July 26, 2007

TTech Predator X10 to X11 upgrade

Team Xtreme, owners of the TTech buggy project, have released details about a number of upgrade packs for X10 owners to update their car to the latest X11 spec. Available in a number of different sets, the X Brace pack (shown above) includes new front X brace, front rockers, top diff cover as well as new cross member pins and bearings, while the Steering pack includes new ball raced steering link, left and right steering arms and other small parts needed to complete the update. Xtreme also have the new wheels, wing mounts and rear gearbox top with adjustable droop…

May 8, 2007

First pictures – TTech Racing X11

TTech Racing the makers of the X10 4wd electric off road buggy, which was acquired by Xtreme RC a while back, has just released the first pictures of their new buggy, the X11. We have documented the new features of this car already, when they were released back in March, and now we have the photos of this rather cool looking car. While the car looks similar to the X10, which will please the fans of its unique look, lots of changes have been made to create better durability and performance. Click here for the full picture set… Source: TTech

March 23, 2007

TTech Racing release details about X11

…lightest and strongest we’ve ever made One way – Optional An optional front one way unit has been tested by our Team Drivers, and is awesome. Faster response and cornering speed reduce your lap times. The X11 has been designed with this new unit in mind. Adjustable brakes – Optional Fits directly and easily into your one-way drive unit. Allows quick precise adjustment of front braking to allow all of the speed benefits of the front one way drive with easy and perfectly balanced handling. See the new web site for our Team Driver’s setup tips. Source: TTech Racing [ttechracing.com]…

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