October 21, 2010

Yeah Racing Transformula F1 conversion kit

Having written previously about the Yeah Racing Transformula F1 conversion kit, that allows the one car to have both t-bar and link configurations, the company has announced that it is now available. Developed with the help of top Japanese racer Hideo Kitazawa, the F104/F103 conversion kit features all the parts and fasteners to mount the two different versions including a full set of wheels. Source: Yeah Racing [yeahracing.com]…

September 7, 2010

Yeah Racing Transformula F1 conversion kit

…T-bar and the linkage system to find the one that best suits the track. The kit features an all new chassis, battery plate, servo mount and motor mount and it has been built using 2.5mm carbon fibre that utilizes a pivot-ball linkage rear suspension which allows for independent adjustment for chassis roll, bump and alignment. The motor mount and T-bar mount are machined from 7075 aluminium to strengthen the model with the best performance. The kit fits with F103 front arms and F103/F104 differential so users can easily convert their existing car to this new model. Source: Yeah Racing [yeahracing.com]…

September 21, 2009

Yeah Racing F104 Tuning options

New for the Tamiya F104 Pro, Yeah Racing have released this 1.4mm FRP T Bar, produced from high quality fibre reinforced plastic. This T-bar is super strong and flexible and can cope with all the shocks and twisting that come from racing and is designed to improve the suspension system and obtain more grip. Also new is a single piece aluminum motor mount for the Tamiya F104 Pro as well as the F103RM & F103GT & F103 15th Anniversary. This is a great upgrade for the standard plastic parts and as it is made from high quality aluminium and offers…

May 5, 2009

Yeah Racing Aluminium Suspension set

Yeah Racing, who have released a number of new options for the Tamiya F103 chassis have released another rear end suspension solution following up from their floating solution released last month. The new 2mm FRP Suspension set works with the F103RM and adds a very precise pivoting connection between the t-bar and single piece rear motor mount. The system is connected by bearings so the up and down action is now very precise and doesn’t effect the twist of the t-bar. Sold in a set, it includes everything in the picture above. Source: Yeah Racing [yeahracing.com]…

April 23, 2009

Yeah Racing F103 Alu ball battery mount

New from Hong Kong based Yeah Racing comes another new part for the popular Tamiya F103 RM and F103 GT chassis’. This new aluminium ball battery mount set allows the t-bar to be mounted to pivot balls, instead of the original o-rings, for more precise handling. The new lightweight black anodised mounts also includes 2 mounted tweak screws in both the front and rear mounts that allows you to adjust the cars tweak. This system also allows the easy mounting of LiPo packs as well as the normal stick packs. Source: Yeah Racing [yeahracing.com]…

April 5, 2009

Yeah Racing F103 Motor mount

As we mentioned previously, Hong Kong based Yeah Racing have finally released their F103 rear motor block. Machined from a single piece of aluminium, the black anodized rear pod is super stiff and because its machined all the holes align perfectly for ultra smooth performance. Suitable for the Tamiya F103RM / LM & 15th Anniversary chassis’ it has multiple rear wing mounting points and comes supplied with all the required fasteners. Source: Yeah Racing [yeahracing.com]…

March 19, 2009

Yeah Racing F103 chassis options

…adjustable setting functions such as the camber angles, which can be changed by the installation of 3 different angle (-1°, -2°, -3°) steering blocks. Also the length of the aluminium front knuckle arm is adjustable in order to set up different toe-in and toe-out angles of the wheel and finally an extra o-ring is included to allow the chassis height to be raised or lowered. Yeah Racing have also designed a new rear single piece aluminium motor mount for the F103RM and GT, which is super lightweight, stiff and allows the rear wing to be adjustable. Source: Yeah Racing [yeahracing.com]…

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