September 8, 2021

Bittydesign ZL21 1/10 No Prep drag racing body shell

Bittydesign have introduced their long teased ZL21 1/10 No Prep drag racing body shell. Making reference to the American iconic muscle car when designed the lines of the ZL21 the final body shell features a breathtaking ‘Outlaw’ look designed for going fast. During the design they thought of every possible detail and so this led them to produce a variety of parts that complete the racing and realistic look of the ZL21 and aid in performance. These include the rear wing (extension) to improve and clean the air turbulence generated in the rear, two different exhausts to give a realistic look and finally a front splitter to create a more aggressive appearance, as well as help increase front end stability. The body shell was designed on AE DR10 chassis but can also be mounted on Losi 22S chassis No Prep Drag, Traxxas Slash 2wd Drag Car & Traxxas Drag Slash 1/10. Made with high quality and genuine 1mm thick polycarbonate Lexan, the kit includes a complete set of screws, nuts and washers necessary for correct fixing of the additional parts.

View more angles of the ZL21 here

June 14, 2021

Bittydesign Seven65 body for Arrma 1/7th scale cars

Bittydesign have released this Seven65 body shell for the 1/7th scale Arrma Infraction/Limitless cars. Like their 1/8th GT version this too takes inspiration from British GT3 super cars but unlike that body, this new version benefits greatly from the Arrma’s more realistic wheelbase to make what is a great scale looking body shell. Made with high quality and genuine 1.5mm thick polycarbonate Lexan, it is sold clear with protective film outside and comes with a pre-cut decal sheet and windows masks and the kit includes a complete set of screws, nuts and large plastic washers to properly fix the rear wing.

View more images of the Seven65 here

May 24, 2021

Bittydesign Hyper-HR 1/10 190mm TC body shell

Bittydesign have released the new Hyper-HR 1/10 190mm touring car body shell. This project came about following the desire to further develop the first Hyper body by creating a new model similar in appearance but totally redesigned to meet the needs of this ultra-competitive category. The Hyper-HR body represents the best result of performance and aesthetics into the same product, a great mix with modern and aggressive look. The design inspired by a real 4 doors car, as requested by the international federations, has been adapted to the meet the homologation specs. The refinement phase took several months to optimise every detail, the attention to detail was obsessive in order to made a body that could best enhance the aerodynamic study that the project requested. Fast rotation and better stability, starting with their previous Hyper model, it was completely redesigned to improve cornering.

View more angles of the Hyper-HR here

April 30, 2021

Bittydesign Hyper GT8 body

Bittydesign have released their second entry into the GT class following the previous release of the Seven65 shell back in October with the announcement of the Hyper GT8 body. Bittydesign have changed the proportions and shapes of their 1/10 project by designing a new version adapted to the needs of the 1/8 GT category, the phase of refinement took several months to optimise every detail. The Hyper GT8 is a GT body with a stunning look, the lowered front part generates an excellent cornering entry, the narrow cab and the modelled sides have been designed to stabilise the air flow that transfers onto the large rear wing making the model easy to drive, stable at the rear but with excellent steering.

View more images of the Hyper GT8 here

April 22, 2021

Bittydesign large magnetic body post marker kit

Bittydesign have released a complete line of magnetic body post marker kits optimised to be used on all the ‘larger’ off and on-road model cars from 1/5 to 1/8 scale. The right choice to make perfect holes on your body shell, they are available in 6 different iridium colours to meet your personal preference. Reduce the difficulty in making the body post holes perfectly aligned left and right, especially if the body is already painted, with these high-powered magnets you can easily and quickly locate the exact position of your car’s body posts.

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April 16, 2021

Bittydesign Vision The Car buggy body shell

Bittydesign have introduced this addition to their Vision buggy body shell line-up, for the JQ The Car Black Edition. The lid’s design will offer an easier to drive and more balanced feeling thanks to a mid-advanced cab, side pod and rear side flaps shape that optimises the aerodynamic characteristics. In addition a flap behind the engine area guides the air towards the rear wing for a smoother and more directed airflow around the shock tower and lower wing mount. The pre-cut body is moulded from high-quality 1mm Lexan polycarbonate, it comes with window masks, overspray protective film and a decal sheet.

View more images of the new body shell here

March 26, 2021

Bittydesign Hyper-200 touring car body

From Bittydesign the new Hyper-200 is a touring body with a stunning look that brings a new style to the nitro 200mm category. With an extremely low bonnet developed for greater responsiveness of steering and very pronounced front window pillars that channel the air flow towards the rear designed to generate stability and maximum traction making the model balanced and easy to drive but with top class performance. The body shell meet the specifications needed to participate in any 1/10 IC 200mm National & International race in the world, it’s EFRA and IFMAR homologated.

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February 26, 2021

Bittydesign Seven20 GT12 body shell

Bittydesign from Italy have introduced a new version of the Seven20 GT body shell for the GT12 class. This project was born from the desire to offer to the enthusiast a body shell that could best combine maximum performance together with an all new style never seen before in this class. The body combines maximum performance with true supercar looks, making reference to a British GT3 supercar. The lowered front nose generates excellent steering while the lowered cab and the sculptured shape of the sides stabilise the airflow that conveys into the large rear wing, making the body easy to drive thanks to balanced front and rear downforce. The lid is moulded from high-quality 0.75mm Lexan polycarbonate, it comes clear, including window masks and a precut decal sheet. A suitable rear wing and wing mounting hardware rounds out the package.

View more images of the Seven20 here