February 15, 2021

Carisma RC GT24 4wd RTR

Carisma RC have introduced a new model in their range with the release of this GT24 RTR 4wd model. The GT24 RS is a 1/24th retro micro rally car that’s inspired by the classic era of 70’s and 80’s rally car history. The body is a nostalgic nod to the classic RWD rally pioneers, but our version stays firmly in 4wd territory, offering the best in retro looks and a modern RC driveline. With brushless power as standard, and sporting features like 2.4Ghz radio gear, a fast responsive hobby grade steering servo, rally pin tyres and a fully ball raced 4wd transmission, these 1/24th rally cars not only look the part, they perform way beyond peoples perception of a ‘Micro’ vehicle.

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August 21, 2020

Carisma SCA-1E V2 alloy & carbon steering knuckle set

Carisma Scale Adventure have introduced their new V2 alloy and carbon fibre steering knuckle set for the SCA-1E trail trucks. When progressing from trail running to full on rock crawling, often a rig’s limiting factors aren’t its articulation, or the grip its tyres can generate, or even its weight bias. Approach angle, break over angle and departure angle have a more direct effect on what it can crawl up, over and away from. Carisma have therefore developed and field tested a new high clearance alloy and carbon fibre V2 steering knuckle, offering 17.5 mm more forward clearance to the steering link, and additionally raising it 9.2 mm higher than the stock RTR or kit steering knuckles. This improves the rig’s approach angle, lifts the steering link above the centreline of the front axles diff housing, and still allows good steering deflection and steering throw.

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March 27, 2020

Carisma Racing CRF-1 chassis only kit

Carisma Racing have announced the release of a chassis-only Pro version of their successful CRF-1 formula pan car. A winner right out of the box the car took the TQ and win at the opening round of the 2020 BRCA Formula nationals and it includes a full set of team-suggested option parts as standard, allowing the racer to then choose the body type, the correct wheels and tyres for the tracks they race on, and their choice of electrics. The no compromise kit includes the CRF-1 Team Spec carbon fibre race chassis kit, a full CR optional spring set, a race-spec ball diff as well as a front anti-roll bar set. Not included are the body, wings, wheels, tyres and electronics.

Source: Carisma [carisma-shop.com]

February 13, 2020

Carisma Scale Adventure 55g brass weight

Carisma Scale Adventure have announced the release of their new 55g brass battery weight for the SCA1E trail truck. Designed as a direct fit for the truck’s battery compartment, the brass plate will add valuable weight over the front axle, improving traction and climbing performance of the rig without having to add wheel weights which can bring with them some negative effects in certain conditions. The weight measures 138x23x2mm and it is stackable, allowing to add multiple pieces if desired.

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January 6, 2020

Carisma Racing CRF-1 Classic Team Lotus Type 98T kit

Based on their recently introduced CRF chassis line comes Carisma Racing’s all-new CRF-1 Classic Team Lotus Type 98T 1/10th formula car kit. The Lotus 98T was a truly innovative F1 car designed for Team Lotus by Gérard Ducarouge and Martin Ogilvie. It was raced by the legendary Brazilian Ayrton Senna, and his teammate, Scottish driver Johnny Dumfries in the 1986 Formula One World Championships. The 98T was the last Lotus car in history to carry John Player’s famous black and gold colours. On many levels this car truly epitomises 1980’s F1, and Carisma Racings latest release a fitting tribute to both the vehicle itself and the driving legends of that era of motorsport. The CRF-1 is a new, innovative 2WD race chassis that was designed and tested in Europe, both taking the TQ and win at the first BRCA F1 National of the 2019/20 season. The body is licensed by Classic Team Lotus and not only a fun and icon RC F1 car to own, its also a collectable snapshot of automotive history. Performance-wise, the CRF-1 platform is as adjustable as possible, to cater for every track/surface type and driving style. The components and materials used represent the finest and most durable for this type of racing, allowing the driver to compete at the very highest level, and be able to fine-tune the setup and chassis geometry to win races. The kit includes the chassis and highly detailed body shell and wings but no wheels, tyres, electronics or paints.

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November 19, 2019

Carisma Racing CRF-GT Pagani Zonda R 1/10th pan car

Carisma have introduced their new Carisma Racing CRF-GT Pagani Zonda R 1/10th scale 2WD Performance pan car kit that is limited to 500 pieces world wide. The CRF-GT is based on the new Carisma Racing CRF platform, an innovative 2WD race chassis that features the same geometry and tuning options of its chassis-only CRF kit sibling. The only noticeable differences are the addition of a front bumper and the design of the battery hold down mechanism. Each chassis will come laser-engraved with its edition number making this not only a fun and iconic Supercar to own, but also a collectible snapshot of automotive history. The body is made under license from Horacio Pagani S.P.A., Italy, and it is meant to be the most realistic body shell in the history of Carisma Racing. The body panels are screen-printed to replicate the original car’s Dry Carbon look and this finish is only available with this Limited Edition kit. To complete the realism and photo realistic look, injection-moulded accessories are used to further enhance the detail and replicate items like wing mirrors, spoilers and all of the aerodynamic aids of the full-scale car. The kit includes the chassis and body shell and requires wheels, tyres, electronics, and paint.

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October 11, 2019

Carisma Scale Adventure MSA-1E 1976 Ford F-150 RTR

Carisma Scale Adventure have introduced there new 1/24th scale MSA-1E based 1976 Ford F-150 trail truck. Carisma have refined their popular mini scale truck platform to include new features like lower gearing, a Gen 2 motor with a built-in protection circuit, the Gen 2 servo saver and the fully licensed 1976 Ford F-150 bodyshell. All this is combined with the compact KD Propo steering wheel transmitter with 1-2-3 speed feature. The truck comes factory assembled and also includes a power socket for all-in-one FPV cameras.

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December 14, 2018

Carisma 4Y24 1/24th 4WD buggy kit

New from Carisma comes their 4Y24 1/24th scale 4WD buggy kit as a replacement for the ultra-popular GT24B kit. From the Pikes Peak inspired GT24R and the race inspired GT24TR Truggy to the GT24MT Micro Monster Truck, these RTR models are all in fact derived from the best selling model of them all: the GT24B. The range not only gave owners the opportunity to experience performance and control more associated with larger scales of cars, it also spawned a range of 3rd party hop ups, and even a full on race spec buggy conversion, like the Y24, manufactured by UK based NRC Projects. Sadly the whole production of these Carisma RC models is now sold through at retail and actually finding one to purchase as a donor vehicle is near impossible. The comprehensive 4Y24 kit, based on the original GT24B running gear and latest 2.4 GHz radio gear and brushless electrics is now available. It’s an ideal bed partner for the Y24 kit and could also be used as the base platform of a custom 1/24th fun build or micro FPV racer. The 4Y24 Kit will allow to add in any performance hop ups desired during the build itself, and then tune the chassis, shocks, wheels, tyres and body to the pilot’s driving style and taste. All the basics are included, from 2.4GHz FHSS radio gear, a fast and responsive steering servo, to the brushless long can motor and ESC. The fully ball-raced kit offers gear diffs as well as multiple gearing options.

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