March 31, 2022

Avid carbon camber gauges

The Avid carbon camber gauge is an easy way to check your vehicle’s camber. The fixed settings make it so that you don’t have to set your gauge for what you are looking for and the notched cutouts allow you to get the gauge dead centre of the tire for the most accurate reading. The 1/10th scale gauge features 0.5°, 1.0° and 1.5° settings, while the 1/8th scale version sports 1.0°, 2.0° and 3.0° settings.

View the 1/8th gauge here

March 24, 2022

Avid Ringer M4 wheel nuts & wing buttons

Avid have announced the release of their new Ringer product line with several more designs in the works to keep with our new theme. If you’re a fan of the silver highlight chamfer on your products then the Avid Ringer design approach is for you. The Avid M4 Ringer wheel nuts are designed to be the strongest all-around wheel nut for offroad and onroad racing. The 11mm flange provides the needed support from potential wheel flex on high bite tracks, while a thin 3.5mm thickness keeps weight down but also allows the nut to be used on 4wd fronts and if you cut your axles to length you will grab fewer pipes with them too. Then they added their aggressive serrations so you don’t have to tighten the wheel nut as much which helps in not deforming the wheel and ensures you will never pull the 7075-T6 threads out. The Avid Ringer wing buttons are designed to have that extra pop of two silver highlights without sacrificing durability. Both items are available in black, blue, red, pink, orange and silver.


March 15, 2022

Avid 2S Charge lead cables

Avid have announced the release of their new 2S charge lead cables with XT60 to 4/5mm bullet connectors. Designed to be colour coordinated (e.g. red uses all red wires and sheath) for charging 2S battery packs through 12 gauge wire. Includes an XT60 plug on the charger end and gold-plated 4mm to 5mm bullets on the battery end to cover all battery types. Comes with the popular XH 3pin balance plug, which most trim one of the plastic alignment rails with an X-acto to plug right into the charger instead of the balance port. Or you can use the included XH 7pin if you don’t want to brave that. Balance leads are 2.5″ (63.5mm) longer than the charge leads so they can easily be plugged into any charger design.

View the different colour options here

March 2, 2022

Avid Truss 1/8th truck wheel 4.0”

The Avid Truss 1/8th truck wheel is another innovation by Avid RC. The wheel is extremely important to the overall handling of your vehicle and is often overlooked. Avid took all the unique high-performance features from their 1/8th scale buggy wheel and placed them directly into this design. They also went back to the drawing board on reformulating the material to best withstand the brutally cold weather that racers are now willing to race in. Looking inside the wheel you will see where it gets the name ‘Truss’. The internal ribbing uses the strength of triangles instead of having straight ribs. The focus of the Truss starts at the centre of the wheel, so the tighter triangles help keep the torque strength right where you want it when applying all your throttle, at the nut. Available in yellow and white.

View the inner side of the wheel here

January 31, 2022

Avid 51T-54T 64P aluminium pinions

Avid are proud to announce the release of their 64P aluminium pinions in sizes 51T-54T available individually or in a set, that expand their already popular range. These 64 pitch pinion is made out of 7075-T6 aluminium, hard-anodised to reduce wear and friction, and in a pack of 4 (51, 52, 53 & 54). The details are laser etched onto the pinion for easy notification and it uses the common 1/8″ bore (3.17mm) and includes one set screw.

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January 27, 2022

Avid RC droop gauge blocks

Avid RC have announced the release of their new droop gauge blocks, available individually or together as a kit with their circular gauge. Avid droop gauge blocks are a traditional staple for checking the droop on your touring cars. These 10mm blocks are placed under your chassis so you can easily check your arm level height with callipers or with their handy circular gauge.

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January 6, 2022

Avid B6.3 Arm Mount C wider -2°

The new Avid B6.3 -2° C arm mount is a must-have if you are racing on high bite surfaces such as carpet or turf. This mount frees up the vehicle in the turns and when landing jumps sideways such as corner tabletops. To get to the low rear toe settings you need on carpet, you have to start narrowing the pills through the D Mount which is increasing side bite by decreasing your track width. This C Arm mount prevents that from happening by widening the C Arm Mount 1.4mm, thus starting you at 1 deg of rear toe with centered pills on the C and D mount instead of 3.

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January 5, 2022

Avid bearing tool, multi-wrench & tweezers

Avid have introduced some essential tools to their line-up. First up is the bearing sizer/tester, the perfect tool for seeing if your bearings need to be maintained by spinning them while they are on the sizer. Suitable for bearing sizes of 1/8″, 4, 5, 6, 1/4″, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15mm. Next up is the ubiquitous 4-in-1 multi-wrench. Made from durable steel, it has a 8mm nut wrench for glow plugs, 10mm nut wrench for clutch nuts, 3mm hex for M4 chassis screws and 5mm hex for pillow ball adjustment. Finally there are two different tweezers, a straight and curved version for helping with small parts and fasteners.

View the other new tools here