July 27, 2018

4TheTop GeometX 1/8th & 1/10th scale setup boards

4TheTop have introduced their new GeometX setup boards for 1/8th and 1/10th scale vehicles. The multi-layer boards are of a double-sided design with one side offering a flat surface, ideal to adjust the suspension geometry and ride height settings while the other side sports several compartments to arrange parts and tools during building, setup and maintenance. Additional scales allow to measure fasteners and bearings and the boards can also be customised with own designs to make them stand out.

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May 16, 2017

4theTop XB8 2017 carbon fibre brake conversion kit

Coming from 4theTop and made for Xray’s XB8 2017 buggy is a carbon fibre brake conversion kit. It includes a ball-raced carbon fibre centre differential plate for better and more consistent braking as well as a set of carbon fibre brake discs. Their design in combination with the material used will make for less centre diff fading as the diff case and thus the diff oil will stay cooler even during long finals, resulting in improved overall performance. On top of this will the brake action fade less, again making for a more consistent car over the run.

Source: 4theTop [facebook.com]