April 22, 2014

BlackArt Toyota TS030 & Lola B10 12th scale bodies

BlackArt Toyota TS030 & Lola B10 12th scale bodies

U.S. BlackArt distributors CRC introduce the new Toyota TS030 and Lola B10 1/12th scale bodyshells. Starting with the Toyota, the pink and green body in above image, the shell is designed to deliver increase downforce for high speed tracks while the centre spline makes for added stability. The body already proved its performance by winning at the recent European Championships in Italy. Also new is the Lola B10, the red and black body, that offers a bit less downforce making it perfectly suited for slower tracks, tight and twitchy circuits or Stock class racing. Both bodies are made from genuine GE 0.5mm Lexan and come clear.

Source: CRC [teamcrc.com]

February 5, 2010

Toy Fair 2010 – Various

Novak Kinetic ESC

Novak have shown their new Kinetic competition speed controller which is on display here in Nuremberg. The new speedos have dynamic timing advance for optimal motor timing and performance and electronic power control for precision digital current limiting to reduce wheel spin. Compatible with up to 2S LiPo, 2S LiFe and 4-6 cell NiMh it comes supplied with the ESC cooling fan.

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February 2, 2010

Black Art Bomb ‘R’ 1/12th scale body shell

Black Art Bomb 'R' 1/12th scale body shell

Black Art have released their latest 1/12th scale body shell, the Bomb ‘R’. Directly inspired by the R8C winning design, this new shell will remain fast and smooth, with very good top speed combines with a lot of steering. Made from clear 0.5mm thick lexan, with a protective film, this new new body meets the latest EFRA rules and has been approved for all big 2010 races, including the Euros. Available now, the first batch will be 500pcs only.

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