May 21, 2011

Tim Wood wins BRCA 1/8th Rd2

…/ Shepherd Tires, 96 laps 4. Richard Hicklin – Serpent / Exceed DS4 / Exceed Tires, 94 Laps 5. Andy Hastings – Shepherd / IDM / Shepherd Tires, 87 laps 6. John Carr – Serpent / Mega DS4 / Exceed Tires, 86 Laps 7. Andy North – Mugen / IDM / Contact RC, 79 Laps 8. Kyle Branson – Serpent / Sirio / Exceed Tires, 78 Laps 9. Richard Waters – Shepherd / IDM / Shepherd Tires, 73 Laps 10.Karl Dransfield – Shepherd / IDM / Shepherd Tires, 42 Laps The next round is at the Mendip circuit in 2…

January 13, 2011

Xceed ZX offroad engines

Xceed have introduced their own line of high performance offroad engines that are made in Italy by Picco. If they look familiar it’s because they were previously sold under the Mega brand. Featuring the highest level of manufacturing quality, Swiss made bearings, superb metals and for offroad the all important low fuel consumption combined with very smooth performance. The ZX-21 5P-DS4 is a 5 port turbo engine with 8mm carburetor, tall and lightweight cooling head with finned combustion chamber. The 5P-DS4 EM Offroad engine is again a 5 port turbo engine with 8mm carburetor, but is Eduardo Modified with selected…

April 22, 2010

Mega DS4 standard engine line

Having already announced details on their modified EM versions, Mega have introduced their all new DS4 standard line. The line up includes two buggy engines, the ZX21 5-port and the ZX21-S 3-port, a .21 circuit engine, the ZX21 7-port, and finally a ZX12 2.1cc touring car engine. Easily recognized by their silver colour crankcases, they are cost effective introduction to the Mega DS4 line and all engines are available sperately or as part of a Mega powerpack that includes an inline pipe set packaged in a handy Mega power bag. Source: Mega [] FacebookTwitter…

March 19, 2010

Mega 7P & 3P DS4 buggy engines

Following on from the release of the new DS4 on road engines earlier in the week, Mega have introduced their new DS4 buggy motors. The result of continuous development in cooperation with the Mega team and Picco, the new ZX12 DS4 comes in a 7 port and 3 port version with the former featuring improved liner fit, which is set a little higher in the crankcase than the previous version creating a better alignment with the ports. The engine also sports a new lightweight cooling head and finned combustion chamber as well as a new carburetor with improved needles. Also…

March 16, 2010

Mega ZX21 & ZX12 DS4 engines

DS4 ZX21 and ZX12 engines, the result of continuous development in cooperation with the Mega racing team and Picco. The ZX21 3.5cc circuit engine features a new 7 port ABC set, new cooling head with 3-fin combustion chamber and crankshaft with new timing. Also available in the hand tuned EM version, it additionally sports a black case, lightweight crankshaft, hand selected piston & liner and hand work on the porting. The ZX12 2.1cc engine has a new cooling head and new back plate, with the EM version sporting the same upgrades as on the ZX21 version. Source: Mega [] FacebookTwitter…

February 7, 2010

Toy Fair 2010 – Various 3

Taiwanese car manufacturer EDAM were showing off a prototype of their new as yet unnamed 1/8th scale on road car. A complete overhaul of their previous car, with new chassis plate, radio plate, wishbones, rear body mount and braking system, it is again a conventional but solid design. They also are displaying their Spirit 981 Gold Edition 1/10th 200mm chassis, with gold anodised parts and supplied with many optional parts as standard. Mega have their new line of DS4 engines on display at the Serpent stand, which on the 21 on and off road motors feature a new larger finned…

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