy Santiago and David Larry. They finish only 0.5 sec from each other in the end. It was a close call in the end.

1. Sean Wager
2. Izzy Santiago
3. David Larry

One of the most popular classes, RC Euro truck, was started from the last race from a promotional class in order to attract more beginners. Damian Kelly was the driver to catch all weekend. He was able to set the only 16 lap run in qualifying. In the main, He continue to dominate. He was able to keep a steady lead in front of Paul Curry. The battle was between Paul and Dennis Ogdahl. In the end, they had a photo finish with only 0.2 sec apart. It was an intense finish.

1. Damian Kelly
2. Paul Curry
3. Dennis Ogdahl

In FWD, The battle heats up as the competition starts to pay attention in this class. Anthony Schimizzi driving the Infinity chassis is a target in this class. The battle heats up as Will Carrera with the Xray and Mike Bean driving the Xpress. The qualifying time was 1 sec apart between all 3 drivers. In the main, Anthony led the pack and was able to pull a small gap, he was unlucky to hit traffic and cost him to fall back, with that crash, he eventually must pull off the track due to a broken part. This allowed Will Carrera to take over the lead and win the race. Ashton Brinson driving another xray was able to climb from 5th to 2nd while Mike Bean finished 3rd only 0.4 sec behind.

1. Will Carrera
2. Ashton Brinson
3. Mike Bean

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