June 24, 2019

Corner Speed RC Maxi Free 2 dry CV joint lube

Coming from Australian brand Corner Speed RC is a new generation of dry CV joint lube. Maxi Free 2 dry CV joint lube is an improvement of the Maxi Free CV and it is durable as grease but being as easy to apply and smooth as oil. This new formula has been re-engineered to maximise the drivetrain efficiency and be more environment friendly. The lubricant provides a cleaner, super dry and more durable protective layer that attracts even less dust for longer lasting, extra free joints as well as being easier to store and carry. The lube is ideal for on-road and off-road applications and it comes with two types of application tips.

Source: Corner Speed RC [facebook.com]

June 5, 2019

Corner Speed RC 1/10th turnbuckle tool

New from Corner Speed RC is a turnbuckle tool that fits almost all on-road and off-road 1/10th scale vehicle ball-cups. The tool is made of black anodised 7075-T6 aluminium for high durability and it also features silver chamfered edges and laser-engraved logos for a professional look. It is a set of clamp style adaptors that fits on any standard vernier callipers to help building turnbuckles more precisely in no time. Another feature of the tool is that it can help building turnbuckles evenly on both sides while measuring their lengths at the same time.

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June 4, 2019

Corner Speed RC O-ring grease

Corner Speed RC has introduced a new non-harmful clay-based grease for use on shock and diff O-rings and gaskets. It is a premium lubricating grease which has been carefully formulated to create dynamic lubrication between O-rings and metal parts that allows smoother operation as well as minimising leakage. Unlike other silicone-based grease which slightly swells the O-rings and rubber parts, this lube is a clay-based product which is known for being more gentle on the rubber parts for more consistent operation.

Source: Corner Speed RC [facebook.com]

February 7, 2019

Corner Speed RC lubricants

Coming from Corner Speed RC are three new lubricants for various applications in RC racing. First up is the Max-Rev high speed bearing oil, a low viscosity lubricant. It has been carefully formulated and tested to maximise the efficiency of the lube in the toughest of conditions. It contents a special additive that helps the lube to working consistency under extremely high RPM and it comes in a 10ml needle tip bottle that make it easy to apply on any small bearings and parts. Next up is the Maxi-Free CV joint lube, a deeply penetrating teflon lubricant that works for on-road and off-road applications. The wet lubricant dries out on the parts, leaving a super hard and extremely durable film that does not attract dirt and keeps away carpet fluff and tyre rubber. The fluid comes in an easy to use fine tip bottle. Last but not least comes the Steel 2 Plastic dry lubricant for all metal-to-plastic and plastic-to-plastic connections. It prevents dirt and grime to build up inside plastic joints for long lifespan while helping them working consistently in different conditions. The lube is great for all on-road and off-road applications.

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January 7, 2019

Corner Speed RC EU limited edition turnbuckle tool

Corner Speed RC and MonacoRC have introduced the EU limited edition turnbuckle tool that will fit Xray T4’15 to ’19 as well as Yokomo BD8’18 and BD9 kits. Base on the very popular previous variant, the new tool features a laser engraved logo for professional looks. Two marking letters – X and Y – representing Xray and Yokomo have also been added, making it easier to identify the two different ball cup holder slots. Every single tool has been manually matched for the smoothest operation. Even more special, MonacoRC will offer a limited free custom name engraving service for the first buyers.

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December 13, 2018

Corner Speed RC T4, BD8 & BD9 turnbuckle tool

Corner Speed RC have introduced a special turnbuckle tool that fits the ball cups of Xray T4’15 to ’19 as well as Yokomo BD8’18 and BD9 kits. Made of a aircraft-grade aluminium case and stainless steel shafts the tool is of a low weight and ensures extra smooth operation. A unique design helps to build turnbuckles fast and easy while also helping to eliminate unwanted misalignments with equal lengths on both sides.

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