July 14, 2012

Akula Racing AKX2 Thresher conversion kit

Akula Racing have announced the AKX2 Thresher chassis conversion kit for the Ansmann X2C and Teacm C TC02C kits. The kit replaces the three-piece moulded plastic chassis with a 3mm thick 6082 aluminium chassis. This is fitted with carbon fibre side plates to control the flex, this gives the option to tune the chassis flex by changing the height of these from the chassis, the higher they are the stiffer the chassis becomes. The main benefit from a one piece aluminium chassis over the moulded plastic on the X2C/TC02C is that it has much more consistent and controllable flex which improves steering response, gives more overall grip, greater consistency and even better rear traction.

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November 14, 2011

Akula Racing DEX210 carbon fibre options


Akula Racing release four carbon fibre option parts for the Team Durango DEX210 buggy. Available are front and rear shock towers as well as a battery brace and steering brace. The front shock tower is cut from 4mm carbon fibre material and offers a total of five upper shock mounting positions with the camber link position has been moved to the front of the tower and additional mounting positions have been provided to enable a longer front link to be run.

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August 24, 2011

Akula Racing Speartooth 22 conversion

Akula Racing Speartooth 22 conversion

Akula Racing have announced their first major performance upgrade kit, the Speartooth 22. Seen at the Worlds in Finland, it is designed for the TLR 22 1/10th off road car and features a CNC machined 2.5mm carbon fibre main chassis, 3.0mm carbon fibre side plates and 2.0mm carbon fibre battery strap which replace the standard aluminium chassis, plastic side guards and velcro straps. Compatible with both mid and rear motor layouts it is 5mm shorter than the standard car and provides more flex than the standard chassis widening the setup window, increasing rear traction and producing more mid corner speed.

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May 3, 2011

Akula Racing A8 Evo option parts

Akula Racing A8 Evo option parts

Akula Racing have announced a range of carbon fibre option parts for the Agama A8 Evo. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the range comprises front and rear shock towers and a centre diff brace. These have been through extensive performance and durability testing, with the final production parts being run at Neo11 with no reported breakages. The front and rear shock towers are made from 5mm thick carbon fibre. Lighter than the standard towers helping to lower the centre of gravity, the standard geometry for the shock and camber link locations is retained with additional lower shock and camber link locations added. These give more tuning options and are especially suitable for low traction tracks where they should provide grip than the standard locations. The centre diff brace is made from 3mm carbon fibre, saving weight over the standard part and increasing the stiffness of the centre diff and brake assembly. The first batch of these parts is in stock now, and as a special introductory offer they are offering free standard shipping to all Red RC readers. Just quote discount code RED1 when ordering.

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