July 16, 2021

MR33 A800FX brass bulkhead weight set

New from MR33 is this brass bulkhead weight set for the Awesomatix A800FX or FX Evo. The set includes 4 individual pieces which get screwed onto the front bulkhead lining up directly under the differential and adds 90g of additional weight. Compared to other, more forward mounted bumper weights, it will create a little more aggressiveness to the front end of your car.

View the set here

June 22, 2021

DeadFly MMX I-Brace & front balance weights

Two new items from DeadFly for the Awesomatix MMX, the first is this I-Brace which is a centre line rear brace that alters the rotation characteristics of the car. Using both screws provides the most rear end stability and least steering. By using just one front screw and a set screw in the rear hole, the I-Brace gives a spring effect on the chassis. Allowing more steering and rotation, but with more rear stability than no brace at all. The other new items is a pair of balance weights for the front of the car. Weighing 13 grams each that are machined from 3mm brass and can help alter the balance of the car.

View the balance weights here

May 26, 2021

Awesomatix A800MMX/MMXA 2mm alloy chassis

New from Awesomatix for the A800MMX/MMXA is this 2.0mm 7075 T6 alloy chassis. Featuring a narrower shape in the rear for less chassis rub, the holes for the ‘short’ suspension arms have been removed. Only suitable for C04M1-LA suspension arms, the battery position has also been shifted to the front to achieve a better overall weight distribution. This part replaces the C01B-X-MMA alloy chassis.

Source: Awesomatix [facebook.com]

April 9, 2021

Awesomatix A800FX Evo 1/10 FWD touring car

Based upon their class revolutionising A800FX platform and the feedback from racers around the globe, Awesomatix have designed and created the new A800FX Evo FWD Touring Car. The main goal was to further enhance the performance in all conditions and increase the setup range to suit all track conditions. Since weight distribution is the main setup tool for a FWD car, they re-worked the main chassis design and extended the wheelbase. This increase in wheelbase allows for further adjustability in weight bias and creates more forward traction. They also redesigned the rear of the car for better flex distribution. The steering unit is a completely new design, taking the concept of the proven single bell crank steering from the A800MMX and transplanting it into the A800FX Evo. The result is a servo holder with an integrated steering mount. This compact new system has less parts and is more reliable, particularly on un-prepped or dirty tracks. To get enough clearance for the movement of the bell crank, they needed to slightly modify the front bulkheads as well.

View more details & images here

March 31, 2021

Deadfly A800MMX LiPo holders, top deck & bumper plate

Lots of new items for the Awesomatix A800MMX from Deadfly with a new top, full adjustable LiPo holder sets for standard and narrow LiPos and a new bumper plate. The single sided top deck design provides a brilliant option for mid motor layouts providing a well balanced front to rear flex. Installing or removing the three ST019 screws behind the spur gear, you can change the flex point of the car instantly, Alternatively cut one if not all of the rear tabs from the top deck to even further alter the flex characteristics, providing you a lot of option in not only adjusting the flex point of the car along with overall flex and characteristics. The LiPo holders incorporate 2mm of forth and back adjustment in the lower spacer to ensure a perfect fit, while maintaining the factories left to right moment within the L-shaped hooks for the perfect weight balance. 15mm post fits perfectly into the recess within L-shaped hooks, with a low profile M3 nut in the other ensuring the whole system can be tightened and not move. Carbon Fibre DeadFly twist clamp, featuring an integrated o-ring eliminating the need to loosen/tighten the clamps every time. The 3mm high quality carbon fibre bumper plate is a direct replacement for the Awesomatix standard plastic plate. The bumper plate is designed in aiding in the prevention of hard impacts from snapping the main chassis.

View all the new parts here

March 1, 2021

Awesomatix A12 1.5mm shorter suspension plate

For the A12 platform, Awesomatix release this suspension plate with 1,5mm shorter front wheelbase. This increases the initial steering and reaction of the car and provides a faster direction change. Recommended especially for low, low-med, medium traction conditions.

Source: Awesomatix [facebook.com]

February 24, 2021

MR33 Awesomatix turnbuckle tool

With this new MR33 turnbuckle tool you can adjust the camber and caster on your Awesomatix touring car more precisely and easier than ever. The black anodised aluminium parts feature a pin in the centre which will sit in the ball cup when the turnbuckle tool gets installed from above. Your ball cups will not move anymore when you adjust camber or caster which means that you don’t have to do small corrections afterwards all the time, making your life that bit easier.

View the tool in action here