June 25, 2019

C-Pub professional on-road body stickers

C-Pub from France have announced the release of their new body shell stickers for 1/8th and 1/10th scale on-road bodies. The stickers are professionally printed on ultra-light liner material and they are fuel-proof without the need for a clear protection layer, making them very light weight with a set of 1/8th scale body stickers weighing in at only about 8g. In addition the stickers are very thin, allowing easy wrapping around contours and curves. The stickers allow to create colourful body shell designs in minutes and they comply with ETS body colour rules. The stickers are also very easy to apply as the glue allows to shift the decals around and it only cures once the stickers are in place and pressed on. In addition to the readily available designs C-Pub also offers custom designs.

View a decorated 1/8th scale body here