January 10, 2022

Blaze Racing Battle Sword 2022 conversion

Blaze Racing have released some updated parts for their GT10 Battle Sword kit. After a long period of testing and racing with various prototype parts and different chassis configurations they came up with a significantly redesigned chassis and all new braces, decks, rear pod etc. First off the all new chassis offers much more forgiving and versatile handling due to more flex, reduced width, lower weight and accommodates the longer 65mm side links. They also came up with some design changes that make the car even more resistant to crashes without additional weight. Updated parts are now offered as a complete kit, an upgrade set for the previous Battle Sword and a conversion kit for any 1:10 CRC based 200mm kit as shown above. If you have a CRC 1:12 scale kit they also offer the necessary IRS rear axle and hubs.

View the IRS rear axle and hub set here

January 16, 2019

Blaze Racing CK25 large rear axle bearing holder

Coming from Blaze Racing and made for the CRC CK25 1/12th scale pan car is a large bearing holder. The CNC-machined aluminium holder was designed to take larger 1/4×1/2 that offer much greater durability compared to the standard-size bearings, ensuring less issues when hitting track barriers or other cars. During testing Blaze Racing found out that the larger bearings will also not come apart in severe crashes, ensuring the ability to at least finish the race after heavy impacts. The bearing holder is machined from high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium and it comes in a natural matte finish.

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December 28, 2018

Blaze Racing roll out new Roche & CRC options

Coming from Blaze Racing are new option parts for Roche and CRC 1/12th scale pan cars. First up is a quad link conversion for the Roche P12 2018 that was designed to offer bind-free power pod movement and increased rear end traction. The conversion includes a new lower pod plate in either high-quality carbon or 7075-T6 aluminium specification, new link mounts, link ball studs as well as a 3mm carbon fibre tube brace.

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October 24, 2018

Blaze Racing CRC 1/12th scale Quad-link conversion

Coming from Blaze Racing is the Quad-link conversion for CRC 1/12th scale pan cars. Taking the read pod design of the larger Pro10 cars, the plug and play conversion uses two addition, smaller, links to replace the typical pivot ball. The construction is bind-free and allows to fine-tune the rear suspension geometry – something less common in 1/12th scale racing. In addition it optimises the rear roll centre for increased rear traction without sacrificing front end grip. The conversion consists of 7075 aluminium components and 3mm carbon parts, steel ball studs and composite links and it is usable on cars such as the CRC CK25.

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May 3, 2017

Blaze Racing Longsword 235 wide Pro10 car kit

Blaze Racing from Poland have introduced their new 235mm wide Longsword 235 Pro10 pan car kit. The car utilises a conventional link-type rear end design and a CRC front end in combination with a 3mm carbon fibre chassis and front suspension plate. The rear roll damper plate, designed to also protect the rear axle, as well as the centre shock plate, are cut from even thicker 3.5mm carbon fibre for outstanding rigidity. The power pod is of a sliding axle mount design for virtually step-less ride height adjustments while the rear brace also allows to mount a motor cooling fan from stock. The main chassis accepts a variety of battery configurations including dual 96mm 2S LiPo shorty packs, 2S inline, 1S and 2S shorty transversal as well as front or rear mounted 2S shorty packs to name just a few. The kit is rounded out by a wide 3mm fibre glass front bumper that protects the front suspension from heavy impacts. The kit is available from now on.

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October 13, 2016

Blaze Racing Battle Sword 200mm pan car kit

Blaze Racing Battle Sword 200mm pan car kit

Blaze Racing from Poland have introduced their all-new Battle Sword 1/10th scale 200mm pan car kit. Based on a black anodised 3mm 7075 aluminium chassis the car features milled-out battery pockets for a low centre of gravity and the ability to run both inline and transversal battery configurations. Up front the kit comes with CRC suspension components and a carbon fibre suspension plate that allows for three different wheelbase settings. The rear end utilises a sliding rear axle mount with large 1/4×1/2 bearings for improved durability and reliability. The 7075 motor mount makes for a secure motor fit and the rear carbon fibre brace offers mounting positions for a 30mm fan. The kit is rounded out by carbon fibre side wings that keep away harm from the rear tyres and rear axle.

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October 12, 2016

Blaze Racing X10 2015 235mm conversion kit

Blaze Racing X10 2015 235mm conversion kit

Coming from Blaze Racing is the 235mm conversion kit for the Xray X10 2017 pan car kit. The conversion widens the track width to 235mm while also extending the wheelbase by 7mm. Included with the set comes a genuine IRS rear axle to achieve the greater track width without the need to alter the motor pod plates or motor mounts while up front a wider suspension plate is used to achieve proper dimensions. Beside the carbon fibre rear axle and the 3mm front suspension plate the kit also includes a 3.5mm rear plate, wide left and right aluminium wheel hubs, diff rings, bearings and cone washer as well as longer stainless steel steering turnbuckles.


February 18, 2016

Blaze Racing T4 alloy chassis & brass arm mount

Blaze Racing T4 alloy chassis & brass arm mount

Polish company Blaze Racing has introduced an aluminium main chassis plate for the Xray T4 as well as a brass front arm mount. Starting with the chassis, the part is cut from aircraft-grade 7075 aluminium and it features angled cut-outs in the battery and electronics area to improve torsional flex compared to the usual full-surface chassis. This can help to gain traction and cornerspeed especially in medium-grip conditions. The chassis comes in natural colour but further customisation with anodising or engravings are possible. The second new part is the brass front arm mount. The FF part is designed to work with the original composite suspension inserts and it is a welcomed tuning option for medium-high to high traction conditions. Both parts will become available very soon.

View the brass suspension mount here