February 16, 2012

AKA Cyclone SC wheels

AKA Cyclone SC wheels are designed to fit the Losi Ten SCTE 4×4. All wheels are made from the same proprietary nylon blend as the the 1:8 AKA wheels. The wheel design is modeled after the full-size wheels used on the trucks to keep that scale look that makes the SC class so cool. Behind the scenes the wheel is all about being light weight and strong. Each spoke of the wheel is hollowed out to save weight, while there are outer ribs to help support the barrel of the wheel for more consistent handling. The wheel is designed to work with our standard buggy inserts which are included with each pair of AKA SC tires.

Source: AKA [raceaka.com]

December 1, 2011

AKA SC10 4×4 pre-mounts

AKA is adding to their best selling line of pre-mounts with the release of these SC10 4×4 pre-mounts. The SC10 4×4 has been a hit since its release earlier this year and now customers no longer have to worry about mounting their tires to race or have fun with their SC10 4×4. AKA now has them covered with all their Short Course tread designs in both Soft and Super Soft compound now available mounted on a wheel made to fit the SC10 4×4. These new pre-mounts also feature AKA’s best selling red insert for superior handling and durability compared to the competition.

Source: AKA [raceaka.com]

September 22, 2011

AKA R-Line SC pre-mount series

AKA have announced the addition of their Short Course tires to their R-Line pre-mount series. Short Course R-Line pre-mounts feature AKA’s Cyclone wheel made from AKA’s proprietary blend of high impact nylon. Inside the tire is AKA’s industry leading soft red insert designed to decrease the lateral deflection of the tire while at the same time increasing the vertical impact absorption therefore providing better handling in the bumps. The lateral grooves allow the insert to flex vertically and absorb large impacts while still maintaining lateral stability and overall durability that AKA inserts are known for. The result is a more predictable handling car in the harshest track conditions. Last but not least SC R-Line pre-mounts are all hand assembled using AKA’s best selling tire glue to ensure a perfect bond every time. R-Line pre-mounts are available to fit most popular SC truck brands including Traxxas, Associated, Kyosho, Losi and HPI.

Source: AKA [raceaka.com]

July 19, 2011

AKA Rebar SC tyre

Designed by Mark Pavidis and Jared Tebo AKA’s new Rebar Short Course tyre is ideally suited for indoor and hard packed, blue grooved outdoor tracks. The tyre features double side rails on the edges of the tire provide extra sidewall support. This extra support is key to making the tire feel consistent in the turns allowing for a more aggressive driving style. The wide staggered centre lugs give the tyre great forward traction to hook up the power and launch your vehicle off the corner and over the jumps.

Source: AKA [raceaka.com]

March 5, 2011

AKA R-Line SC tires with red insert

AKA have announced the update of all their current 1:10 SC tire and insert combos with their new red insert. The fluted I.D. of the soft red insert allows it to absorb the heavy hits while still having enough internal structure to retain it’s shape and stiffness in the turns to keep corner speeds up. The result is more consistent handling on a wider variety of surfaces with less compromise. R-Line tire and insert combos will be replacing their current tire and insert combo tires and they will be discontinuing the older numbers as supplies run out.

Source: AKA [raceaka.com]

October 20, 2010

AKA SC tires now pre mounted on Cyclone wheels

By popular demand AKA will be releasing all of their SC tires pre-mounted on their new Cyclone SC wheels. The Wishbone, Enduro, Gridiron and Cityblock will be available in soft and super soft on all four variants of the Cyclone wheel to fit Traxxas, Associated, Kyosho, HPI and Jammin’ trucks. AKA SC pre-mounts feature AKA’s industry first closed cell insert to ensure durability and balance of each tire. Each AKA SC pre-mount is hand assembled using AKA Premium Tire Glue ensuring that the tires stay glued to the wheel using the same process as they use to assemble their best selling 1:8 pre-mounts.

Source: AKA [raceaka.com]

August 17, 2010

AKA Cityblock & Gridiron SC tires

AKA have released a quick teaser shot of their new Cityblock short course tire and cyclone wheel that is due for release in the near future. AKA announced that they will also release their Gridiron thread for short course too.

Source: AKA [raceaka.com]

July 20, 2010

AKA Cityblock & Gridiron tires & Cyclone SC wheels

AKA have announced the release of the Cityblock SC and Gridiron SC tires designed specifically for the 1/10 short course trucks.  Made to fit the stock wheels from all the popular short course trucks, they feature a 2.2”/3” bead design and an inner carcass design made to perfectly fit the industry standard AKA closed cell foams. The result is a much more controlled outer sidewall for more consistent handling and tread wear. The Cityblock pattern is their best selling tread pattern and will be the most versatile SC tire available, while the Gridiron is suited to high bite blue grooved tracks with little dust where a short pin is a must to keep the truck consistent. AKA have also released the Cyclone SC wheel that fit all standard 2.2″/3″ short course tires and are compatible with Associated, HPI, Jammin, Kyosho and Traxxas trucks. All wheels are made from the same proprietary nylon blend as the the 1:8 AKA wheels and will be released in black and come two to a bag. Expect September releases for all products.

View the Cyclone SC wheels here