March 20, 2024

ARC A10-25 1:10 Onroad Electric Touring Car

ARC has unveiled their latest 1:10 Electric Touring Car with the release of the new A10-25.  When the A10-23 was launched in 2023, detailed changes were made to boost its performance over the A10.  Striving to further improve the A10 platform, ARC has been busy testing and developing new parts over the past 16 months to further increase performance and have incorporated all these learnings to deliver the new A10-25.  Despite looking similar to the A10-23, the key improvements on the new A10-25 are design changes to suspension geometry, lower arms, top & bottom bulkheads and motor mount.  The main chassis is made from 2.25mm high quality carbon fibre plate, the ship shape chassis provides well balanced handling at all kind of outdoor tracks.  The new car gets completely new lower arms, the new ones all 2mm longer compare with A10-23, and the shock mounting position also move 3mm closer to centre.  The sum of these design changes maximises corner speed of the A10-25 over a wider range of conditions while significantly increasing drivability.

The new motor mount comes with a ball bearing below the 20T centre pulley to prevent belt flyover during hard acceleration and braking. It also helps to significantly extend the lifespan of the drive belts.  The A10-25’s lower and motor bulkheads are designed with pins on the bottom to locate these components precisely to the chassis. Meanwhile the upper bulkheads also feature locating features to fit the lower bulkheads. This ensures the A10-25 can be assembled with greater precision and allows the setup to be precisely maintained.

For the A10-25, we have removed the traditional carbon shock towers with aluminium shock towers that connect directly to the chassis and sides of the bulkhead. This allows the shock absorber geometry to be precisely fine-tuned in smaller increments.  This design means the shock angle is no longer limited by the holes on the shock towers, with shock angle adjusted by adding or removing shims.  The new rear active shock mount allows suspension behaviour to be further fine-tuned. For example, when traction is too high and rear rotation is insufficient, engaging the active suspension can increase off-power steering.

For durability the car gets new Steering Blocks which are now made from 7075-T6 Aluminium.  The new steering block together with the zero-play design allows all play to be removed between the steering, bearing and wheel hex adaptor.  The new steering block is completely different to the old plastic design.  By redesigning the offset and putting the wheel axle in its optimal position, the A10-25 delivered maximum mechanical traction and cornering performance.  The shims below front steering arm is design to set the maxima steering angle by touch on the front lower arm, the default shims set the steering angle in 25 degree.

The new front DJ CVD features a new big bore structure, with the internal drive shaft pin diameter increased from 1.5mm to 2mm.  The new DJ CVD case is made from lightweight, hard-anodized aluminum to reduce rotating mass without sacrificing durability and performance.
New 5.8mm Titanium Pivot Ball.

Lastly the A10-25 features a new 5.8mm titanium lower pivot ball design for use below the steering block. The specially designed pivot ball allows an M3x4 round head screw to be installed onto the bottom of the pivot ball. This design significantly reduces the likelihood of the ball pulling out of the arm socket during accidental impact.

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