April 9, 2021

Dash RS-tune V3 21.5T outlaw motor

Adding to the Dash line of RS-tune V3 series variant is the 21.5T outlaw motor. The new generation features a high airflow arrow design with large openings in the machined aluminium can to guarantee maximum cooling efficiency, a lower weight and minimised power fading in high ambient temperatures. The redesigned stator helps to achieve a much lower internal resistance, increasing in torque which enhances the overall performance. The RS-Tune V3 motors are specially designed for most Asian stock racing classes as they are already equipped with a standard (V2RSS123) rotor, that keeps them within the KV and Amps requirements.

Source: Arrowmax [arrowmax-rc.com]

January 4, 2021

Yannic Prumper powered by Dash from 2021

Dash are happy to announce the signing of European front runner Yannic Prumper. The former ETS race winner, who just rejoined Yokomo, will be running full Dash RC electronics along with Arrowmax Si-graphene LiPo batteries for this season and beyond. ‘Yannic will be a great addition and will help boaster the team in Europe’. Yannic had the following to say

I would like to thank Mr Lau and Nico for this opportunity to join Dash as their factory driver. I have always hear great things about Dash and the ambition of the company is always aiming to produce one of the best, if not, the best products for customers. I’m excited to start this journey with them. Stay safe for now, and see you at the tracks!

Source: Arrowmax [arrowmax-rc.com]

October 26, 2020

Dash RC R-Tune Max Brushless Motors

Dash RC have introduced their new R-Tune Max Brushless Motors for 1/8 scale. The motor was developed together with Dash Team drivers such as Viktor Wilck and Nataenale Senesi to guarantee the highest quality and performance. The R-tune max are specifically designed for 1/8th offroad and onroad to provide exceptional power, smooth power delivery and control in combination with high efficiency and a low temperature operation. Capable of both sensored and sensorless operation, they are available in four different KV variants, 1900KV, 2150KV, 2400KV and 2650KV.

Source: Arrowmax [arrowmax-rc.com]

August 13, 2020

Dash AI Max program box

Following on from the release of the Dash RC AI Max 1/8th scale brushless speed controller, comes the release of the AI Max program box. A pretty standard affair, its friendly interface makes programming quick and easy making it a must-have for all Dash AI MAX ESC users.

Source: Dash RC [dash-rc.com]

August 11, 2020

Dash RC AI Max 1/8th scale brushless speed controller

Coming from Dash RC is their first ever 1/8th scale brushless speed controller, the AI Max. Built using high-quality components, the AI Max was developed with power-hungry users in mind with the speedo featuring a wide range of parameters that can be adapted to perfectly fit the driver’s needs while offering smooth and linear throttle and brake response. The 220A-rated controller weighs in at only 140g, it features dynamic timing technology and smart programming algorithms that allow for maximum power output while maintaining efficiency and exceptional drivability. The sensored speed controller is available from now on.

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July 28, 2020

Dash RC SS602 super speed low profile servo

Dash RC have announced the release of their all-new SS602 super speed low profile A10 V2 brushless servo. The updated version of the well-known SS601 servo offers a speed of down to 0.056 seconds at 7.4V input and a torque of up to 13.8kg-cm. The SSR mode compatible servo weights in at a lightweight 52g and it utilises an industry standard 25T spline. The low profile size and high specifications making it perfect for both on-road and off-road applications alike.

Source: Dash RC [dash-rc.com]

May 26, 2020

Natanaele Senesi signs with Dash

Dash have announced the addition of Italian frontrunner, Natanaele Senesi to their factory team. The all-round talent and multiple Italian 1/8th GT champion will use Dash electronics and Arrowmax batteries to power his rides from now on and he has the following to say about the deal:

I’m really stoked about this opportunity since I think that Dash is doing an amazing job to develop premium quality products. Their ESC and motors, along with Arrowmax batteries, will be a perfect fit in my package and I can’t wait to race with this combo with my 1/12th pan-cars and 1/8 GTE. I’m really looking forward to help the team giving all my knowledge to always increase products’ quality and performances!

Source: Dash [dash-rc.com]

April 22, 2020

Dash release new R-Tune V3 variants

Dash have announced the release of their recently introduced R-Tune V3 modified motor in additional winding variants. New to the range are 3.5T, 5.5T, 6.5T, 7.5T, and 8.5T variants to complement touring car, 1/12th pan car, and 1/10th off-road classes. The next generation of the R-Tune features a high airflow aluminium can with arrow-shaped cut-outs for improved cooing efficiency, a lower weight and minimised power fading during a run even in high ambient temperatures. In addition the can also features a special slot to meet the homologation requirements of IFMAR, ROAR and EFRA. The V3 motor will feature the same 2019 Reedy Race winning stator for a much lower internal resistance, an increase in torque and overall performance. The motor also features a balanced 12.3mm rotor to ensure a smooth power delivery with optional rotors being available to fine-tune the characteristics of the motor. The V3 will hit stores in 4.5T and 5.0T winding variants.

Source: Dash [dash-rc.com]