April 27, 2023

Awesomatix A800R New Parts

Awesomatix has released a number of new parts for their A800R 1:10 Electric Touring Car.   New ST05-R Damper Rods add “friction type” damping into the suspension operation.  ST05-R slides along ST102 with noticeable friction at suspension travel. Friction damping feature more compression of suspension = more damping, even at low speed of suspension.  Oil damping feature more speed of suspension travel = more damping. Small damping at low speed of suspension.  With ST05-R the car rolls and dives slower and responds to the steering input faster.  A800R damper settings which were good with ST205 rods, should be 10…25% softer when using ST05-R.  Also new are the AT143 ARB Stiffeners which increases stiffness of the anti-roll bar up to one step. +1 step stiffness increasing means that 1.0 mm bar acts like 1.1 mm bar, 1.1 mm bar acts like 1.2 mm bar,  1.2 mm bar acts like 1.3 mm bar and 1.3 mm bar acts like 1.4 mm bar.  1/2  and 1/4 steps of increasing are possible to set.

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March 22, 2023

Awesomatix A800R – Full Release Details

Having given initial details of its latest touring car offering back in January, Awesomatix has just released the full spec for its A800R with kits currently on their way to its global distribution network.  The A800R now features a new damper system which includes a Linear and Progressive damping option.  These are also quickly adjustable from the underside of the chassis without sliding the dampers in or out. Another advantage is that the dampening and the spring are entirely separate on the A800R; Changing the damper rate doesn’t affect spring rate anymore.  The car features a super short chassis to reduce chassis rub to increase corner speed.  New suspension armswere needed to keep the same wheelbase in combination with the shorter chassis.  Additionally, they have angled the lower bumper to reduce chassis rub under braking action, while adding a new upper  bumper plate which is an active part of front flex.  With the new damper design comes a new bulkhead design and upper arm holders for improved geometry.  Awesomatix include the all new ST112 Centering Screws (same as for D2 dampers mounts) which ensure a perfect and straight build to key the dampers and bulkheads to the lower chassis.

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March 15, 2023

MXLR A800R ShockVac

MXLR has released the Awesomatix A800R ShockVac, a specially designed case which holds the newly designed Awesomatix dampers in upright position to suck the air out of the case/silicone oil by using one of the popular brand Air Removers.   With the all new design of these dampers its very hard to put them into the case of a normal air remover.  The solution is our super slim design ShockVac.  Reliable and stable positioning to fit perfectly under the upper case of the Air Remover.  The solid alloy case allows a deep and lasting vacuum which is key to get all the small air bubbles out of the complex A800R dampers.  Additionally it’s very handy in size which means it doesn’t take as much space on your pit table while working and is easy to store it in your race bag.  The ShockVac is machined from high quality black anodised aluminium with silver edges and laser engraved MX logo. It is important to note that the upper case, the rubber sealing and the vacuum pump itself is NOT included in this set and require the parts from the RIDE or the Tamiya Air Remover set.

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February 13, 2023

Awesomatix A12 Alloy Steering Block Post 2 degree

Awesomatix has released these Alloy Steering Block Post 2 degree for their successful A12 1:12 racing chassis.  Notching up another international title from the TQ at the recent Snowbird Nationals in Florida in the hands of World Champion Marc Rheinard, the new ST1208-C2AL parts offer a weight reduction of 2,3g/pcs compared to the standard steel ST1208/ST1207 steering post combination.

Source: Awesomatix [Facebook.com]

February 5, 2023

Coelho & Rheinard win Snowbirds

Bruno Coelho and Marc Rheinard are the two big winners of this year’s Snowbird Nationals.  In Modified Touring Car, defending Champion Coelho took the overall TQ for Xray from the Awesomatix of Rheinard with Alexander Hagberg lining up 3rd.  With just a single A-Main to decide the winner of the 29th running of the iconic American race, World Champion Coelho would hold off his German rival taking the win by 2/10th of a second.  A further 1.6 seconds back, Hagberg made it an all European podium line-up.  Top American finisher would be ROAR National Champion Sam Isaacs in fourth.  In the 1:12 GTP Modified it was Rheinard who was Top Qualifier.  The reigning 1:12 World Champion lead the 8-minutes from start to finish posting the fastest lap in the process.  Behind former World Champion Hagberg came through from 5th on the grid to finish 2nd ahead of 2nd and 3rd place qualifiers Donny Lia and Iaascs.

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February 4, 2023

Rheinard takes 1:12 TQ at Snowbird Nationals

Reigning 1:12 World Champion Marc Rheinard has secured the TQ at the Snowbird Nationals in Florida.  The Awesomatix driver secured the top spot at the 29th running of the legendary race with his fastest run in the 3rd of the four rounds of qualifying.  Behind the German,  American’s Donny Lia and Sam Iaacs, the defending champion, made it an Awesomatix 1,2,3 on the grid.  Posting his fastest run in the final qualifier, Keven Hebert leads the Xray challenge ahead of team-mates Alexander Hagberg and class debutant Bruno Coelho was fastest in Q1, a time wouldn’t be able to better.  New Schumacher signing & 2022 podium finisher Ollie Payne starts 7th.

Image: Marc Rheinard [Facebook]

January 20, 2023

Awesomatix A800R touring car

Awesomatix has released details of its latest 1:10 Electric Touring Car offering, the new A800R. The first feature of the new car is it compact shorter lower deck with an all new shape.  The new shape of the lower deck allows the car to dive and roll more without excessive rubbing on the track. Combined with the new carbon lower arms the wheelbase remains same as previous kits.  New dampers have an even lower centre of gravity and provide independent adjustment of the damping level and the suspension spring rate with 2 build-in modes for progressive damping and for linear damping.  Smoother operation at low-speed damping and improved characteristics at high-speed damping are the key improvements of our new dampers.  The added ball bearing in the damper-suspension linkage provides noticeable reduction of the adverse initial friction during the suspension operation.

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November 15, 2022

Awesomatix AM23-R Rear Steering Arm

Awesomatix has released a new rear steering arm for their A800 touring car platform.  The new AM23-R version is longer compared to the previous AM23-1 Rear Steering Arm.  This feature reduces the free play of the rear toe and improves ARS characteristics.  The improved characteristics of the ARS helps with better mid-corner steering and reduce the risk of snap oversteer during load changes.  Awesomatix recommend to use 0.5mm less bumpsteer shims, to keep the same ARS action as with AM23-1.

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