November 25, 2022


The A10MF is the latest front wheel drive chassis release from ARC based on the new A10 platform.  Using a mid-motor design that keeps all transmission parts as low as possible, the new FWD class features super LCG design that helps to improve the handling, especially on the high traction indoor carpet tracks.nnA total of 120g of brass weights are included in the A10MF kit, with 80g directly behind the front bumper.  2 pcs of 10g are then placed inboard of each front suspension arm, both helping to increase front wheel traction and increase overall stability, while keeping the weight as close to the centreline as possible.  New improved V3 Upper A-arms are included to further improve rigidity and durability.   ARC’sV2 caster gauge is included with the A10MF for racers to easily adjust caster angle without extra tools.

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July 22, 2022

ARC R8.3 & R8.3E adjustable front & rear shock base

From ARC, the adjustable front and rear shock base are the latest option parts designed for the R8.3 and R8.3E. This allows the shock angle to be adjusted by adding or removing shims. Compared to traditional shock towers, racers can adjust the shock angle in much finer increments to better fine tune the handling of their car, the more shims below the shock absorber the harder the suspension. Both shock bases also feature a 3mm carbon brace that bridges the left and right sides of the shock base. This brace can be added or removed to adjust the flex of the front bulkhead. With the plate installed in the front there is an increase in initial corner speed, while when the rear version is installed there is an increase in rear end stability.

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July 15, 2022

ARC A10 competition EP touring car

The A10 is ARC’s latest generation 1/10 electric touring car and it’s ready to hit the track. Built on a completely new platform, the A10 was developed with some key goals in mind – a lower centre of gravity, increased mechanical grip, easy maintenance & setup and full adjustability. The car features a new one-piece upper deck, helping the A10 to be super easy to drive out-of-the-box and suiting a wide range of track conditions. An optional two-piece design is available to independently tune the front and rear flex for racers looking to get the most out of their A10. The new one-piece motor bulkhead caters for both upper deck designs, allowing different flex options via both the chassis and top decks. The bottom of the motor bulkhead now also features a 3mm centre alignment pin to better locate the chassis when less chassis screws are used. This allows extra chassis flex to be dialled in with less likelihood of tweaking. The brand-new lower arms of the A10 are made from 3mm thick, high-quality carbon fibre plate and are stronger and lighter than traditional composite arms. The design of the new lower arms allows the arms to be moved further inboard for an even longer arm than the R12. Back-to-back testing has confirmed this new design to be even easier to drive while achieving greater corner speed.

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October 12, 2021

ARC R12.1 touring car kit

Building on the already rapid R12 platform, ARC is proud to announce the R12.1, incorporating many new parts and improvements that elevate the chassis to a new level of performance. Retaining the basic R12 architecture, the R12.1 remains an extremely easy car to build and maintain. By removing mounting holes for the R11 short arms, the R12.1 chassis features a slimline profile for reduced chassis scrub under hard cornering. Made from 2.1mm carbon fibre, this chassis delivers added flex for greater overall grip and a wider tuning window.

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August 4, 2021

ARC R8S-21 1/8th EP onroad pan car

Based on the successful R8S On-Road Pan Car platform, the new R8S-21 from ARC incorporates a number of refinements and option parts for even greater performance out of the box. The main chassis has been redesigned for the R8S-21 with the slots removed to improve chassis rigidity and handling with the original chassis linkage bars have been replaced with 2.0mm chassis flex plates for increased overall stability and traction. The optional body-shell mount plate is now standard and the front droop is now fully adjustable on the R8S-21. Also standard on the R8S-21 is the steel rear main shaft for increased strength and durability. The R8S-21 now only accepts standard 2S LiPo batteries with 2 different layouts available, laid down side-by-side or stood-up along the centre. Both layouts work extremely well but offer different handling characteristics to suit your driving style and track conditions.

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June 3, 2021

ARC R8.3E 1/8th onroad EP competition car kit

ARC have released the R8.3E, their new 1/8th onroad electric competition car kit. Coming standard with a 5mm carbon fibre chassis which not only reduces weight but has excellent flex characteristics that delivers superior mechanical grip. The R8.3E transmission retains a 3-belt drive system through the centre of the chassis. The belts and pulleys are the same specifications as the R8.3. The integrated 3-piece upper deck connects the front bulkhead to the rear along with a fan mount for cooling the motor. The upper deck design complements the main chassis to provide optimised flex, but at the same time, reduces the likelihood of the belt flipping over the pulley. The new motor mount and a new internal ratio of 2.4, allow a wider gear ratio tuning window on the R8.3E from 4.75 to 5.85. The centralised battery position sees the batteries sit either side of the drive system close to the centerline of the chassis to improve weight distribution and lower the rolling moment. The R8.3E features new longer rear shocks that are 3mm longer than the previous model. This allows the shocks to be moved closer to the centerline for improved handling characteristics. Further improvements have been made to improve smoothness and sealing to deliver a more consistent rebound.

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April 29, 2021

ARC R12 gear diff out-drives

From ARC for the R12 comes these gear diff out-drives in steel. The new outdrive is made from spring steel and feature 2 different slots, meaning the new outdrive can fit both the bare CVD drive shafts or alternatively with the C-Cap blade. Sold as a pair.

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