October 13, 2022

BrunoRC BR1-X4 servo gets 4xWorld Champion restyle

To celebrate the huge success of the servo at the recent ISTC World Championships in Italy, including Bruno Coelho’s successful title defence, BrunoRC has given its BR1-X4 servo a restyle. Launched 1 year ago to coincide with the release of Xray’s new X4 platform, the servo, which is specifically developed to directly fit the X4, statistically was one of the most used servos during the World Championship, being the top choice 16% of the time. This is even more impressive considering that this model only fits on the X4. And again more impressive when looking at the XRAY drivers, 60% of these have chosen BR1 X4. The new BR1 X4, in addition to presenting itself in a celebratory packaging for the 4X World Champion titles, displays a new graphic, with 4 lasered stars on the product that commemorates not only the 4 World Titles won by these great drivers in Gubbio, but also the 4 World titles of Coelho himself.  The new BR1 X4 was produced in a very limited number, available for sale just in time to arrive in stores ready to be mounted on the new Xray X4’23.

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October 5, 2021

BrunoRC BR1-X4 servo for Xray X4

With the arrival of the completely new Xray X4 platform, BrunoRC have come out with a new BR1 servo to perfectly work together with the new car. After refining the popular BR1-T4WC, they are happy to present the new BR1-X4 servo. The servo is a perfect fit for the X4, not only aesthetically, but also performance wise. It has all the features of the previous servo, but in an even better, more durable and more precise case with integrated mount assembly.

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November 16, 2020

BR1 BC-T4WC V2 servo for Xray T4

Introducing the new BC-T4WC V2 digital servo from BR1, brand of multiple World Champion Bruno Coelho. Created for all Xray T4 drivers that are looking for maximum performance, this V2 servo is the follow up to the innovative BC-T4WC servo released last year. The BC-T4WC V2 was developed together with numerous professional drivers, to achieve the best possible performance. The aluminium case makes it ultra precise and sleek looking, while the unique interchangeable mount allows the servo to be used either in an optional front, or standard rearward mounting position. Another exclusive feature is the optional 5 gram brass weight that can be incorporated into the mount, to optimise the balance of the chassis.

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January 30, 2020

Bruno RC CA activator spray

The new Bruno CA activator spray is a cyanoacrylate accelerator spray for the use with all common cyanoacrylate-based super glues. The accelerator greatly reduces the curing time of thick, thin and super thin glues, making it ideal when glueing rubber on-road and off-road tyres. After gluing the tyres a small layer of CA activator is sprayed on the whole wheel or it can be used for an indirect technique by spraying a small amount of CA kicker into a cup and putting the cup over the tyre – the latter will reduce the build-up of white residue when having used too much glue. The CA activator spray is available in 150ml spray cans.

Source: Bruno RC [brunorc.com]

October 24, 2019

BR1 BC-T4WC Xray T4-series steering servo

Coming from Bruno Coelho’s BR1 brand is the new BC-T4WC servo for Xray’s T4 series of touring cars. Following the success of the BC-1863X servo, and to celebrate its Touring Car World Championship title, BR1 have developed the BC-T4WC (0.07s/11.0kg-cm/56g), a servo which is a must have for Xray T4 users that are looking for maximum performance from their car. It features a new all-aluminium case, as well as a receiver wire that now comes out of the back of the servo, allowing for much neater wiring. The integrated mount also has a screw hole to install a battery backstop with the low centre of gravity mount, which was characteristic for the first version of the servo, being once again the most striking feature, as it also perfectly fits the soon to be released Xray T4 2020 car. In addition the servo has also been updated internally to ensure best possible performance for the user.

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November 6, 2018

Alessio Menicucci joins Bruno RC

Bruno RC have announced the signing of multi-time Italian champion and Xray team driver, Alessio Menicucci to their team. Alessio will be using Bruno RC servos along other Bruno RC accessories during his campaign that will include appearances at all major national and international events. Alessio says:

I’m very happy to race with this prestigious brand where its products are developed by the best drivers in the world! When I’ve tried the Servo BR1 Bc1863x I have immediately appreciate the fast response and the accuracy that my T4 gained. Same thing when I use the titanium screw set for my G3 that gained extra smoothness. I am motivated and sure that this year is going to be satisfying.

Source: Bruno RC [brunorc.com]

June 6, 2018

Bruno RC BC-1863X aluminium battery stop

Coming from Bruno RC and made for their BC-1863X servo is an adjustable aluminium battery stop. The part attaches to the top of the Xray T4-specific BC-1863X servo mount and it helps to set the gap between the battery and the belt, using a single screw. The items is made of aluminium and it comes black anodised for wear and looks.

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June 4, 2018

Bruno RC XeRun V10 G3 titanium motor screws

Coming from Bruno RC and made for the Hobbywing XeRun V10 G3 brushless motors is a new titanium motor screw set. The kit includes three M2x43mm motor can screws as well as a single M2.4x5mm alloy fastener for the sensor back plate. Using the screws over the standard steel hardware will lower the motor’s overall weight while reducing the magnetic interference at the same time, resulting in improved motor performance and agility.

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