April 10, 2009

Piktor Rush 2.2 Upgrade kit

…new suspension upgrade kit for their Rush 2, to upgrade it to version 2.2. Designed for the high American jumps, the kit comes with a full set of extra big bore shocks, 2 new aluminum shock towers, which are also available in carbon fibre as seen in the photos, and finally 4 aluminium shock supports for the lower suspension arms. This is a simple upgrade which gives the car a more conventional shock mounting setup compared to the cars normal lay down configuration. The kit will only be available as an upgrade for the Rush 2. Source: Piktor [piktor-rc.com] FacebookTwitter…

June 17, 2008

Piktor Rush 2 Electric Powered buggy

French buggy manufacturer Piktor have announced that their are working on an electric version of their 1/8th scale buggy, the Rush 2. Following the current trend, Piktor will enable the use of a brushless motor along with twin LiPo cells, with a kit version as well as an RTR version available in the near future. From the looks of things in the picture, they seem to have done a neat job and it will be interesting to see the final version when it is released. Source: Piktor [piktor.fr] FacebookTwitter…

March 31, 2008

Daily News Round-up

A summary of other news pieces from around the internet today in our Red RC Round-up: > Mike Swauger wins the 08 Westcoast Champs – Link [jpracing.com] > Vicente Eres wins in Villareal, Spain – Link [teamxray.com] > Prümper stars with stars at LRP Masters – Link [serpent.com] > First pictures of the Piktor Mad Eco – Link [rcmag.com] > 1/10 World Championship Warm-up report – Link [teamxray.com] > Jonas Kærup is Danish Touring car Champion – Link [racerc.dk] Entry is open for ETS Rd3 in The Netherlands, April 11th-13th FacebookTwitter…

March 31, 2008

Batlle takes Spanish 1/8th TT Rd1

…holding on to the 3rd spot, 2 laps behind the leading pair. Click more for the final positions… Round 1 National results: 1. Robert Batlle – Hyper 8.5 2. Borja Hernandez – Hyper 8.5 3. Antoio G Salmeron – Nanda 4. Martin Roca – OCM EVO 5. Juanma Vera – Mugen MBX-R 6. Daniel Vega – Mugen MBX-R 7. Adrian Perez – Kyosho 8. Sergio Muñoz – Crono 9. Angel Roque – Hyper 8.5 10. Ignacio Oliva – Piktor 11. Feliz Zamorano – Losi 8ight 12. Carlos Pineda – Mugen MBX-R Source: AECAR Andalucia [aecarandalucia.org] & Auto RC [auto-rc.net] FacebookTwitter…

March 6, 2008

Piktor Rush 2 Clothing line

French manufacturer Piktor, makers of the Philippe Lachet designed Rush 2 1/8th scale buggy, have announced the release of their 2008 clothing line up. Consisting currently of 3 items, racers can choose for the white 100% cotton t-shirt featuring the Piktor logo in black combined with a red line design on the front side, while the rear has a Rush 2 design incorporating a picture of the car. When it gets a little colder you can go for the black fleece lined wind breaker jacket that also sports the Piktor logo on the front and a large Rush 2 logo…

February 1, 2008

Piktor Rush 2 1/8th scale buggy

…– Front wing – Two battery/receiver boxes tops for different size receiver and battery packs – Big front brake disk for a better braking balance – Innovative and simple brake disk adjustment system – Sealed front and rear differential housings keep dirt out of the gears – Adjustable Ackerman – Captured hinge pins require no retaining clips – Machined premium aluminium 4mm thick alloy shock mounts – Innovative 3 shoes clutch system – Centred fuel cap – Engine: Not Included (.21 rear exhaust required) – Radio System: Not included (2 channels required) – Tyres: Not included Source: Piktor [piktor.fr] FacebookTwitter…

September 24, 2007

Daily News Round-up

…EP Off road Worlds – Link [serpent.com] > Maarten van Lierop is Dutch National Champion 2007 – Link [teamxray.com] > Final round of the first German Monster-Masters – Link [rbproducts.com] > Serpent EP buggy Prototypes in World Championship final – Link [serpent.com] > Another win for Zachariades in Cyprus – Link [serpent.com] > Borja Hernandez joins HoBao Racing (pictures) – Link [neo-buggy.net] > LRP and Robert Batlle are European Champion 2007 1/8 Offroad – Link [lrp.cc] > Report from 2007 German 1/8 off road Championship – Link [rbproducts.com] > New air filter from French company Piktor – Link [rcmag.com] FacebookTwitter…

July 3, 2007

Daily News Round-up

…Another report from the 6th round of Fintrack series – Link [rczone.net] > The Associated RC8 of French racer Sébastien Mutel – Link [rcmag.com] > Report on the GS Cup international in Torres Verdes – Link [rbproducts.com] > OCM Racing KOAS DT-19 conquers Miri Buggy Race – Link [jonehrc.com] > Mirage report on the latest round of the 200mm Foam Nationals – Link [mirageracing.com] > Hungarian offroad National Championship Round 3 – Link [rbproducts.com] > The Piktor Rush 2 of French racer Sébastien Léonard – Link [rcmag.com] > Pro Line Quik Lidz bodyshell of Elliot Boots – Link [cmldistribution.co.uk] FacebookTwitter…

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