November 15, 2022

Arena RC Racing X4 ’23 Carbon Parts

Arena RC Racing have announced the release of carbon parts for Xray’s X4 ’23 Touring Car.  The Split Front 2.0mm Graphite Upper Deck gives increased initial response and is suitable for medium to high traction conditions.  The Split Rear 2.0mm Graphite Upper Deck provides a little extra flex making it suitable for a wider range of conditions. The other new offering are Graphite Protectors for X4 Composite Hub that are made from 2.0mm graphite and replace the washer for protection of your hub.

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April 13, 2022

Arena RC Futaba transmitter carbon handle

Arena RC Racing have produced this carbon handle for the Futaba 10PX, 7PX, 7PXLE, 7PXR & 4PM transmitters. Machined from 3mm carbon fibre, it is lightweight and the edges feature a machined chamfer for a smoother finish and more comfortable feel.

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January 6, 2022

Arena X4 graphite rear body post holders

Arena RC have released their own graphite rear body post holders for the X4. Sold as a pair of left and right holders, they are machined from 3.0mm graphite and sport a modified shape which they say helps reduce deformation and improve stability.

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December 30, 2021

Arena X4 split top decks

Arena have released more new carbon parts for the Xray X4 with the introduction of two new sets of split top decks. First up is the medium-soft top deck set for low grip tracks & stock classes and the second is a medium-hard version for high grip tracks as well as the modified class, offering up better response. Both sets are made from 2.0mm high quality graphite.

View the medium-hard version here

September 7, 2021

Arena world spec progressive HPS springs

New from Arena are these ‘world spec’ progressive HPS (2.5~3.0) 19.5mm springs. Made by Yokomo, they help to supply more traction on power and reduced roll for more stable acceleration, they are suitable for both the front & rear. Made to work with many 1/10 touring cars such as the MTC-2, IF14-2, T4, BD10, X20 and more.

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December 31, 2020

Arena RC T4’21 single side upper deck set

Arena RC Racing have released this graphite single side upper deck set for the Xray T4’21. Similar to the previous iteration for the 2020 T4 but updated for the latest car, the single sided design claims to offer improved cornering speeds due to optimised flex characteristics and the top deck comes including 1mm carbon fibre shims that further add to the new torsional flex behaviour. The top deck is machined from high-quality 2.0mm carbon fibre.

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December 20, 2020

Arena IF14-2 carbon option parts

For the Infinity IF14-2, comes this new line of carbon option parts from Arena RC Racing. Starting with this 2.5mm graphite bumper upper holder, it is a direct replacement for the stock plastic part and features machined chamfered for a smoother finish and better resistance to splitting. Also getting the chamfered edge finish are a pair of 3mm graphite front & rear shock towers and the 3mm graphite battery holders, for slim, narrow & standard batteries.

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