September 7, 2016

Kyle McBride takes Dragon Stone title

…few months off in preparation for the TC worlds the week earlier. Serpent driver Shin Adachi would complete the top 6 in the rain shortened practice. Saturday morning would start wet following overnight rain however the local track team lead by Harry and Scotty Ernst, applied saw dust and dug some ditches to get rid of the water and racing got underway around 11am. Round 1 of qualifying kicked off with Truggy which saw young Gage Peters from New Zealand set the pace with his Mugen from Nelson Woo and Clemente Pancho. 1/8th EP Buggy was next up and it…

August 12, 2007

Team Luna Hyper Explosion & Dispara

More new motors from Team Luna in Japan, this time not for the popular Japanese stock class but for Modified class racing. Available in 2 versions, the Hyper Explosion and the Dispara, the former is a semi hand wound competition motor with high performance, consistency and great durability while the latter, the Dispara, is a fully hand wound top of the line brushed motor which features the Yokomo end bell. Both motors feature balanced rotors and are available in a number of differrnt winds and configurations. Source: Team Luna [] FacebookTwitter…

July 13, 2007

Team Luna 23T motor Yokomo spec

A few weeks ago we showed you the Glory Kaiser 23T Super Stock motor from Team Luna, one of many new 23T motors to hit the market recently, and today comes the release of a similiar motor from Team Luna, but using Yokomo parts, including the special Yokomo endbell. This motor gives good overal power and features a balanced rotor, the brushes are held more accurately in place thanks to the new end bell, and along with some other small changes this JMRCA approved motor is 20% more efficient than the original version. Also new from Team Luna is the…

June 22, 2007

Team Luna Glory 23T motor

With the creation of a stock racing class in Japan, there has been increasing manufacturer interest and recently we have seen quite a number of 23T motors released onto the market. This latest motor is from Team Luna, and its called the Glory Kaiser 23T Super Stock motor, and it looks very similar to all the previous releases we have seen. This particular motor, features a balanced rotor, an adjustable brush angle, 6 blade cooling fan and is available in 2 versions, distinguished by its red or blue endbell finish, with either high torque or high top end revs, and…

April 23, 2007

Team Luna twin cooled Schottky diode

Team Luna have released this nice double Schottky diode set, with heatsink, for use on your electric motor. As with all modern electronics in high performance cars they get hot, including the Schottky diodes which are storing large amounts of power and which is drained rapidly by your motor. So Team Luna have created a solution by mounting the diodes in an aluminium heatsink, which comes in 3 colours – dark blue, light blue and red, and which keeps the temperature down. Source: Team Luna [] FacebookTwitter…

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