February 3, 2020

Hagberg & Dodge win at 2020 Snowbird Nationals

The 2020 edition of the long-running Snowbird Nationals was held in Kissimmee, Florida this past weekend, drawing over 300 entries. In the premier Touring Modified class it was Xray’s Alexander Hagberg who was the man to beat, as he lead the way both in qualifying and the single A-main event. After the 5-minute encounter Alex took the win 1.8 seconds in front of Japanese Serpent racer Yugo Nagashima as Awesomatix’s Sam Isaacs came in 3rd, already a lap down. Drew Ellis and Keven Hebert completed the top 5 result. In the Touring Super Stock 17.5T class it was Awesomatix’s Kemp…

February 3, 2020

Eric Anderson wins Stock TC at Snowbird Nats

The 2020 Snowbird Nationals were held in Kissimmee, Florida over the weekend, attracting 310 entries to compete in the usual U.S. mix of modified and stock 1/10th and 1/12th scale classes. In the Touring Stock Can-Am class it was Awesomatix’s Eric Anderson with the overall TQ and the veteran racer would also bring home the win in the single 5-minute A-main event, leaving behind Dave Johnson in 2nd, some three seconds back, as Brian Card completed an all-Awesomatix top 3, only 0.3 second behind Dave. Source: ZooRacing [zoo-racing.com] Facebook Twitter…

February 11, 2019

Dave Johnson sweeps Snowbird Nationals

The 2019 Snowbird Nationals was held in Orlando, Florida recently. In USGT 21.5, Dave Johnson would set the early pace and go on to reset TQ in every round and he also came out on top in the single 5-minute A-main and in front of Chris Vogan 2nd and Jared Mowery 3rd. In Touring Stock Can-Am, it would be Johnson again setting the pace and claiming the TQ in Q4. In the main final, Dave brought home a narrow win, only some 0.18s in front of Eric Anderson. Sal Amato came in 3rd a lap down. Source: Speedzone [speedzoneusa.com] Facebook…

February 5, 2019

Hagberg & Ratheisky win at 2019 Snowbird Nationals

The world famous Snowbird Nationals was held once again at the Park Inn Resort in Kissimmee, Florida. A strong North American as well as international presence meant that the race would be as prestigious as ever and with more than 700 entries in total, it makes this one of the bigger events of the year in the US. Touring Modified was a pretty straight forward affair. After winning all qualifiers, Xray’s Alexander Hagberg also went on to win the main final, after a clean run in the A-final. Awesomatix’s Sam Isaacs came in 2nd from Destiny driver, Yugo Nagashima. In…

February 4, 2019

Charlie Menard wins GT12 class at Snowbird Nationals

Last week’s 2019 Snowbird Nationals saw the running of the growing GT12 class with CRC’s Brian Wynn taking the overall TQ after the qualifiers, leading the 29-car field. In the A-main, Charlie Menard, team leader for the Menard Factory Racing (MFR) effort, harassed Wynn, sneaking his CK25 past Brian to take the A-main victory. Charlie was super fast all weekend and despite having to put up with his pit buddies John Wiita and Kevin Van Ert for a full week, he was able to clear his mind and focus, taking the win in GT12. Colorado CRC teammate Mario Ficco mounted…

February 4, 2019

Kazuki Yamashita TQs & wins at 2019 Snowbird Nationals

The 2019 edition of the iconic Snowbird Nationals was held in Orlando, Florida last week. The race attracted the usual mix of national and international top drivers and in 1/12th GTP Modified it was Destiny’s Kazuki Yamashita from Japan, who took the overall TQ after the qualifiers in front of new Xray signing, Keven Hebert. In the single 8-minute A-main final Kazuki would hold the upper hand, taking the win from UK’s Ollie Payne (Roche) as Keven Hebert had to settle for 3rd overall. Xray’s Jan Ratheisky from Germany and multi-time Snowbird winner, Alexander Hagberg (Xray) would round out the…

January 4, 2019

Protoform sign Yugo Nagashima

Protoform have announced the addition of Japanese electric on-road frontrunner, Yugo Nagashima to their race team. The Destiny factory driver went on an absolute tear in 2018, winning National Championships in Japan, Canada and Australia as well as major victories at the Snowbird Nationals, U.S. Indoor Champs, the Speed King Tout and the Asian Onroad Championships. Many of these big wins came with Protoform race bodies but after being a free agent in terms of body shells, Yugo now officially joined the international Protoform team. Yugo had this to say about the deal: I am really happy to be a…

February 14, 2018

Johnny Carey TQs & wins at Snowbird Nationals

The recent 2018 Snowbird Nationals, held in Kissimmee, Florida, was as usual run in a multitude of classes. In the 17.5T Pro10 category it was SpeedMerchant’s Johnny Carey with the TQ and win using a SMC and Team Scream powered car. Arnaud Lemperiere (SpeedMerchant/Team Scream/SMC) would snatch the runner-up spot in the single A-main from Ray Darroch (SpeedMerchant/Team Scream/Fantom) in 3rd. Source: SpeedMerchant [teamspeedmerchant.com] Facebook Twitter…

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