September 6, 2022

AGFRC 16.8V Direct Power Waterproof Brushless Servos

AGFRC has released two new 16.8V direct power waterproof brushless servos, the standard size A75BUMW and low profile size A53BULW.  A powerful budget magnetic brushless digital servo, directly powered by 2s to 4s LiPo battery, they provide super high torque and speed.  Featuring a dust-proof and splash-proof CNC shell design, and the magnetic sensor waterproof reaching IP67 grade, they can be used for harsh environments such as rainy days, muddy, sand dunes, snow, streams, and humidity. Neat and wear-resistant 4 PIN wires, allow direct connect with 3S or 4S LiPo battery. The low profile A53BULW provides 34KG superb high torque and 0.080Sec fast speed at 16.8 while the A75BUMW produces 62KG of torque and 0.092Sec fast speed. A long-life brushless motor and reinforced steel gears provide efficient, precise and smooth operation with custom parameter programming to tune the servo to your needs.

View full spec here