July 14, 2022

Carten T410FWD competition 1/10 electric TC kit

The Carten T410FWD competition 1/10 electric touring car kit is based on their T410R touring car but developed for competitive FWD racing. This chassis uses a front motor layout to get the best weight distribution and the shaft drive enables a very low friction drive train. This is supported by ball bearings in every part of the drive. Ball differentials ensure that a perfect set-up is possible for all track conditions.

View more images of the T410FWD here

April 19, 2021

Carten T410 aluminium steering bell-crank set

Carten have produced this optional CNC machined aluminium steering set intended for use with their T410 and T410R vehicles. This multi-piece steering bell-crank set increases durability and eliminates any flex in the stock plastic bell-crank system, providing a more precise steering feel.

Source: Carten [carten-rc.com]

May 6, 2020

Carten M210 Race 4WD M-class on-road kit

MW RC Cars from Austria have introduced the Carten M210 Race 4WD M-class on-road kit. The vehicle builds on the proven M210 and features several useful optionals such as four aluminium oil-filled shock absorbers, two additional gear differentials as well as a set of aluminium wheel hex adapters. The M210R is limited to 100 kits and it will become available shortly.

View the included option parts here

April 23, 2020

Carten M210 bumper plate & alloy locknuts

MW RC Cars from Austria have introduce new option parts for the Carten M210 M-class cars. New to the range is a plastic bumper upper plate set as well as 4-piece sets of M3 standard and M4 flange nylon locknuts as well M4 flange serrated locknuts. The fasteners are made of aluminium and they come in a gold colour anodised finish to complement the car’s colour tone. All parts are already available.

View the locknuts here

January 13, 2020

Carten M210 series front bumper

Carten RC have announced the release of their new large foam front bumper for the M210 series of MTC chassis. The most voluminous yet, the bumper is ideal for touring car body shells with a longer front overhang, doing away with the need to use additional foam pieces to bolster up the body in order to prevent vibrations and improve the aerodynamic efficiency. The touring bumper adds to the already existing sedan medium and hatchback small front foam bumpers.

Source: Carten [carten-rc.com]

January 3, 2020

Carten RC M210R Plus MTC chassis kit

Carten have announced the release of their new M210R Plus MTC chassis kit. The Plus edition of the popular M-class 4WD touring car includes the most sought after options as standard equipment, such as aluminium suspension mount blocks and steering rack for that sleek race styling and to keeping the car tracking straight and true. The front gear differential has been replaced with the more commonly used solid axle option. Lastly the swaybar tuning option has been included to help-fine tune the handling of the M210R.

Source: Carten [carten-rc.com]