October 13, 2011

Sneak Preview – dBoots Nanobyte tyres


dBoots have a new tyre on the way and the company got in touch to give us a  a sneaky preview. The Nanobyte is designed for multi-surface indoor off-road racing and features a unique tread pattern featuring micro pins and slightly larger step-up pins. The tyres are available soon for 1/10th scale 2WD and 4WD buggies as well as and Short Course trucks.

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March 30, 2011

dBoots MultiByte 1:8 buggy tires

dBoots MultiByte 1:8 buggy tires

Now commercially available and ready for the first National of the season are the latest performance engineered tyres from dBoots, the MultiByte ‘A’ compound for 1/8 off road, their first for this class. Developed in the UK for Astroturf tracks, the innovative duel level Multibyte tread which is proving popular in 10th scale, has an operational window somewhere between angle-spikes and minipins. The MultiByte in their ‘A’ compound could give you the speed and endurance edge you require. There are side ribs to limit the side bite and the spikes designed with a step so they can be trimmed to a shorter stump to tune the grip levels.

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December 15, 2010

dBoots Terrabyte 1/10th scale off road tires

dBoots Terrabyte 1/10th scale off road tires

RC Disco in the UK have announced the dBoots tire range which has been developed over the last 6 months and the first tire, the Terrabyte, is now available. Produced for 2wd & 4wd 1/10th off road, more designs are expected to be available in the coming months for 1/10th scale, Short Course and 8th scale, and we hope to also bring you those releases as we get them. Already the control tire for the Ardent Raceway off road winter series, it has proven itself to work well and is already finding strong support in Multi-Surface conditions, Astroturf and Grass Tracks across the country.

Source: dBoots [dboots.com]