July 28, 2021

Cheat-Parts high-pressure black grease

From Cheat Parts, this high pressure black grease is best used on ball differential, thrust bearings, universal shafts and Gears, as well as a general lubrication for metal parts. The Black Grease stays in place for longer, even on rotating parts because of its moderate viscosity ensuring long-lasting constant lubrication. Supplied in a 10gram pot.

Source: Cheat Parts [cheat-parts.com]

July 22, 2021

Cheat-Parts low viscosity bearing oil

Cheat-Parts Racing have introduced this low viscosity bearing oil. A 100% premium synthetic oil with ultra-low viscosity for low rolling resistance, it comes in a 10ml (.34 fl oz) bottle with needle tip for accurate application.

Source: Cheat Parts [cheat-parts.com]

April 22, 2021

Cheat Parts foam bump stops

From Cheat Parts come these foam bump stops for 1/10 buggy and 1/10 touring car. Bump stops on shocks are widely known in racing to improve the handling of the car and these new foam shims offer the possibility to adjust the spring rate towards the end of suspension travel. By Adding them you can prevent the chassis bottoming out hard after jumps or during hard cornering, therefore improving the performance of your Car. Additionally they make it possible to adjust the bump handling independent from corner handling, a big advantage in on all types of tracks. Made out of self-damping material, so there is not need to compromise your Shock setting in between to different spring rates. Each set includes 18 pieces and a detailed instruction manual with specific setup advices for 1/10 buggy and touring car.

Source: Cheat Parts [cheat-parts.com]

January 18, 2021

Cheat Parts YZ4FS front lower suspension block

From Swiss brand Cheat Parts comes this front lower suspension block for the Yokomo YZ4FS Mk.I and Mk.II. Improving the front end geometry it will give you more adjustability and equals out the front and rear roll centre. Front lift during acceleration and front dive during braking will be reduced and you can run the car with less ride height, therefore lowering the centre of gravity. By speeding up lateral and reducing longitudinal geometric weight transfer the car gains response and stability. The new bumper design is working as an airdam, preventing unnecessary air flowing under the chassis and with front aero lift reduced, cornering speed in fast turns will increase. The part is machined in Switzerland from Swiss 7075 aluminium and anodised in black for improved rigidity.

Source: Cheat Parts [cheat-parts.com]