November 3, 2023

AGFRC Polarised Capacitor Box

AGFRC has released a new polarised capacitor box with fully CNC aluminium case designed for better safety and neat & easy installation. 16.0V HV capable so it can be used with high-voltage batteries, the 0.003Ω low internal resistance give it good filtering effect.  With 3000uF high capacity, it is a strong durability capacitor box suitable for 1:8, 1:10, 1:12 such as monster truck, crawler, offroad and onroad.  Due to its polarised feature, users should be cautious that the proper cord connection for positive and negative terminal.  The power voltage of the ESC should be lower than the max voltage of the capacitor pack.

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October 11, 2023

AGFRC 11.5KG Smart Winch Servo

New from AGFRC is their 11.5KG Smart Winch Servo specially designed for 1:12 Pan cars.  Always keen on innovation, and not just a producer of servos, but high performance servos for each specific fields after long time testing, the SA30BHM 11.5KG 0.060s 8.4V HV smart winch digital programmable brushless servo is now ready.  The SA30BHM weight only 32g with fully CNC Aluminium case making it very strong and durable.  In terms of speed, the SA30BHM is 0.060s fast, with smoothly operation from double ball bearings.  Coming with 25T spline titanium gears they provide high strength and are durable to wear.  The SA30BHM also supports the Futaba SR and Sanwa SR, and it can be done by the AGFRC program software.

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August 22, 2023

AGFRC Position Feedback Servos

New from servo manufacturer AGFRC is their range of Position Feedback servos.  Beside the normal hobby servo function, these servos can provide position feedback via a potentiometer through the additional fourth orange wire, which is capable to measure the output angle directly.  Available in two high torque 40Kg models and a 50Kg Super high torque high torque model, they all feature steel gear chain design for heavy duty application.  Simply hookup the analog feedback wire to any Analog pin of Microcontroller.  With this position feedback function, you can ensure the servo has reached its designated position or detect any potential impediments, of course, this allows additional closed-loop control from your controller.  Enable for more complex robotics or industry applications, such as determining when the servo has reached its target, detecting when the output is blocked, or implementing your own higher-level closed-loop position control.  Custom spec is acceptable.

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July 13, 2023

AGFRC SCX24 Alu Servo Horn

New from servo manufacturer AGFRC is their new HPS06B micro aluminium horn which is intended as a upgrade for Axial’s popular SCX24 1:24 Crawler.  A pro version of the HPS06 horn they produce for RC planes, which has micro 25T spline, it can be widely used with AGFRC A20, A23, A24, A26, A27 and B13 series servos.  Over the HPS06 model, the HPS06B is thicker and has bigger size screw mounting holes. Providing higher hardness and durability, which also can withstand more violent impact force while operation in mini crawler or buggy.

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May 10, 2023

AGFRC A50 Series low profile servos

Celebrating the 6th anniversary of the establishment of the brand this year, servo manufacturer AGFRC has released the A50 Series low profile servos.  These are an economy lightweight option for 1:10 and 1:12 drift and Onroad racing.   The A50 Series feature aluminium top and middle case and full metal gears with the popular Futaba 25T spline output shaft.  2s LiPo wide voltage application compatible, digital control systems provide great accuracy and faster response.  The range includes a super smooth coreless motor option, a powerful brushless motor model, with AGFRC also offering waterproof IP67 rated options to ensure every type of intended usage is covered.

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April 26, 2023

AGFRC Mini Z Gyro V3.5

In a series of new product releases, servo manufacturer AGFRC has introduced a new 3.5 version gyro intended for the Mini-Z.  This premium product features a fully CNC aluminium case offering both fast cooling and great protection.  Just 21 x 15 x 8.8mm in size and weighing 4 grams the V3.5 offers a better user experience.  It has added extra features that it can support PWM follow mode and has great compatibility with auto adaptive for analog and digital servo.  Supporting most of the popular control system it is perfect for most devices on the market. It is almost ready to run as you can also do adjustment of EPA or Gain mode to suit your cars.  To match your Mini Z,  the GY04M-V3.5 is available black, red or purple.

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April 19, 2023

AGFRC 6th Anniversary 2023 Specific Edition servos

To celebrate the 6th anniversary of the establishment of the brand, servo manufacturer AGFRC has released a series of colourful case servo called 2023 Specific Edition Servo. Not just a striking and colourful casing, they have also undergone a new technical treatment process continuing the premium quality and performance of the servos. Each servo has a full aluminium CNC case and structure, combined with metal ball bearings and gear chain. All six servos in the 2023 Specific Edition include an aluminium horn in the package box. Among the range is the A62BHL 20KG 0.07Sec Super Torque Brushless servo for touring car racing, the A81BHMW 45KG Monster Torque 0.085s High Speed Magnetic Waterproof servo, the A11CLS V3 JST 1.4kg-cm 0.050Sec Coreless servo for 1:24 scale cars and the 1:5 specific A280BHMW 2S-2023 Aluminium Case Steel Gears Programmable HV 78KG 0.082Sec Superb Torque Brushless WP Servo.

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April 4, 2023

AGFRC Non Polarity Capacitor Box

Servo manufacturer AGFRC has just released this low impedance capacitor module with 2000uF high capacity.  AGFRC CNP2000C comes with high precision CNC machining aluminium case for excellent heat dissipation. Ultra-small size and light weight , ideal for mini scale car, touring car and drifter. With a maximum voltage of up to 16V this helps with voltage spikes or use with HV batteries. With its non-polar feature, it is more safe and convenient for operation. Each cord attaches to the battery positive/negative connection terminal on the ESC or receiver.

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