November 15, 2022

Awesomatix AM23-R Rear Steering Arm

Awesomatix has released a new rear steering arm for their A800 touring car platform.  The new AM23-R version is longer compared to the previous AM23-1 Rear Steering Arm.  This feature reduces the free play of the rear toe and improves ARS characteristics.  The improved characteristics of the ARS helps with better mid-corner steering and reduce the risk of snap oversteer during load changes.  Awesomatix recommend to use 0.5mm less bumpsteer shims, to keep the same ARS action as with AM23-1.

View comparison of rear arm options here

October 21, 2022

Lukas Ellerbrock joins Awesomatix️

Awesomatix has announced the addition of German racer Lukas Ellerbrock to their Factory Team. A front runners in the hard fought European Stock Racing scene, Lukas moves from racing Xray and will make his international debut with Awesomatix at the next round of the ETS as the indoor carpet season gets underway.  Reacting to joining the team, Lukas said, “I am very excited to join Team Awesomatix. It is a great opportunity for me to drive a car which has shown its potential at various races. Of course I already know a lot of the team members and I am happy to work with them together in the future.”

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August 6, 2022

BattCave Awesomatix A800 MMX Chassis

A UK based company specialising in R/C upgrades, BattCave has released their latest competition chassis for the Awesomatix A800MMX. With all their parts designed and developed in house, the chassis has been finalised following extensive development and testing at several circuits in the UK with the chassis proving to be extremely effective at this year’s British Nationals. Made from selected premium 2.5mm carbon fiber, they have completely redesigned the chassis by remapping the flex characteristics to enhance the car’s performance in every way possible, pushing what is already an excellent car to another level. With tuneable flex characteristics, their drivers have reported improved low to mid steering response, and high speed cornering stability. Racers can now precisely negotiate difficult chicanes as well as pushing the car hard over the fastest sections.

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August 1, 2022

Awesomatix️ bolster 1:12 team with Varah addition

Awesomatix have announced the addition of British Pan Car specialist Matthew Varah to their factory team. He joins Pan Car stalwart and fellow countryman Mark Stiles who was announced by the team in June.

The BRCA national winner and runner up at the 2020 IFMAR 1/12 Spec class World Championship will represent Awesomatix at all major events in the UK along with racing the A12 chassis at the European & World Championships.  Commenting on his move to the team Matthew said:

‘[I am] Really happy to be joining the Awesomatix team! It’s a pleasure to be part of a new and exciting team within the UK. The A12 has already proven to be a super competitive platform and I look forward to contributing to the ongoing development. The quality of the A12 components is second to none whilst proving to be super robust. Please come and say hello at all events and I’ll be more than happy to provide any assistance with your AMX cars’.

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July 5, 2022

Sagami RC Fab A12 front lower arm

Sagami RC Fab has released a new front lower arm, with a shorter wheelbase, for the Awesomatix A12. By using this lower arm the wheelbase will be shortened by 6mm, the turning ability of the car will be improved and cornering will become more agile. By revising the shape and material, the rigidity is slightly lower than the genuine Awesomatix product, so the car can follow the road surface more flexibly. There are also holes for additional servo posts, which allows the rigidity of the suspension arm to be adjusted. Finally, as there are specific mounting holes for Sanwa and KO servos you can set the optimum Ackerman for each. Servos made by other manufacturers can also be installed using two long holes. When using a knuckle arm with zero-trail, the wheelbase will be 3mm shorter than standard, so the Ackerman will also change.

View an image of the arm set here

June 30, 2022

Mark Stiles joins Awesomatix️

Awesomatix have announced the addition of UK Pancar ace Mark Stiles to their Factory Team. The 10x EFRA 1/12 EC A-Finalist brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Team. Together with James Stewart and their UK distributor they aim to further extend and improve support for racers and Mark is a great addition to those future plans. Mark will attend all major events in the UK as well as the European & World Champs. Mark had this to about joining the team:

I’m excited to join Awesomatix and drive the A12 as part of a team being assembled in the UK. It is refreshing to see a manufacturer taking an innovative approach to chassis design in the 1/12 category and so far I have been impressed with the level of quality and precision in the car. As a team our aim is to compete at the sharp end of the club, national and international races we attend whilst sharing our collective passion and experience in a fun environment. We will work to develop the A12 platform whilst supporting other drivers using the car in the hope that competitors at all levels can enjoy racing it.

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June 8, 2022

Awesomatix BW95 floating front weight

From Awesomatix, the BW95 is a new floating front weight for the A800FX & A800FX Evo cars. This additional 95 gram weight helps to adjust the front/rear weight distribution of the car for different track conditions. Additionally it improves the front flex of the car, as BW95 replaces the AM88//R shock holders. This improved front flex helps with better overall steering and front end grip. The weight doesn’t touch the bulkheads or the chassis after the installation of the shocks.

View the BW95 part here

May 18, 2022

Awesomatix flexible ball stud, wrench & ceramic bearings

From Awesomatix, their new FBS set is a very unique design of a dynamic acting ball stud for the suspension. The O-Ring inside the capsuled steel housing allows a movement of the actual ball stud into every direction. Furthermore the O-Ring provides the needed damping effect. It can be beneficial in certain conditions, such as lower grip or on very special asphalt/carpet surfaces. Additionally, it reduces the peak load on the suspension link at crashes. Depending where the studs are installed, there are different effects. Basically, the Ball Studs can be used in every position of the car where normal ST24 is in use. Also new is a 5,5mm / 6,5mm / 7,0mm multi tool wrench which is made from high grade stainless steel with laser engraved logo. Highly recommended for the FBS (Flexible Ball Stud) assembly as well as for AT21/AT21ST-A installation on the chassis. Finally there are new high quality ball bearings with Si3N4 ceramic balls. The optimum to reduce the friction of your A800 drivetrain. Especially useful for any stock class competition where the lowest friction of the drivetrain will result in higher top speed and more consistent power for the runtime. Featuring a black rubber seal on one side and metal seal on the other side.

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