July 25, 2022

Krapp wins ETS Rd2 in Austria

Last weekend, ETS Rd2 took place at the beautiful facility of the MAV Aigen-Schlägl in Austria. A well-known track from many ENS races in the past, and this time the electric elite of the ETS stopped in Austria to crown six race winners in the different racing classes at the Euro Touring Series. The weather was challenging, as the temperatures reached values above 30 degree Celsius every day. As always at the ETS, the race included 4 rounds of qualifying followed by triple mains for everybody. In the Matrix Modified class we saw spectacular racing with top speeds up to 120 km/h on the straightway. After the four rounds of qualifying, it was Yokomo`s Christopher Krapp starting from the very important pole position into the finals. Right behind Krapp, Axon driver Akio Sobue and Mugen Seiki`s Ronald Völker took second and third on the grid while Awesomatix driver Marc Rheinard and his teammate Lucas Urbain lined up fourth and fifth.

When the finals got underway, Christopher Krapp was on a mission and took the first two legs from tone to tone to celebrate a well-deserved victory in Austria. Akio Sobue was his hardest challenger but had to settle for second with Mugen Seiki`s Ronald Völker finishing third overall. Krapp is now leading the championship for Team Yokomo after two rounds of racing in the Matrix Modified class.

Matrix Modified class Overall results
1. Christopher Krapp (DE) Yokomo/Racing Performer
2. Akio Sobue (JP) Axon/Orca
3. Ronald Völker (DE) Mugen Seiki/LRP
4. Marc Rheinard (DE) Awesomatix/ORCA
5. Lucas Urbain (FR) Awesomatix/Orca
6. Oliver Havranek (SK) Xray/Hobbywing
7. Marco Kaufmann (DE) Xray
8. Hayato Ishioka (JP) Axon/Hobbywing
9. Dominic Vogl (AT) Awesomatix/Hobbywing
10. Robert Pietsch (DE) Mugen Seiki/LRP
11. Eric Dankel (DE) Mugen Seiki/Hobbywing
Winner B-Main: Patrick Gollner (AT) Xray/Hobbywing
Winner C-Main: Oli Meggitt (GB) Mugen Seiki/LRP

In the Awesomatix ProStock class, the first six positions went to drivers of Awesomatix cars. Simon Lauter was TQ after four rounds of very intense and close qualifying with his teammates Max Mächler and Frederik Mikkelsen starting second and third. Simon Lauter never looked back after the start of A1 and A2 and brought home a well-deserved win – his first of the actual season. Max Mächler was his hardest competitor all weekend long and finished second overall after winning A3 in front of Frederik Mikkelsen. Olivier Bultynck and Alex Kunkler completed the top 5 in the Awesomatix Pro Stock class.

Xray ProStock class Overall results
1. Simon Lauter (DE) Awesomatix/LRP
2. Max Mächler (DE) Awesomatix/Sunpadow
3. Frederik Mikkelsen (DK) Awesomatix/LRP
4. Olivier Bultynck (BE) Awesomatix/LRP
5. Alex Kunkler (FR) Awesomatix/Ruddog
6. Toni Rheinard (DE) Awesomatix/LRP
7. Stefan Schulz (DE) Xray/Gens Ace
8. Lars Hoppe (DE) ARC/LRP
9. Tim Benson (DE) Awesomatix/Nosram
10. Lukas Ellerbrock (DE) Xray/LRP
11. David Ehrbar (DE) Xray/Gens Ace
Winner B-Main: Helge Johannessen (NO) ARC
Winner C-Main: Benjamin Elbisser (FR) Xray

The Hobbywing Frontwheel class saw reigning ETS champion Stefan Schulz dominating the strong field of drivers. He secured himself the best spot on the grid in qualifying and drove to a relatively unchallenged overall win in A1 and A2. Behind Schulz, championship leader Steven Olsen and Robin van Gog had an intense fight for second place all weekend long. In the end, Robin van Gog had the better outcome of the weekend finishing second and Steven Olsen took third overall. Kevin Sparbier and Toni Rheinard rounded out the top 5 in the famous Hobbywing Frontwheel class.

Hobbywing FWD class Overall results
1. Stefan Schulz (DE) Xray/Gens Ace
2. Robin van Gog (NL) Awesomatix/Gens Ace
3. Steven Olsen (DK) Awesomatix/LRP
4. Kevin Sparbier (DE) Mugen Seiki/LRP
5. Toni Rheinard (DE) Awesomatix/LRP
6. Ulrich Dinger (DE) Awesomatix/Sunpadow
7. Jacques Libar (LU) Xray/Team Zombie
8. Max Weffers (DE) Mugen Seiki/Orion
9. Henrik Heitsch (DE) ARC/LRP
10. Torsten Baggendorf (DE) Awesomatix/LRP
11. Lutz Jentsch (DE) Awesomatix/LRP
Winner B-Main: Gerald Baumgartner (AT) Xray
Winner C-Main: Mateusz Bania (PL) Xray

The Orca 17.5 Stock class saw Dominik Reile on top of the board after qualification was done. He was very strong and looked like the top favourite for the win in the finals. Daniel Pöhlmann lined up second on the grid and young Jasmin Donath had another superb weekend in Austria with starting third on the grid. In the first final, Reile made a rare mistake and Daniel Pöhlmann was able to benefit from that to win A1. But Reile was fighting back in the second and third leg to take the overall win in Aigen-Schlägl. Daniel Pöhlmann and Jasmin Donath joined him on the podium while Wolfgang Swoboda and Henrik Heitsch completed the top 5 of the Orca 17.5 Stock class.

Stock 17.5 class Overall results
1. Dominik Reile (DE) Awesomatix/LRP
2. Daniel Pöhlmann (DE) Awesomatix/Gens Ace
3. Jasmin Donath (DE) Awesomatix/Intellect
4. Wolfgang Swoboda (DE) Awesomatix/LRP
5. Henrik Heitsch (DE) ARC/LRP
6. Joshua Winkler (DE) Awesomatix
7. Lutz Jentsch (DE) Awesomatix/LRP
8. Simeon Seis (AT)
9. Tristan Bergheim (DE) Awesomatix/LRP
10. Karl-Heinz Moritz (DE) Awesomatix/LRP
11. Mateusz Bania (PL) Xray Awesomatix
Winner B-Main: Michael Koos (DE) Awesomatix

In the ToniSport 40+ Masters class, the spectators saw close racing in qualifying and finals. Toni Mateo was fastest in qualifying and snatched the pole position away from Mirco Thalheimer and Manuel Stankowitz who started right behind him into the triple A-Mains. The finals showed thrilling racing with a lot of action and some intense battles for all positions. Toni Mateo had strong nerves and won the race with 0.002 seconds in front of Mirco Thalheimer in the third and deciding A-Main. Manuel Stankowitz finished third while Flavio Paladin and Thomas Oehler took fourth and fifth place.

Infinity 40+ Masters class Overall results
1. Toni Mateo (ES) Awesomatix/Nosram
2. Mirco Thalheimer (DE) Xray/Nosram
3. Manuel Stankowitz (DE) Awesomatix/Orca
4. Flavio Paladin (IT) Xray/LRP
5. Thomas Oehler (DE) Mugen Seiki/LRP
6. Werner Schmitzer (AT) Awesomatix/LRP
7. Ulrich Dinger (DE) Awesomatix/ LRP
8. Thomas Wegmann (DE) Awesomatix
9. Ronald Arts (NL) Awesomatix/Gens Ace
10. Timm Ohlef (DE) Mugen Seiki/ LRP
11. Christian Driessle (DE) Awesomatix/Intellect
Winner B-Main: Torsten Baggendorf (DE) Awesomatix/LRP
Winner C-Main: Frank Schmitz (DE) Yokomo/Sunpadow

In the Scorpion Formula class, we saw a new race winner at the ETS. Andreas Stiebler from Austria was able to win the race on his home soil. He was quickest in all four rounds of qualifying and lined up on the A-Main grid as the top favourite for the win. René Kölbel and Robin van Gog had strong runs in qualifying as well and tried everything to hunt Stiebler down in the finals. But even ´with a DNF in the first A-Main, Andreas Stiebler stayed calm and brought home the overall victory after taking A2 and A3 in a dominant way.

Scorpion Formula class Overall results
1. Andreas Stiebler (AT) Schumacher/Intellect
2. Renè Kölbel (AT) Xray/LRP
3. Robin van Gog (NL) Infinity/Gens Ace
4. Herbert Weber (AT) Xray/LRP
5. Michal Wojcik (PL) Xray
6. Mark Valent (HU)
7. Luka Jovicic (LU) Libar Engineering/Team Zombie
8. Gergö Valent (HU)
9. Michael Lipperheide (DE) Ehrbar Engineering/LRP
10. Robert Kampehl (DE) Exotek/Orca
11. Toni Rheinard (DE) Ehrbar Engineering/LRP
Winner B-Main: Chris Grenz (DE) EF1

Source: ETS [eurorcseries.com]


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