April 13, 2020

BF Materials MP10/MP9 connector & transponder mount

Coming from BF Materials is a clever connector and transponder mount for the Kyosho Inferno MP10 and MP9 series of vehicles. Designed for the use with universal-style receiver connectors and MyLaps RC4 transponders, the integrated mount allows for secure car operation as the connector holder prevents the receiver battery plug from becoming unplugged during use while the transponder is securely fastened in the same area. The locked design keeps all parts in place, however the plug and transponder can be removed easily when needed. Made of tough nylon plastics the mount attaches to the original transponder mounting plate using four M3 screws, ensuring a nice and tidy setup.

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August 14, 2019

BF Materials A319 carbon fibre option parts

BF Materials from Italy have announced the release of new carbon fibre option parts for the Agama A319 1/8th scale buggy. First up is a rear shock tower that utilises the original kit geometry, however precision machined chamfers ensure great durability for demanding track conditions. Other new parts include a carbon fibre front upper steering plate, a steering Ackermann plate as well as 1.5mm front and rear arm inserts.

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July 8, 2019

BF Materials MBX8 carbon fibre optionals

BF Materials have announced the release of new carbon fibre option parts for the Mugen MBX8 series of buggies. The range includes a rear carbon fibre shock tower as well as front and rear 1.5mm carbon fibre arm inserts. The tower offers multiple upper shock and camber link mounting points and it features chamfered edges for looks and greater durability. The arm inserts allow to adjust the arm stiffness and thus overall grip and traction with the inserts being best used in medium to high-bite conditions.

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June 20, 2019

BF Materials RC8B3.1 series carbon fibre shock towers

BF Materials from Italy have introduced their new carbon fibre rear shock towers for the Team Associated RC8B3.1 and RC8B3.1e buggies. Available are a standard geometry as well as a tall shock tower, the latter features raised upper shock mounting positions for increased rear suspension up travel that will translate to better rough track handling and improved cornering on faster parts of the track. Both shock stays are machined from high-quality carbon fibre and they sport a gold-colour BF logo for looks.

View the tall rear shock tower here