December 3, 2021

Contact RC foam tire truer

Introducing the new Contact RC foam tire truer. This is a manually operated unit aimed at the mid range market that is made from robust materials including an excellent carbide cutting bit usually found on much higher priced truers. A special ‘Quick Skim’ feature allows fast surface refresh of the tyres, achieved by moving the cutter by hand rather than turning the wheel. Available with or without the carry bag, it is suitable for 1/8th down to 1/12th sizes and while not included there is a range of arbors available.

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June 19, 2020

Contact RC Formula foam tyres

Schumacher have introduced the new Contact RC foam tyres for 1/10th scale Formula cars. The tyres will greatly improve the grip and drivability compared to rubber tyres and they work well on both carpet and asphalt tracks. The 63mm diameter tyres come on grey spoke wheels and are available in two compounds for the front and two compounds for rear in order to help tune the car for many track conditions.

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February 18, 2020

Contact 1/8th IC Track Light wheels

Schumacher have introduced the new Contact Light wheels for the 1/8th nitro circuit class. Developed with Contact’s high level drivers, the new “Light” range see the company pushing the boundaries of wheel material development. The improvement in plastics makes the rims 20 percent lighter, yet still with good strength, just under that of Contact’s carbon rim. Significant benefits include faster acceleration, better traction and increased cornering speeds. The new wheels are easily recognisable with their grey color 5-spoke rim and they are available as 32 shore and 35 shore front as well as 35 shore and 37 shore rear variants beginning of March.

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July 12, 2018

Contact GT8 foam tyres

New for the up and coming GT8 class are pre-trued foam tyres from Contact RC. The tyres were born from a collaboration with shops and drivers and they are available in the two hardnesses of 35 shore for the front and 25 shore for the rear. The tyres are trued to 103mm diameter and they are pre-glued on industry-standard 17mm hex wheels. While being created for the GT8 class the foamies are also ideal when running 1/8th off-road buggies on road surfaces.

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April 19, 2018

Contact Grip-R rubber tyre additive

Schumacher have introduced the new Contact Grip-R, a specially formulated tyre additive for rubber tyres for both carpet and tarmac conditions. It is a thin-style additive which is very good in low to medium traction conditions. Thinner additives have been finding favour on tarmac on the new style rubber tyres such as the Rush 32/36 and the BRCA Sweep tyres and this additive is an ideal solution to provide that extra grip. The tyre sauce comes in a large 100ml bottle with sponge applicator.

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October 23, 2017

Contact RC LMP12 control tyres

Schumacher have introduced the Contact RC LMP12 control tyres. Available in the popular and hard wearing ‘A’ foam with 32 shore hardness for the front and 30 shore for the rear, the tyres sport an orange stripe for easy visual inspection, making it an ideal control wheel for clubs and racing series. The front tyre comes trued to 44mm while the rear tyre is cut to 46mm.

View the rear tyres here

February 8, 2017

Contact introduce new GT12 & LMP tyre range

Contact Racing Tyres have introduced a new range of tyres for GT12 and LMP12 classes. The new compounds give more options for varying carpet and additive conditions and they include the T and World Championship winning Team Bomber foam, mounted on stiffer black wheels. Starting with the T foam, it is the most complete in the range. It benefits from performance and lap times equal or better than Q foam, with the added benefit of being easier to drive, less twitchy and easy to attack the track with. It also has much better durability, lower wear rates, close to A foam, and when using the non-oil type additives, keeps grip to the end of the race much better than Contact’s other options, making it a choice on all carpet types.

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December 19, 2016

Contact announce 2017 factory drivers

Contact have announced their 2017 factory driver line up. Beside long established Robert Pietsch, who is in his seventh season and reigning 1/8th World Champion, Simon Kurzbuch, next year’s team will also see Germany’s up and coming Toni Gruber, who has shown some impressive results lately, including an overall 4th place at the 2016 Guan Kou Sunpadow GP in China.

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