November 5, 2012

8-Racing MBX6eco & DEX408 carbon chassis’

8-Racing have released two new 1/8th scale carbon chassis’ for the Mugen MBX6eco and Durango DEX408. They are designed to lighten these 1/8 electric cars and give them better handling, especially on low and medium grip tracks and have more flex than the stock alloy chassis. The MBX6eco chassis weighs only 150 grams and the DEX408 chassis weighs 170 grams which in comparison to the standard chassis on the Durango, is 150 grams lighter.

View the DEX408 chassis here

April 13, 2012

8-Racing DEX210 front shock tower V2

8-Racing introduce the V2 front shock tower for Team Durango’s DEX210 buggy. The shock stay is CNC-machined from 4mm carbon fibre and comes with brass mounting brackets. The parts are more rigid than the stock plastic tower and weight 26g in total. Integrated into the design is an anti-roll bar mount.

Source: 8-Racing []

November 24, 2011

8-Racing DEX210 & B4 carbon options

8-Racing DEX210 & B4 carbon options

8-racing now offers some carbon fibre option parts for the Durango DEX210 and Associated B4. The new carbon fibre shock towers and battery strap for DEX210 are stronger then the plastic versions and perfect for indoor racing. The carbon fibre chassis for DEX210 with front kick up is lighter than the original alloy one and brings more flex to buggy which is especially good for use on low traction tracks. Also new are some front and rear carbon fibre shock towers for the Associated B4 with blue anodized alloy holders, adjustable holders for 23,5mm and 25mm battery height and all screws you need to mount it.

View the B4 parts here